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52nd Annual Student Scholar Showcase Session Winners

Session 4 Graduate Oral Presentations

Presenter(s): Heard, Whitney; King, Rodney
Session Title: “Identification Of Toxic Genes From Mycobacteriophage Moomoo”
Project Mentor: Rodney King


Session 5 Graduate Oral Presentations

Presenter(s): Apostolopoulos, A.S.
Session Title: “Consequences of climate change in North American cave fauna”
Project Mentor: Keith Philips


Session 18  Undergraduate Poster Presentations (tie)

Presenter(s): Norman, Bella; Lohano, Sarisha; Vilt, Dexter; King, Rodney; Rinehart, Claire
Session Title:
“Determining Functions of Genes in Mycobacteriophage MooMoo”
Project Mentor: Rodney King

Presenter(s): Calhoon, Drake; King, Rodney
Session Title:
“Discovery and Analysis of Mycobacteriophage Viridity”
Project Mentor: Rodney King


Session 19  Undergraduate Poster Presentations

Presenter(s): Monroe, Lee; King, Rodney
Session Title:
“An Analysis Of Bacteriophage Sunflower1121”
Project Mentor: Rodney King


Session 20  Undergraduate Poster Presentations

Presenter(s): Brown, Gillian; King, Rodney
Session Title:
“The Isolation And Characterization Of Bacteriophage Hasitha”
Project Mentor: Rodney King


Session 21  Graduate Poster Presentations

Presenter(s): Cole, Zoe; Rowland, Naomi; King, Rodney
Session Title:
“The Discovery and Sequencing of Bacteriophage”
Project Mentor: Naomi Rowland


Session 22  Undergraduate Poster Presentations

Presenter(s): Harness, Briana; Hakimov, Somon; Neupane, Shreya; Er, Ali; Banga, Simran
Session Title:
“Antibacterial Effectiveness of Methylene Blue and Silver Nanoparticles on Prosthetic Joint Infections”
Project Mentor: Simran Banga

*Explanation of Listings

Presenter, followed by co-presenters (as applicable), co-authors (as applicable), the session title, and the mentor for the project.

Each WKU student was permitted to serve as the primary presenter on one presentation at the conference. Up to three co-presenters and up to six co-authors could also be listed. 

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