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University Senate Meeting Agenda

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University Senate Meeting
Thursday, October 16, 2014 -- 3:45 p.m.
Faculty House


Copy of Agenda

A.    Approve September Minutes
B.    Reports:

1.  Chair – Margaret Crowder

2.  Vice Chair – Jennifer Hanley

3.  Secretary - Heidi Alvarez

4.  Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership for Higher Education – Molly Kerby

5.  AAUP President - Eric Reed

6.  Advisory:

a.  Faculty Regent – Patricia Minter
b.  Provost – Gordon Emslie
c.  SGA President – Nicki Seay

C.    Standing Committee Reports and Recommendations

1.  Graduate Council:  (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

2.  University Curriculum Committee:  (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

3.  Academic Quality:  (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

4.  Faculty Welfare and Professional Responsibility:  No Report

5.  General Education:  No Report

6.  Colonnade Implementation Committee:  (1 Item; Endorsed by SEC)

a.  International students in foreign language (policy revision proposal)

D.    Old Business
E.    New Business
  1. Colonnade courses for approval (EDU 385, PHIL 211, PSY 350, PSYS 350)
  2. Policy 1.1111 Evaluation of Faculty Credentials (revision of existing policy posted; Endorsed by SEC)
  3. Vote on University Academic Complaint Committee membership (ballot posted; please vote for FOUR faculty and TWO students)
  4. Caucus to populate the Budget and Finance Committee
F.   Information items
  1. Student Evaluations – CAD response to Senate recommendation from May 2014 (posted; accompanies AQ report)
  2. Nathan Phelps nominated by SEC to serve as an At-Large member of the Campus Library Advisory Council
  3. Tonya Bragg-Underwood appointed by SEC to serve as a member of the Medical Advisory Committee
  4. Molly Dunkum and Lloren Foster appointed to be a part of the statewide General Education Leadership Professional Learning Community
  5. Additions to Standing Committee At-Large membership (updated list posted)

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