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Dr. Simran Banga, Ph.D. Purdue University
Dr. Simran Banga, Ph.D. Purdue University
- Assistant Professor

BIOL 121 Biological Concepts Laboratory: Cells, Metabolism, and Genetics

BIOL 207 General Microbiology

BIOL 226 Microbial Biology & Diversity

BIOL 227 Microbial Biology & Diversity Lab

BIOL 328 Immunology


My research interest is understanding host-bacterial interactions during infections especially by pathogens that grow inside the cells using macrophages and Legionella pneumophila as an infection model system. This causative agent of Legionnaires disease, releases an array of bacterial proteins upon infection to hijack multiple host cellular processes to survive and replicate. The research is focused on characterizing the functional role of bacterial proteins during an infection.  The research in my lab is related to biomedical fields specifically microbiology, cell biology, immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology. 


Postdoctoral (2011-2013) in Immunology, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Postdoctoral (2009-2011) in Bacterial Pathogenesis, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Ph.D. (2009) in Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN


Banga S, Coursen JD, Portugal S, Tran TM, Hancox L, Ongoiba A, Traore B, Doumbo OK, Huang CY, Harty JT and Crompton PD. Impact of acute malaria on pre-existing antibodies to viral and vaccine antigens in mice and humans. PLOS One, (2015) 10(4): e0125090

Weber MM, Chen C, Rowin K, Mertens K, Galvan G, Zhi H, Dealing CM, Roman VA, Banga S, Tan Y, Luo ZQ and Samuel JE. Identification of C. burnetii type IV secretion substrates required for intracellular replication and Coxiella-containing vacuole formation. Journal of Bacteriology (2013) 195 (17): 3914-3924

Zhu W, Banga S, Tan Y, Zheng C, Stephenson R, Gately J and Luo ZQ. Comprehensive identification of protein substrates of the Dot/Icm type IV transporter of Legionella pneumophila. PLOS One, (2011) 6(3): e17638

Fontana MF, Banga S, Barry KC, Shen X, Tan Y, Luo ZQ and Vance RE. Secreted bacterial effectors that inhibit host protein synthesis are critical for induction of the innate immune response to virulent Legionella pneumophila. PLoS Pathogens (2011) 7(2):e1001289

Chen C,* Banga S,* Mertens K,* Weber MM, Gorbaslieva I, Tan Y, Luo ZQ and Samuel JE. Large-scale identification and translocation of Type IV secretin substrates by Coxiella burnetti.   PNAS (2010) 107(50): 21755-21760

Authors Contributed Equally.

Xu L, Shen X, Bryan A, Banga S, Swanson MS and Luo ZQ. Inhibition of Host Vacuolar H+-ATPase Activity by a Legionella pneumophila effector. PLoS Pathogens (2010) 6(3):e1000822

Shen X, * Banga S,* Liu Y, Xu L, Gao P, Shamovsky I, Nudler E and Luo ZQ. Targeting eEF1A by a Legionella pneumophila effector leads to inhibition of protein synthesis and induction of host stress response. Cell Microbiol. (2009) 11: 911-926

Authors Contributed Equally.

Liu Y, Gao P, Banga S and Luo ZQ. An in vivo gene deletion system for determining temporal requirement of bacterial virulence factors. PNAS (2008) 105: 9385-9390

Banga S, Gao P, Shen X, Fiscus V, Zong WX, Chen L and Luo ZQ.  Legionella pneumophila inhibits macrophage apoptosis by targeting pro-death members of the Bcl2 protein family.  PNAS (2007) 104: 5121-5126

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