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ALL Thursday and Friday classes on all campuses are canceled. Online classes will proceed as scheduled. WKU offices will be closed on Thursday, with essential personnel reporting.

WKU Glasgow campus will remain closed Friday, March 6. 

WKU Elizabethtown-Fort Knox campus will remain closed Thurs., Fri, and Sat., March 5-7.

Residence Halls remain open until noon Saturday. Bemis & Barnes have space for those who need to stay longer. Visit WKU Housing & Residence Life for more information.

The high school regional basketball tournament games scheduled for Wednesday night were canceled. Games will be rescheduled for Friday/Saturday. Follow WKU News for the latest updates. #WKUAlert

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

CEBS Faculty & Staff

Shortcuts: Dean's Office | Counseling & Student Affairs | Educational Administration, Leadership & Research
Educational Leadership Doctoral Program | Military Science | Office of Teacher Services | Psychology | School of Teacher Education

Dean's Office

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Sam Evans Dean GRH 2046 270-745-4664
Dr. Janet Applin Associate Dean for Academic Programs; Associate Professor, Special Education GRH 2045 270-745-4014
Mr. Devin Bell Technology Support Specialist; Web Developer GRH 2062 270-745-4098
Ms. Sharon Hartz Budget Coordinator GRH 2040 270-745-4662
Mr. Stan Herren Technology Support Specialist GRH 2062 270-745-2970
Ms. Steva Kaufkins Grants Administrator GRH 2041 270-745-8839
Dr. Tony Kirchner Director, Educational Technology GRH 2048 270-745-4331
Ms. Susan Krisher Office Associate GRH 2039 270-745-4020
Dr. Jacqueline Pope-Tarrence Associate Dean for Accountability and Research; Professor of Psychology GRH 2044 270-745-4661
Ms. Tammy Spinks Office Coordinator GRH 2039 270-745-4664

Department of Counseling & Student Affairs

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Bill Kline Department Head; Professor GRH 2014 270-745-6318
Dr. Imelda Bratton Assistant Professor; Co-Director TFCCSchool Counseling Program and Clinical Coordinator GRH 2018 270-745-3529
Dr. Lacretia Dye Assistant Professor GRH 2019 270-745-3029
Dr. Monica Burke Assistant Professor GRH 2025 270-745-8997
Dr. Aaron Hughey Professor; Student Affairs Program Coordinator GRH 2013 270-745-4849
Dr. Cynthia Mason Professor GRH 2015 270-745-6404
Dr. Jill Duba Sauerheber Associate Professor; CMHC Program Coordinator GRH 2017 270-745-4799
Dr. Fred Stickle Professor;  MCFC Program Coordinator GRH 2012 270-745-4953
Ms. Belinda Wisdom Office Associate GRH 2027 270-745-4953
Dr. Cheryl Wolf Assissant Professor; CMHC & MCFC Clinical Coordinator and Co-Director TFCC GRH 2016 270-745-4484

Dept. of Educational Administration, Leadership & Research

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Marguerita DeSander Department Head GRH 3085 270-745-6039
Dr. Jim Berger Associate Professor GRH 3080 270-745-3892
Dr. Fred P. Carter Instructor GRH 2047 270-745-4611
Dr. Kimberlee Everson Assistant Professor GRH 3093 270-745-6143
Dr. Gary Houchens Associate Professor GRH 3087 270-745-4999
Dr. Stephen K. Miller Transitional Retiree/Associate Professor GRH 3090 270-745-4890
R. Mike Putnam Associate Professor GRH 3083 270-745-4271
Dr. Christopher Wagner Transitional Retiree/Professor GRH 3074 270-745-4890
Dr. Jianliang Wang Professor GRH 3081 270-745-4906
Dr. Kristen Wilson Associate Professor GRH 3084 270-745-6143
Dr. Jie Zhang Assistant Professor GRH 3088 270-745-2933

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Tony Norman Program Director Doctoral House 270-745-3061
Mr. Bob Cobb Prof. Assoc., Applied Research Doctoral House 270-745-3061
Mr. Shahbaz Munawar Doctoral Program Staff and Teaching Assistant Doctoral House 270-745-3061
Mrs. Gaye Pearl Office Coordinator Doctoral House 270-745-3061

