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Graphic Design

Design students at Western Kentucky University learn how to find creative soultions, design client work, and meet deadlines. Each course helps students work toward their professional design portfolio and develops the skills they need to achieve their career goals.

Our design program focuses on both traditional design practices as well as digital design and emerging practices. This combination of fine arts rooted practices combined with our contemporary design program and teaching approach prepares our graduates to be well-rounded creative individuals who produce both conceptually and technically sound design work.

The BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Major in Visual Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design requires 79 Credit Hours


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Program Code: 514

Students who began the Graphic Design concentration before Fall 2021 should refer to the previous catalog requirements.

The AB (Bachelor of Arts) Major in Visual Studies is a liberal arts degree requiring 49 Credit Hours - You may take graphic design courses to help fulfill your program requirements.


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Program Code: 509

The certificate in Graphic Design requires 18 Credit Hours

Required Courses (12 hours):

  • ART 130 Design OR ART 140 Drawing

  • ART 243 Digital Media [this course no longer has required prerequisites - see your advisor for a pre-requisite override]

  • ART 231: Graphic Design

  • ART 334 Graphic Design Survey

Restricted Electives (6 hours):

  • ART 330 Graphic Design

  • ART 331 Visual Thinking

  • ART 430 Graphic Design

  • ART 431 Illustration

  • ART 433 Package Design

  • ART 436 Electronic Illustration

  • ART 438 Advanced Media Design


Suggested Course Progression:

  • The Graphic Design Certificate takes *at least* three semesters to complete.
  • Courses must be completed *in person* (this is not an online program).
  • Prerequisite courses are listed [in parentheses].

Semester 1
  • ART 130
  • ART 243
  • ART 334 Graphic Design Survey (taught Fall Semester Only)
Semester 2
  • ART 231: Graphic Design [ART 130 and ART 243]
  • ART 334 Graphic Design Survey (taught Fall Semester Only)
Semester 3
  • ART 330 Graphic Design [ART 231]
  • ART 331 Visual Thinking [ART 231 and ART 243]
  • ART 334 Graphic Design Survey (taught Fall Semester Only)
  • Or other restricted elective [prerequisites vary]


The Minor in Graphic Design requires 24 Credit Hours


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Student Class Work


Fruity Package

Little Bent Logo

Nolin Brochure

yard sign


The Roost Logo

Mammoth Poster

Train Graphics

Cute logo

mashup website

Rack Card for Women

Ruth Book Image

Power of a vote logo

cuba brochure

IT rackcard

Mashup Logo

Pizza Box Design

9 love

Nolin Brochure Design 2

Social graphic



Graphic Design and Computer Animation lab are located in rooms 252, 254, 417, 419, 438, and 454 of the Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center. Currently there are three full-time professors who are supported by adjunct instructors as needed. Our proximity to Nashville provides opportunities to invite professionals to engage with design students through lectures and portfolio reviews. 

All classrooms and stations are online and Wi-Fi connected. Enrolled design students have 24-hour access to a computer lab on campus, with the exception of University holidays.





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