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Center for Energy Systems Mission

The Center for Energy Systems' mission is to provide a multidisciplinary, inviting, and engaging environment in which students develop skills through the successful delivery of industrial projects. With successful projects, the Center for Energy Systems will advance scientific knowledge and cultivate technological developments for industrial sponsors.



The Center for Energy Systems' vision is to become a nationally recognized Center of Excellence for industry in new product development and prototyping for market deployment. More specifically, we want to focus only on two or three companies through long-term partnerships and deliver consistent quality results, helping our partners to become market leaders in their own industry.


  • Advanced Testbed Development
  • Physical Prototype Development
  • Algorithm Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Advanced Motor Control and Power Electronics
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • IP landscape analysis
  • Skill Development: The Center for Energy Systems provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to grow as individuals. At CES, we develop critical thinking and data analysis skills. We also develop student communication skills, project management skills, and technical expertise.
  • Industry Opportunities: The Center for Energy Systems provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to work directly with experienced engineers from market leading industries. At CES, we are able to learn from accomplished engineers and develop relationships with potential employers.
  • Graduate School Opportunities: At the heart of the Center for Energy Systems is applied research. At CES, we provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to develop research skills and build relationships with experienced researchers - improving students' prospects for graduate school.
  • Location: The Center for Energy Systems is located at the top of the hill, providing undergraduate student employees a short walk to classes, campus dining, dorms, and student activity buildings. This allows for more flexible student work schedules.
  • Intellectual Property: The Center for Energy Systems provides exclusive ownership to the IP at the global level in customers' own domain for a percentage of the given project cost.
  • Complementary Skills: The Center for Energy Systems provides complimentary skills and technologies, allowing customers to fully focus on their core product and market leadership.
  • Flexability: A Statement of Work defines project deliverables for all projects. Upon customer requests, our research team remains flexible to modify project goals if customer priorities change.
  • Alignment: CES emphasizes communication with customers. To fully inform customers on a project status, bi-weekly or monthly conference calls with screen sharing occur - keeping project goals in mind.
  • Talents Attraction: Sponsors will have the option of hiring fully trained CES students upon graduation or as interns, leading to immediate productivity and reduced training costs. 
  • Priority: The Center for Energy Systems is only focused on a few partners, allowing sponsors to get the entire design package with the highest priority. Currently, priority at CES goes to Tempur-Sealy and Samsung.



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