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Tuition and Program Policies

Tuition includes:

  • 15 one-on-one lessons with your assigned WKU String Academy Faculty member
  • Weekly group classes
  • Performance opportunities
  • Guest artist masterclasses

Early Registration - before Dec. 19, at 11:59pm

30-minute private lessons + group classes: $625

45-minute private lessons + group classes: $800

60-minute private lessons + group classes: $1,050


Late Registration - Dec. 20 or later

30-minute private lessons + group classes: $675

45-minute private lessons + group classes: $850

60-minute private lessons + group classes: $1,100


For returning students, if you do not register by the start date of the semester, your instructor is under no obligation to reserve your spot or make up the lessons you missed.


Program Policies

All students enrolled in the WKU String Academy will participate in both private and group lessons. Lessons will coincide with the WKU academic calendar. Group lessons are required for all students.

Schedule of group lessons are online (www.wku.edu/strings) and will be posted on the bulletin board outside FAC 319 and on the website. Group lessons will include preparation of ensemble repertoire (both classical and non-classical selections), solo performances, and music theory instruction. 

Students should arrive at least ten minutes prior to lessons and classes. We prefer that the students come earlier to warm up and prepare for the lessons. If a student arrives more than 10 minutes late for a lesson without contacting the teacher, the teacher will assume it is a missed lesson and will not be required to wait for the student or make up the lesson. 

Group classes are a mandatory part of our, and the Suzuki, curriculum. The WKU String Academy Program is based upon the key elements of the Suzuki education model designed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and group class is an essential part of a Suzuki Education. Group classes provide the platform to play music with friends on a weekly basis. In addition to reinforcing technical and musical concepts, students learn how to be a part of a group and explore elements of music theory. Most importantly, group classes are fun and motivating for young children through teens and provide important support for parents.

Participation in special recitals and concerts will be at the teacher’s discretion, especially if more than two group rehearsals are missed. Please arrive at least ten minutes prior to group classes. If entering late, please make sure to tune before going into the classroom as not to disrupt the class that is already in progress. 

Make up lessons are given during the last week of the semester and scheduled during the student’s regular lesson time. Each student is guaranteed one make up lesson per semester for an excused absence. Additional make up lessons are at the discretion of the private teacher and are not guaranteed. If the instructor’s schedule does not permit it, or if insufficient notice is given, the instructor is under no obligation to make up the lesson. Make-up lessons missed by a student for any reason will not be rescheduled or refunded.

Missed Group Lessons will not be made up.

The WKU String Academy faculty is comprised of active professional musicians who may periodically need to reschedule private lessons due to university and professional obligations. If a teacher is absent, a make-up lesson will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. The faculty members will provide advanced notice for lesson cancellations. For expediency in contacting parents, please keep phone numbers or email addresses up to date with the private teacher and the director of the program. 

Payments must be paid in full to avoid suspension of lessons. Tuition must be paid in full by the 7th week of the semester to avoid interruption of lessons. Missed lessons due to late payment will not be made up. 
If a student needs to withdraw from the program within the first six weeks of classes, 50% of the tuition will be reimbursed. After week six, no tuition will be refunded. Pro-rated lessons will only be offered to new incoming students. 

In order to give students the best possible experience, the WKU String Academy expects to have regular attendance from both the children and the parents. Parents of beginning students and young students (under age nine) are expected to attend private lessons, group lessons, and practice with their child at home. If a student's absence is unavoidable because of illness or a family emergency, parents are requested to notify the teacher/director as soon as possible, explaining that the student will be absent and giving the reason for the absence.

To avoid delays please be ready 10 minutes prior to your lesson time. Be sure all young students have clean hands and faces, and have time to use the restroom, if needed. To facilitate the highest quality learning experience for all parents and students, cooperative and appropriate behavior is necessary during lessons, classes, and special events (concerts and recitals). Please turn off all electronic devices during these times. If the student has siblings, please check with your teacher before having them in the room where the lesson will be held. In many lessons, they are welcome to come and observe, providing they are not a disturbance to the learning environment.

Positive and encouraging parents are critical for students’ success. The role of the parent is to be a silent observer in the private lesson and group class setting. The teacher will guide the parents

on ways to practice with their children effectively at home to allow for maximum productivity. For children of all ages, parental support outside of the lesson is essential to student growth. 

Success in Suzuki study depends upon the active and enthusiastic participation of the parent, and if possible, the support of the entire family. It is expected that a parent attends every lesson with the student and functions at home as a practice partner. The students' success in the program relies upon a cooperative triangle formed by the teacher, the child and the parent.

In the case where a parent cannot attend the lesson in case of an emergency, we suggest that the child be sent with a substitute who will take notes and tape the lesson so that the parent can maintain continuity of practicing at home.

When it is time for the student to change instrument sizes, your private lesson teacher will inform you and discuss options. Do not purchase, trade in, or rent a new-sized instrument without first consulting your teacher.

Students in the WKU String Academy are required to perform in a solo recital and group recitals each year. Many additional performance opportunities are also available throughout the year. Recitals and group class concerts give students the opportunity to develop performance skills, as well as to share and be recognized for their hard work. Preparing for performance helps student learn how present their best work. Children gain confidence and self-knowledge from these experiences. Performances are an important and essential component of the student’s education. Please note that insufficient practicing, birthday parties or other social occasions are not considered valid reasons to miss a concert.

The dress code for the WKU String Academy is as follows:

Solo Performances: Nice Clothing (No Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, logos, ripped clothing or miniskirts).

Group Class Performances: Black Bottoms (pants or skirts), White Tops.

Casual Performances (eg. Farmers market playouts): WKU String Academy T-shirt or other bright color T-shirt and comfortable bottoms. 

Pianists’ fees for group lessons, group concerts, and most concerts in the community outside of WKU will be included in tuition.

For private lessons and individual rehearsals of solo repertoire, the students are responsible for hiring and paying accompanists. The instructors are not responsible for contacting pianists for solo repertoire; however, they may have recommendations from the university and community

(including pianists providing group accompaniment). All issues regarding accompanist (venue, rehearsal times, etc.) are considered an arrangement between you and the pianist. 

It is highly recommended that every student continues private lessons during the summer to keep the momentum going and to avoid loss of skills. Summer lessons are available throughout the summer based on the availability of the instructor. If your private instructor is not available for a certain day, we encourage signing up for a lesson with one of the other faculty in the program.

Due to the variability of summer schedules for both faculty and students, summer lessons are available on a case-by-case basis. Standard attendance and cancellation policies apply to summer lessons starting on the first day of the summer term.

It is recommended that you consider attending a summer music camp and Suzuki Institute. Reach out to your teacher for suggestions.

For cancellation days, the WKU String Academy follows the Western Kentucky University snow day cancellation schedule, regardless of which district your child is in! If there are other reasons the district closes, such as facility issues, lessons will continue as normal. You will be informed via email. If there are any questions, please call our office at (270) 745-5939 and leave a message. Lessons cancelled for weather issues will be made up. Missed group classes will not be made up. If the university has a 2-hour delay in starting the day, we will cancel lessons that begin before 9am.

The WKU String Academy is not liable for accidents.

If a student desires to change instructors (including to outside local private teachers), for courtesy’s sake, both teachers and the director should be contacted. If you have specific concerns that you are unable to discuss with your teacher, please contact the WKU String Academy director. 


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