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University Senate Meeting Agenda

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University Senate Meeting
Thursday, April 17, 2014 -- 3:45 p.m.
Faculty House


Copy of Agenda

A.    Approve March Minutes
B.    Reports:

1.  Chair – Margaret Crowder

2.  Vice Chair – Jennifer Hanley

3.  Secretary - Heidi Alvarez

4.  Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership for Higher Education – Molly Kerby

5.  AAUP President - Eric Reed

6.  Advisory:

a.  Faculty Regent – Patricia Minter
b.  Provost – Gordon Emslie
c.  SGA President – Keyana Boka

C.    Standing Committee Reports and Recommendations

1.  Graduate Council: (Report Posted, Endorsed by SEC)

a.  Policy item (Posted)

2.  University Curriculum Committee: (Report Posted, Endorsed by SEC)

3.  Academic Quality:  No Report

4.  Faculty Welfare and Professional Responsibility: (Report posted, Endorsed by SEC)

a.  Resolution pertaining to south Campus long-term plan (Posted)

5.  General Education:  No Report

6.  Colonnade Implementation Committee: (Report posted)

D.    Old Business
E.    New Business

1.  Colonnade courses for approval (Chem 101-102, 105-106, 109, 116, 120, 121; Crim 231; Danc 110; Env 280; Geog 280, 300; Hist 341; Mus 327; Phys 255-256; Socl 220, 270, 322)

2.  Handbook Committee proposed amendments – substantive (Posted)

a.  Conflict of interest

b.  Continuance and early tenure

c.  Handbook use

d.  Promotion committee

e.  Lecturer appointments

f.  Confidentiality of continuance

3.  Policy 1.2180 Reimbursement for faculty travel to/from regional campuses

4.  Budget Committee – Charter revision draft

5.  Post-Senate Policy revisions (the extent of Senate concurrence with these final drafts is requested):

a.  Policy 1.3140 Priority Registration Schedule

i.   Senate approved document

ii.  Posted policy (Additions are highlighted)

b. Policy 1.5170 Full-Time Staff Teaching Assignment

i.  Senate approved document

ii.  Posted policy (Additions are highlighted)

6.  Elections for new University Senate officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary)

7.  Caucus for standing committee memberships

F.   Information items

1.  WKU General Counsel, Deborah Wilkins, is present to discuss issues related to IT policies and requests for electronic discovery

a.  Relevant IT policies [these were both reviewed as Information Items at Senate in November and again in February (in Feb, revised versions were presented based upon prior Senate input)]:

i.  IT Policy 5.5020 – Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy

ii.  IT Policy 5.5050 – Privacy of Electronic Information

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