Department of Military Science

Name Job title Office Phone Email
LTC Scott Walker Department Head DA 1512 270-745-6049
SFC Andrew Black Military Science Instructor DA 1514 270-745-6052
SFC Chris Bradley Army National Guard (ARNG) DA 1517 270-745-2311
Mr. Jason Durrett Supply Technician DA 1518 270-745-6051
Mr. Kevin Eisel Senior Military Science Instructor (SMSI) DA 1515 270-745-4287
Mr. Wayne Hatch Human Resource Technician DA 1512 270-745-4294
SFC David Henderson Training Non-commissioned officers (NCO) DA 1515 270-745-6926
MSG David Chaney Senior Military Science Instructor (SMSI) DA 1507 270-745-2109
Ms. Andrea Greenwood Advisor/Program Coordinator DA 1512 270-745-4293
Mr. Brandon Smith Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) DA 1512 270-745-6054
SSG Eric Vincent Army National Guard (ARNG) DA 1517 270-745-2311
MAJ Stephan Walters Assistant Professor of Military Science (APMS) DA 1506 270-745-8937
Mr. Lincoln Ward Military Science Instructor DA 1504 270-745-6052
CPT Colin Bair Military Science Instructor DA 1512 270-745-4293
MSG Roger Blankenship Military Science Instructor DA 1515 270-745-6052

Office of Teacher Services

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Fred P. Carter Director of the Office of Teacher Services & School Relations GRH 2047 270-745-4611
Ms. Lillian Davis Office Coordinator, Student Teaching GRH 2050 270-745-4896
Ms. Denise Hardesty Coordinator Minority Teacher Recruitment Center GRH 2053 270-745-2996
Ms. Robin Hume Office Associate, Teacher Certification GRH 2052 270-745-4300
  Advisor, Public Relations, Field Observation Coordinator GRH 2051 270-745-6249
Ms. Candace Lee  Certification Officer GRH 2049A 270-745-4300
Ms. Cindy White Office Associate, Teacher Admissions GRH 2052 270-745-6571

Department of Psychology

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Joseph Cangemi Emeritus Professor of Psychology GRH 3051 270-745-2343
Dr. Krisstal Clayton Pedagogical Assistant Professor   270-659-6965
Dr. Pitt Derryberry Co-Department Head and Professor GRH 3017 270-745-5250
Dr. Lisa Duffin Assistant Professor GRH 3014 270-745-6324
Ms. Sarah Freeman Part-time Faculty
Mr. Mark Graves Part-time Faculty GRH 3047 270-745-4422
Dr. Rick Grieve Professor, Clinical Psy Coordinator
GRH 3018 270-745-4417
Ms. Michelle Hanley Office Associate GRH 3012 270-745-2698  
Dr. Elizabeth Jones Associate Professor GRH 3022 270-745-4414
Dr. Sally Kuhlenschmidt Professor GRH 3020 270-745-2114
Ms. Robin Lovell Office Assistant GRH 3012 270-745-2696
Dr. Sam McFarland Emeritus Professor of Psychology GRH 3045 270-745-4408
Dr. Jodi McKnight Part-time Faculty
Dr. Carl Myers Associate Professor, School Psy Coordinator GRH 3013 270-745-4410
Dr. Tony Norman Professor GRH 3085 270-745-3061
Dr. Anthony Paquin Associate Professor GRH 3021 270-745-4423
Dr. Bill Pfohl Transitional Retiree GRH 3049 270-745-4419
Ms. Ginny Pfohl Transitional Retiree, Instructor GRH 3043 270-745-2046
Dr. Jacqueline Pope-Tarrence Associate Dean for Accountability and Research/Professor GRH 2038 270-745-4661
Dr. James Prather Instructor E-Town campus 270-745-5895
Dr. Jenni Redifer Assistant Professor GRH 3024 270-745-4081
Mr. Thomas Reece Part-time Faculty GRH 3047 270-745-4422  
Dr. Ronda Talley Professor GRH 3023 270-745-2780
Dr. Steven Wininger Co-Department Head and Professor GRH 3016 270-745-4421
Dr. Qin Zhao Associate Professor GRH 3015 270-745-5023

