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Turn a gaming passion into a career.

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According to employment data firm IBISWorld the game industry has 322,503 jobs this year growing from 298,217 jobs last year.

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If you grew up passionate about gaming, becoming a professional game designer might be your dream job. But being an avid gamer isn’t enough of a credential to break into the industry. You’ll need to show that you have specific knowledge of game systems and game design, as well as broader awareness of the development process and how major game studios operate.
Turn a gaming passion into a career. Earn a certificate in Game Design at WKU in as little as 2 semesters!

Careers in Game Design

Graduates of WKU’s game design certificate can apply their knowledge to several careers. Potential career outcomes include:

  • Game animator
  • Game Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Game Designer
  • Game Artist

Required Courses

The game design certificate includes six courses totaling 18 credit hours. Classes include computer science, art, communication, and a wide variety of electives. The program takes about a year to complete. More information about each course may be found in Course Descriptions.

Game Design Certificate: 18 hours

Computer Science (6 hours)

CS 146 “Introduction to Programming” (existing Colonnade course) OR CS 170 “Problem Solving and Programming” (existing course) OR CS 180 “Computer Science I” OR CS 239 “Problem Solving with Computational Techniques”

CS 301 “Game Programming”

Art (6 hours)

ART 130 “Design” OR 131 “3D Design” OR 140 “Drawing”

ART 244 “Computer Animation I”

Communication (3 hours)

UX 380 “Gaming: Culture, Theory and Practice”

Restricted Elective, select from (3 hours):

ANTH 448        Visual Anthropology

ART 105           Art Survey: Prehistory to the Renaissance

ART 106           Art Survey: Renaissance to Contemporary

ART 344           Animation II

ART 390           Contemporary Art

ART 405           Art Theory and Criticism

ART 431           Illustration

ART 436           Electronic Illustration

BCOM 264       Digital Video Production and Distribution

CS 270             Introduction to Web Programming

CS 290             Computer Science II

ENG 203          Creative Writing

ENT 312           Entrepreneurship      

MUS 120         Music Appreciation

POP 201          Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

THEA 101        Acting I

THEA 303        Acting for the Camera

SOCL 245         Sociology of Popular Culture

UX 330            Interactive Design

Or another selection from:

CS 146             Introduction to Programming

CS 170             Problem Solving and Programming

CS 180             Computer Science I

CS 239             Problem Solving with Computational Techniques


Upcoming Courses

If you begin in Fall this certificate can be completed in as little as one year.

Suggested course progression: FALL: CS 146; ART 140; ART 244 and SPRING: CS 301; UX 380; elective

  Course Offered Colonnade?
Pick One: ART 130/131/140 Fall/Spring No
Required: ART 244 Fall/Spring No
Pick One: CS 146/CS 170/CS 180/CS 239  Fall/Spring CS 146- QR
Required: CS 301 Fall No
Required: UX 380 Spring No
Pick One: Restricted Elective (see list above) Varies Varies



Game Design Club

if you are interested in learning more about the new student Game Design Club, please contact Dr. Galloway at jeffrey.galloway@wku.edu.


Admission Requirements

In order to apply to WKU’s game design certificate program, new students must Apply to WKU.

Current students who would like to add the game design certificate must login to TopNet and complete a Change of Major form to add the program. A signature from the certificate coordinator kristina.arnold@wku.edu on this form is required. After the form is signed the addition of the certificate will take up to 2 weeks to show up in TopNet.

*NOTE: a Change of Major form will not change your major, in this case it is simply used to add this program.

If you have questions about applying please contact Kristina Arnold by emailing kristina.arnold@wku.edu or by phone 270-745-6566.

Costs & Financial Aid

WKU’s staff is available to work with students to discover available financial aid options.

Students can fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to find out what scholarships, grants, loans and payment plans are available for them. There are numerous options available, and not all financial aid is based on need.

 Financial Assistance

The Transfer Center is the one-stop location for students interested in transferring to WKU. The Transfer Center can assist students with transfer admission, credit evaluation, advising, and much more.

Transfer Center

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