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Brewing and Distilling Arts & Sciences

Humans have been brewing alcohol since the dawn of recorded history, and distilling alcohol stretches back over a thousand years. Brewing and distilling play a major role in the Kentucky and U.S. economy. Industries as diverse as farming, tourism, construction, and retail all rely on, and contribute to alcohol production. 

This multidisciplinary certificate is designed to complement an existing major in a related field, by providing a background understanding of topics related to the brewing and distilling industries—the science, the business, and the history, as well as an internship—students need to become competitive in the marketplace.

Students who want to work in the business side of the industry might take a business degree and then the extra coursework for this certificate. People who want to be brewers might take a biology or chemistry degree, while someone interested in supplying the industry might take an agriculture degree, or someone looking to design bottles or labels might take a graphic or industrial design design degree.  


The brewing and distilling program has both graduate and undergraduate certificates to complement existing fields of study. Follow the links above to find out how to add this new and exciting certificate to your degree portfolio.

Undergraduate Contact:

Kristina Arnold | 270-745-2314

Graduate Contact:

Dr. Cathleen Webb | 270-745-6181

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