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AMI Flyer
Advanced Materials Institute
Research Center Flyer

The Advanced Materials Institute (AMI) is a laboratory at Western Kentucky University that specializes in the analysis and characterization of a variety of materials.



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API Flyer
Applied Physics Institute
Research Center Flyer

The Applied Physics Institute (API) was established in 1994 at Western Kentucky University (WKU) as a nuclear research facility.




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TAL Flyer
Thermal Analysis Lab
Research Center Flyer

The Thermal Analysis Lab (TAL) provides access to advanced scientific instrumentation for the measurement of the thermal properties of materials in support of the educational, research and public service missions of WKU.


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BioInformatics Flyer
Applied Center for Data Science
Research Center Flyer

The mission of the Applied Center for Data Science is to build and maintain an interdisciplinary community that will collaboratively propose and solve problems in bioinformatics and information science.


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Biodiversity Flyer
Biodiversity Center
Research Center Flyer

The Center for Biodiversity Studies investigates and documents biological diversity at spatial scales ranging from local to global, across temporal scales to synthesize and disseminate diversity information to promote appreciation, comprehension, and conservation of biological resources.


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BioTech Flyer
Biotechnology Center
Research Center Flyer

The Biotechnology Center at Western Kentucky University was established to facilitate hands-on educational opportunities for Biology students and to provide technical and educational services for faculty research. It is home to a variety of molecular biology instruments.


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Crawford Hydrology Lab
Crawford Hydrology Lab
Research Center Flyer

The Crawford Hydrology Laboratory (CHL) is a nationally leading laboratory for groundwater flow investigations with an emphasis on, but not limited to, karst landscape/aquifer systems



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Center for Energy Systems Flyer
Center for Energy Systems
Research Center Flyer

The Center for Energy Systems (CES) was established in 2013 by Dr. Farhad Ashrafzadeh with a gift by Mr. Donald Greulich as an endowed chair in energy systems. Over the years since its inception, the growth has been tremendous.


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Kentucky Climate Center
Kentucky Climate Center
Research Center Flyer

The Kentucky Climate Center serves the public and the university by directing existing statewide climatology programs and services and by assisting academic researchers involved in meteorology-related work. Also, the Center provides information on the impact of climate on a wide variety of human activities.


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Center for Human GeoEnvironmental Studies
Center for Human GeoEnvironmental Studies
Research Center Flyer

The Center for Human GeoEnvironmental Studies (CHNGES) is an interdisciplinary Center founded in the environmental geosciences with its focus at the nexus of climate, water, sustainability, and human-environmental interactions.


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Center for Human GeoEnvironmental Studies
Disaster Science Operations Center
Research Center Flyer

The Disaster Science Operations Center (DSOC) integrates critical decision support and disaster security access and opportunities across public, private, government, and academic sectors through student-centered experiential learning and applied research


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