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Helpful tips

Faculty replies to potential student replies in response to non-compliance:


There may be instances in which a student forgets to wear their face covering more than one time. It is up to the instructor’s discretion to determine if the student is unwilling to comply or simply forgot and needs a subsequent reminder. At any point, the instructor is encouraged to have an educational conversation if the student repeatedly forgets but willfully complies when reminded. (Please ensure that enforcement is fair and equitable)


  • I forgot my mask


“Replacements are available from vending machines and the departmental offices.”  

“Feel free to go down the hall (providing direction) and return”

“You may return to your room or apartment to get yours”

“Masks are an expectation to attend all classrooms”

“If you don't have one, here is one, but please remember it for the next class, ok?"


  • I can’t wear a mask due to my own health concerns


“Please work with the University Student Accessibility Resource Center for appropriate accommodations. Masks are an expectation in all classrooms.”


  • I have mask anxiety


“This class (or an alternative section) provides an online accommodation; you will have to take the class in that format. Masks are an expectation in all classrooms at WKU.”

Helpful information on Mask Anxiety


  • I don’t want to wear a mask


"Please come back to the classroom when you are willing to wear a mask.

“Please note that wearing a mask properly while in a campus building is mandatory.”

“Masks are mandatory because they protect the health of others and the people wearing them.”


  • I have rights


“The point of the mask is to protect others as well as yourself, and it is a campus requirement."

“Masks are mandatory because they protect the health of others and the people wearing them.”


  • Student refuses to leave (Sits down or won’t follow your request.)


Inform the class/students that you cannot teach without all students properly wearing a mask. Classroom capacities are based on 100% mask compliance.—dismiss the course


Prior to making a decision to end a class you may do the following:

Explain that forcing you to cancel the class is unfair to the rest of the class who came prepared to learn. (Peer pressure may help the situation).  Should other students get involved, dismiss the class immediately to avoid further conflict.

The instructor should inform the student that, if class is canceled due to non-compliance, The Office of Student Conduct will be notified, the student will be unable to attend class until they meet with the our office and the student may be dropped from the course for the disruption and refusal to comply.




Source: Univeristy of Minnesota Crookston

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