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    Andy Cheng                     Kaleb Morgan                     Kate Ngo            Ko Hung Andy Cheng                                       Kaleb Joseph Morgan                                               Xuan T. “Kate” Ngo   

      Outstanding Junior 2021                                 Outstanding Senior 2021                                        Outstanding Graduate MAcc  2021 

Sarah Pemberton"Majoring in Accounting at WKU is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The faculty and staff in the Accounting department, and in all of GFCB, truly care about you and your experience. I’ve learned so much and know I am prepared to succeed because of my time here. All of the lessons, memories, and friendships I’ve made through Accounting will stay with me forever."

- Sarah Pemberton (Accounting JUMP graduate – B.S. in Accounting and Master of Accountancy 2020)




Christina Montgomery

"I chose Accounting because I wanted job opportunities after college and I enjoy working with numbers. I soon found out in my classes that it’s not all about numbers. I enjoyed my classes so I decided to stick with it. I am very thankful I did.  

Coming into college, I wanted to do four years in and out. I did not want to go any longer. I soon found out that you needed 150 hours to sit for the CPA exam. I was not going to be able to do that in four years. Whenever I learned about the JUMP program, I could get the extra 30 hours I needed as well as a Master’s degree. So, I decided to pursue that opportunity.  I now will be graduating in five years with two degrees, both my Bachelor’s and Master’s as well as the full 150 hours I need for my CPA exam. 

Throughout my time in college, I spend my time involved in organizations especially Beta Alpha Psi.  Through Beta Alpha Psi, I’ve been able to land two internships in college and a full-time job opportunity after college.  The main reason I wanted to get a couple of  internships  was to be sure that Accounting was what I wanted to do outside of these classes. It is important to know that real-world accounting is different than what you do in your classes. So, through those internships, I found out that I really do enjoy accounting  and taxes the career path I want to pursue. I know taxes isn’t necessarily one of the “fun things” you associate with accounting but I do enjoy it. I’m currently studying for the CPA exam and actually just passed my first part. I plan to take the other three parts after graduation. Hopefully, before I start my full-time job I can get all of those knocked out. I am grateful for all the opportunities I’ve be able to have through the Gordon Ford College of Business, JUMP program and my internships. I think that they all have prepared me for my future  and set me up well."

- Christina Montgomery (Accounting JUMP graduate – B.S. in Accounting and Master of Accountancy 2021)

Kate Ngo"The WKU Accounting Program has shown me what it means to have an accounting degree. I still remember coming into my freshman year not knowing what an accounting career would be. Joining Beta Alpha Psi has helped me network with accounting professionals and has given me the first step to explore different career paths for both public and private accounting. I'd say that the WKU Accounting Program was challenging but rewarding. The courses I took has definitely prepared myself well for my internships as well as the CPA exam. The accounting professors were dedicated to not only the lectures they taught but also the student success. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask questions when you need help!"

- Kate Ngo (Accounting JUMP graduate – B.S. in Accounting & Finance and Master of Accountancy 2021)

Morgan Johnson"The WKU Accounting Program prepared me with the necessary technical and personal skills needed to be successful in the career of public accounting. As early as sophomore year, I was being exposed to the Big Four accounting firms through recommendations from professors for their leadership programs. Throughout the years, I was able to develop a crucial relationship with many professionals from local, regional, and national accounting firms through Beta Alpha Psi and establishing a personal relationship with the professors. As a result of the long-term networking, I was fortunate enough to have several job offers to pick from before graduation. Furthermore, the course work I received as an undergraduate and graduate student fully prepared me for passing all four parts of the CPA exam within a 3 month span. I am happy to say that no new information was thrown my way when studying for the exam. As one of the first graduates of the PPA (Accounting JUMP program) and Masters in Accountancy Program, I highly recommend taking this path. This program was very helpful with the CPA, as it reviews many early undergraduate classes, and also provides a more in-depth analysis. Choosing WKU for my education was not only a great decision, it was a blessing!"

