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Running Cadence

Sittin' on a mountain top, beating my drum
Beat it so hard that the MP's come
I said MP, MP, don't arrest me
Arrest that leg behind the tree
He stole the whiskey, I stole the wine
All I ever do is double-time

Airborne Ranger raving mad
He's got a tab I wish I had
Black and gold and half moon shape
Airborne Ranger, he's gone ape
Jumpin' through windows, kicking down the walls
Airborne Ranger's havin' a ball
So if there's a trouble in the world today
Call on the men in the Black Berets!

Up in the morning before the break of day
I don't like it, no way
Eat my breakfast too damn soon
Hungry as a hound dog, before noon

Went to the mess hall on my knee
I said, "Mess SGT., Mess SGT., feed me please!"
Mess SGT. said with a big ol' grin
"If you wanna be Airborne, you gotta be thin"

I saw an old lady running down the street
Had a chute on her back, jump boots on her feet
Said, "Hey old lady, where you goin' to?"
She said, "US Army Airborne School"
Whatcha gonna do when you get there?
Jump from a plane and fall through the air
I said, "Hey old lady, ain't you been told?
Airborne School's for the brave and the bold."
She said, "Hey, now soldier, don't be a fool,
I'm an instructor at Airborne School!"

When my granny was 91
She did PT just for fun 92
She did PT better than you 93
She did PT better than me 94
She did PT more and more 95
She did PT to stay alive 96
She kept on doing flutter-kicks 97
She up and died and went to heaven
She met St. Peter at the pearly gates
Said, "St. Peter, St. Peter, hope I'm not late
St. Peter said with a big ol' grin
"Get down granny, and knock out ten"
She replied with a big ol' smile
"Sorry, St. Peter, I'm on profile!"

One mile - No sweat
Two miles - Better yet
Three miles - Gotta run
Four miles - To the sun

I think I might...

I don't know but I think I might
Jump from an airplane while in flight

Soldier, soldier, have you heard
I'm gonna jump from a big iron bird

Up in the morning in the drizzlin' rain
Packed my chute and boarded the plane

C-130 rollin' down the strip
64 Rangers on a one-way trip

Mission Top Secret, destination unknown
They don't even know if they're ever coming home

When my plane gets up so high
Airborne troopers gonna dance in the sky

Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door
Jump right out and count to four

If my main don't open wide
I've got a reserve by my side

If that one should fail me too
Look out ground, I'm a-coming through

If I die on the old drop zone
Box me up and ship me home

Bury speakers all around my head
So I can rock with the Grateful Dead

Bury speakers all around my toes
So I can rock with Axel Rose

If I die on a Chinese hill
Take my watch or the commies will
If I die in the Korean mud
Bury me with a case of Bud
Put my wings upon my chest
And tell my Mom I did my best

A is for Airborne
I is for in the sky
R is for Ranger
B is for bonafide
O is for on the go
R is for Rock-n-Roll
N is for never quit
E is for everyday
'Cause I'm Airborne
All the way Super-duper Paratrooper

R is for rough and tough
A is for all the way
N is for never quit
G is for gung-ho
E is for excellence
R is for Ranger

Two Old Ladies

Two old ladies lying in bed,
One rolled over to the other and said,
"I wanna be an Airborne Ranger",
Live a life of guts and danger,
Blood, guts, lies and danger,
That's the life of an Airborne Ranger.

When I get to Heaven
Saint Peter’s gonna say
“How’d you earn your livin’ boy?
How’d you earn your pay?”
I’ll reply with a whole lot of anger,
“I made my living as an Airborne Ranger!”
Blood, guts, and a whole lot of danger
That’s the life of an Airborne Ranger!”
When I get to hell
Satan’s gonna say
“How’d you earn your livin’ boy?”
How’d you earn your pay?”
I’ll reply with a boot to his chest
“I made my living laying souls to rest!”

I had a dog who's name was Boo
Boo wanted to go to Infantry school
So early one day I took away his chow
And I motivated his bow-wow
I made him walk for 15 days
And put old Boo into a zombie haze
Now my Boo's a trooper, too
Mess with him and he'll bite you

Engineer, engineer running down the road
Running so fast makes the others look old
We're running hard and we're running long
Still singing another stupid song
Build a road or cut down a tree
Or dig some graves for the Infantry
Working hard and working all day
Knocking down anything that gets in the way

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