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Military Science and Leadership

Annex D


a. Wearing a military uniform is a privilege. It sets you apart as a special person. Wear the uniform with pride. Do not wear the uniform if you are not performing ROTC duties or are at a Reserve or National Guard training event.

b. The supply technician will issue you your various uniforms. If necessary, arrangements will be made for alterations so the uniforms fit properly. The BDU uniform is designed to be loose fitting and will not be altered.

c. When in uniform, always wear the complete uniform. Never mix articles of civilian clothing with uniform parts. However, your uniform shoes, socks, and PT uniform may be worn with your civilian clothes.

d. Uniforms will be clean and neatly presented when worn. All patches will be machine sewn. Coordinate with supply technician for free sewing.

e. Uniform cap must be worn when outdoors in uniform. Keep buttons buttoned, zippers closed, and snaps fastened. Footwear and brass will be highly shined.

f. Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) cadets will be issued uniforms and equipment by their respective Army Reserve or Army National Guard unit.The ROTC Supply room will issue SMP cadets only those ROTC specific uniform items and equipment for field training exercises.


Cadre and cadets alike are expected to present a positive, professional image. Proper personal appearance contributes to individual pride as well as to building esprit de corps. As such, all cadets are expected to be neatly groomed. When wearing a military uniform or otherwise representing Army ROTC, cadets will conform to the following grooming standards:

a. Male haircuts. The hair will not be excessive or present an unkempt appearance. It will present a tapered look. When combed, it will not fall over the ears or eyebrows or touch the collar except for the closely cut neck hair.

b. Female haircuts and makeup. The bulk or length of the hair will not interfere with wearing of military headgear. Hair should not appear unkempt. The hair length may not extend below the bottom edge of any uniform collar.Long hair may meet this standard by being pinned up using natural hair colored or transparent clips or barrettes.Hair may be “packed”, but will not interfere with the wear of headgear.Braids must be snug to the head and not fall below the bottom edge of the collar.Females may wear wigs of natural hair color and the style and length conform to appearance standards.Makeup and nail polish will be conservative and compliment the uniform.See AR 670-1, paragraph 1-8 for specific questions about female hair and makeup.

c.Men will be clean-shaven except for mustaches. If a mustache is worn, it will be neatly trimmed so that no portion covers the upper lip line or extends beyond or below the corner points of where the upper and lower lips join.

d. Jewelry.Cadets may wear a wristwatch, an identification bracelet, and not more than two rings (the wedding set is considered one ring) of conservative taste while in uniform.A purely religious medal (i.e. a cross or St. Christopher) may be worn around the neck as long as the medal or the chains do not show. No jewelry, watch chains, or similar items (to include pen, pencils, and other pocket items) will appear exposed on the uniforms.An authorized exception is a small, conservative tie clasp or tie tack, which may be worn by male cadets with the black necktie of the Class A and B uniforms. Any cadets while in uniform are not authorized to wear fad devices, vogue medallions, personal talismans, or amulets.Males are not to wear earrings in any uniform.Females have optional wear of screw-on, clip-on, or post-type earrings with only the Class A, Class B, dress, and mess uniforms. Earrings will not be worn with BDU or PT uniforms. Earrings will not exceed 6mm or 1/4 inch in diameter. They will be of gold, silver, diamond, or white pearl, unadorned and spherical. When worn, earrings will fit snugly against the ear and will be worn as a matched pair with only one earring per ear lobe.

e.Tattoos and body piercing.Cadets are strongly discouraged from getting tattoos, brands, or body piercing.Body piercing is not authorized for males and only for earrings on females.All existing tattoos/brands must be reviewed for content and recorded on medical files IAW CC Policy Memorandum #48.If tattoos/brands are visible on the neck, face, or head; are prejudicial to good order and discipline and/or visible while wearing the Class A uniform and detract from a soldierly appearance, they are prohibited.The cadet must apply for a waiver to continue participation in ROTC.

f.Further uniform requirements.For placement of rank insignia, ribbons, badges and special insignia on Army Uniforms, as well as additional information and helpful diagrams, see Army Regulation 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia http://www.usapa.army.mil, and Cadet Command Regulation 670-1, Uniform Wear and Appearance.http://www.rightsite.usaac.army.mil.

g.Footwear.A properly polished and broken in item of footwear is essential to a complete military appearance.Combat boots and low quarter shoes (dress shoes) will be properly maintained and evenly polished to a black finish.Only issued footwear is authorized for wear by cadets unless approved by the PMS.

h.Load Carrying Equipment (LCE) or Load Bearing Equipment (LBE).LCE will be worn in the following manner: Poncho: Folded six inches wide by nine inches long. The poncho will be centered in the rear of the pistol belt. The poncho will be tied with a spare black bootlace or elastic cord. Ammo Pouches: Worn on left and right front of pistol belt next to the buckle. When wearing only one ammo pouch, it will be worn on the wearer’s right front. Canteen: Worn on right rear of pistol belt above the right rear BDU trouser pocket. When wearing two canteens, they will be worn on the left and right rear of pistol belt above the rear BDU trouser pockets. First Aid Pouch: Worn on front left shoulder strap of the suspenders.Compass: When wearing two ammo pouches, compass will be worn on the right front of pistol belt next to the ammo pouch. The compass will be attached to the LCE with a lanyard. Note: After you have attached the equipment to the belt and suspenders, put it on and fasten the buckle. Adjust the length of front and back suspender straps using the loose ends of straps. Pull down on the loose end of each strap to raise the belt. Lift the end of each strap to lower the belt. Secure the loose ends of the straps with the elastic loops. When you are finished, the belt should hang evenly at your waist, and the yoke should be positioned comfortably. Straps should be fastened or secured, not hanging loose.

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