School of Teacher Education

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Sylvia Dietrich Director and Associate Dean/Associate Professor GRH 1097 270-745-5414
Ms. Penny Adams Instructor GRH 1101 270-745-5114
Dr. David Almand Master Teacher TCCW 125A 270-745-2335
Dr. Janet Applin Associate Dean for Academic Programs; Associate Professor, Special Education GRH 2045 270-745-4014
Dr. Nedra Atwell Professor GRH 1018 270-745-4647
Ms. Patricia Bertke Instructor Owensboro campus 270-745-5095
Dr. Marty Boman Associate Professor; Director, Kelly Autism Program GRH 1006; SVCEC 270-745-8833
Dr. Barbara Burch Professor/Provost Emerita GRH 1021 270-745-8996
Ms. Nancy Button Instructor Glasgow 220 270-659-6922
Dr. Wanda Chandler Assistant Professor GRH 1033 270-745-4249
Dr. Jennifer Cribbs Assistant Professor GRH 1009 270-745-4368
Dr. Tabitha Daniel Transitional Retiree/Professor
Ms. Janice Davenport Master Teacher TCCW 100D 270-745-2451
Dr. Judy Davison Transitional Retiree/Associate Professor
Dr. Martha Day Assistant Professor GRH 1085 270-745-4411
Dr. Janice Ferguson Transitional Retiree/Professor
Dr. Barbara Fiehn Assistant Professor GRH 1024 270-745-5562
Dr. Kay Gandy Associate Professor GRH 1014 270-745-2991
Ms. Denise Garner Academic Advisor GRH 1094 270-745-3928
Dr. Margaret Gichuru Assistant Professor GRH 1084 270-745-3135
Dr. Lynn Hines Professional in Residence GRH 1106 270-745-5583
Mr. Pete B. Hoechner Instructor GRH 1079 270-745-4753
Dr. Cynthia Houston Associate Professor GRH 1013 270-745-6501
Dr. Xiaoxia S. Huang Assistant Professor GRH 1028 270-745-4322
Dr. Nancy Hulan Assistant Professor GRH 1083A 270-745-4324
Dr. Jeanine M. Huss Associate Professor GRH 1010 270-745-2293
Ms. Pamela Janoski Instructor Owensboro campus 270-745-5095
Dr. Pamela Jukes Associate Professor GRH 1012 270-745-4485
Dr. Susan Keesey Assistant Professor GRH 1105 270-745-4640
Dr. Gail Kirby Assistant Professor GRH 1087 270-745-3746
Dr. Jana Kirchner Assistant Professor GRH 1088 270-745-4103
Dr. J. Dusteen Knotts Assistant Professor GRH 1086 270-745-3747
Ms. Rachel Leer Instructor GRH 1080 270-745-3745
Dr. Lucile Maples Associate Professor GRH 1008 270-745-3617
Ms. Melia Mattingly Instructor E-Town campus 270-745-5895
Dr. Marge Maxwell Associate Professor GRH 1017 270-745-2435
Dr. Michael McDonald Associate Professor GRH 1084A 270-745-3097
Dr. Julia Mittelberg   GRH 1029
Dr. John Moore Associate Professor GRH 1102 270-745-5415
Dr. Lisa D. Murley Assistant Professor GRH 1011 270-745-8822
Ms. Lisa Murphy   GRH 1082 270-745-
Dr. Christina Roantree Noel Assistant Professor GRH 1081 270-745-4255
Dr. Elena Novak Visiting Assistant Professor GRH 1031 270-745-4135
Dr. Amanda Onion Assistant Professor E-Town Campus 270-706-8895
Dr. Andrea Paganelli Assistant Professor GRH 1027 270-745-4420
Ms. Anne Patterson Instructor Glasgow 220 270-659-6923
Dr. Pamela Petty Professor GRH 1103 270-745-2922
Dr. Judy Pierce Professor GRH 1030 270-745-4435
Ms. Catherine Poteet Professional in Residence Glasgow campus 270-659-6923
Dr. Julia Roberts Professor; Director, Gifted Studies FSH 110 270-745-6323
Dr. Richard Roberts Transitional Retiree/Professor FSH 117 270-745-4290
Ms. Catherine Rogier Professional in Residence Owensboro  campus 270-684-9797
Ms. Deborah Sloss Academic Advisor GRH 1093 270-745-6572
Dr. Kandy Smith Instructor GRH 1083 270-745-5013
Ms. Connie Spears Office Associate GRH 1092 270-745-5414
Dr. Vicki Stayton Transitional Retiree/Professor GRH 1112 270-745-4651
Dr. Rebecca Stobaugh Assistant Professor GRH 1015 270-745-4497
Mr. Daniel Super Director, A.S.K. Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning GRH 1111 270-745-2809
Mr. Josiah Super Office Associate GRH 1092 270-745-2819
Dr. Janet Tassell Assistant Professor GRH 1104 270-745-5306
Mr. Rico Tyler Professional-In-Residence GRH 1109 270-745-6199
Dr. Andrew West Assistant Professor GRH 1016 270-745-4139
Dr. Terry Wilson Transitional Retiree/Professor
Ms. Stephanie B. Wimsatt Student Support Specialist GRH 1096 270-745-2588
Dr. Cassie Zippay Transitional Retiree/Assistant Professor
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    Building Abbreviations and Locations:
    • DA: Diddle Arena
    • Doctoral House: 1702 Normal Drive
    • FSH: Florence Schneider Hall
    • GRH: Gary A. Ransdell Hall (Map, Directions and Parking Information)
    • JJ: Jones Jaggers Hall
    • PH: Potter Hall
    • SVCEC: Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex
    • TCCW: Thompson Complex, Center Wing

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