- Morgan Johnson (Accounting JUMP graduate – B.S. in Accounting and Master of Accountancy 2013)
McGladrey LLP, Indianapolis

Shaunna Cornwell, CPA"As a WKU Accounting Alumni (2004 Graduate) – I have a HUGE regard and respect for your program. Toughest 4 years of my life – but WKU's accounting program did so much more than educate me – it truly prepared me for any career path I wanted to travel. WKU educates and produces some of the most talented accountants I've had the liberty work with."

- Shaunna R. Cornwell, CPA
Finance Director, City of Franklin




Chris Ryan"The Accounting Program at WKU has allowed me to fulfill my dream of living and working in New York City. The department provides exposure to local, regional, and international CPA firms as well as companies within a variety of industries. This gives you face time with real professionals in the accounting field. So, I was able to focus my job search to firms that aligned with my career goals. The recruiting process can be very demanding, but the faculty members are there with you every step of the way to encourage and motivate you in your job search. I was fortunate enough to take on a leadership role within our accounting organization Beta Alpha Psi. This allowed me to develop a crucial faculty relationship with Mrs. Henson, who mentored me throughout the recruiting process and in my role with BAP. The accounting program provided me not only the technical skills, but also the soft skills to succeed in today's competitive job market. I encourage you to take advantage of everything the accounting program at WKU has to offer and make the smart choice for your future."

- Christopher Ryan, KPMG

Shannon Smith


"The WKU Accounting Program provided me with an extensive knowledge base that placed me ahead of the curve when I began working for Ernst & Young.  The courses that I took fully prepared me for the challenges in my new role and allowed me to pass all 4 sections of the CPA exam on the first attempt.  I am very happy that I chose WKU and could not have asked for a better college experience - Go Tops!"

- Shannon Smith, Assurance Services at Ernst & Young LLC

Dee Daniels

"Upon entering the WKU accounting program I initially sought a bachelors degree to advance my career in accounting. I have come away with so much more than a "piece of paper" and it is all thanks to the encouragement and support I found in every professor in the WKU Accounting Department. Education is the key to success and I'm so glad I chose WKU."

-Dee Daniels, Houchens Industries, Inc.


Zach Gentry


"An accounting degree from WKU provided me with a strong foundation to start my career.  The challenging curriculum, supportive professors and staff, and participation in Beta Alpha Psi all helped me prepare to gain successful entry into the accounting profession and to pass the CPA exam. I can look back now and say that my time in the accounting program at WKU was a worthwhile investment."

-Zach Gentry, Crowe Horwath LLP

Matt Kieser"The accounting program at WKU provided me with the knowledge base and skills needed to succeed in my current role as a Staff Accountant at Tennessee Hospital Association, Inc. (THA). The coursework, along with the help of the Accounting Department allowed me to achieve my goals in a competitive job market upon graduation.  Financial Accounting courses at WKU can be a challenge, but knowledge gained from those challenges helped me to persevere through daily job assignments here at THA. I can honestly say that the professors are very helpful in the classroom and in the real world. I would highly recommend the accounting program at WKU to anyone who is considering it in their future. WKU!"

- Matt Kieser, Tennessee Hospital Association, Inc.

Jimmy Faverman"The accounting program at WKU gave me the knowledge base needed to conquer not only one, but two certifications in short order after graduations, the CPA and CMA.  I learned early on that the faculty absolutely love what they do and will do anything they can to give you the edge needed to succeed in today's ever changing business environment.  Due to the tools I gained in the accounting program, I now have a level of job security that few can claim and an unprecedented freedom to pursue my other interests as I see fit. Hilltoppers Rock!"

- Jimmy Faverman, SVP Worldwide

Carolyn Hagan"WKU is a great place to find your future. The educators have high standards; they made me reach farther than I imagined possible. My advisor was amazing. She helped me keep the faith on a few occasions when I felt like giving up.  Many great people have trod the "Hill". I count myself lucky to be among those who have had the privilege of the climb. Because of the great accounting program offered there, I have a much richer life. Many thanks to all who made that possible, especially the professors and staff of the accounting department."

- Carolyn Hagan, Citizens Bank


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