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Military Science and Leadership

Annex B

The cadet battalion organization is tailored to provide maximum leadership opportunities for cadets and provides an organization for all cadets.A battalion headquarters is established under the command of a designated MSIV cadet.This headquarters is designed to control two subordinate companies made up of the MSI, MSII, and MSIII cadets.When enrollment is down, there will be only one company.


* Holds the rank of cadet Lieutenant Colonel (C/LTC)

* Commands and controls the battalion.

* Uses staff to manage battalion activities per FM 101-5

* Responsible for health, welfare, morale, and discipline of the battalion.

* Provides training objectives for subordinate commands.

* Disseminates command guidance/issues orders.

* Executes the orders of the PMS and cadre.

* Inspects and ensures orders and policies are followed.

* Meets regularly with the PMS


* Holds the rank of cadet Major (C/MAJ)

* Responsible for the weekly cadet staff call

* Supervises all tasks assigned to the staff (S1- S5).

* Directs the efforts of special staff officers.

* Ensures staff is rendering assistance to subordinate commands.

* Supervises the implementation of risk management.

* Serves as Battalion Commander in his/her absence.


* Holds the rank of cadet Sergeant Major (C/SGM)

* Monitors, senses, and assists the cadet first sergeant with moral, welfare, training, and discipline

* Assists in planning at battalion staff meetings

* Supervises training


* Holds the rank of cadet captain (C/CPT)

* Monitors unit strength and reports attendance to cadre.

* Maintains/updates battalion alert roster (phone numbers and addresses)

* Maintains manifest for transportation (i.e. bus to FTX)

* Supervises morale support activities including recreational and fitness activities.

* Supervises awards program.

* Schedules religious services.

* Advises the commander on personnel management and administrative policies.


* Holds the rank of cadet captain (C/CPT)

* Disseminates intelligence information to commanders in a timely manner.

* Describes the capabilities of enemy forces.

* Determines enemy most probable course of action.

* Recommends Priority of Intelligence Requirements (PIR) to commander.

* Identifies enemy intelligence collection capabilities.

* Supervises command security program.

* Reports weather.


* Holds the rank of cadet major (C/MAJ)

* Prepares monthly/weekly training schedules.

* Develops Mission Essential Task List (METL).

* Supervises the execution of training.

* Determines requirements and priorities for the allocation of resources.

* Prepares, Coordinates, Publishes, and Distributes OPLANS, WARNOs, FRAGOs.

* Compiles training records and reports such as After Action Review (AARs).


* Holds the rank of cadet captain (C/CPT)

* Coordinates the use of all classes of supply.

* Determines maintenance requirements.

* Coordinates transportation requirements.

* Coordinates the distribution of TA-50 and personal clothing.

* Coordinates field sanitation requirements.


* Holds the rank of cadet captain (C/CPT)

* Coordinates with nonmilitary agencies.

* Plans recruiting and retention operations.

* Responsible for ROC bulletin boards in hall and cadet lounge

* Responsible for the cadet food and soda fund in the cadet lounge

* Coordinates community activities.

* Coordinates color guard activities with the cadre SMI


* Platoon TAC holds rank of cadet major (C/MAJ)

* Squad TAC holds the rank of cadet captain (C/CPT)

* Provide guidance to all MSIII chain of command

* Assist with and oversee execution of physical and tactical training

* Ensures the standards of the battalion are enforced.

* Responsible for the completion of yellow cards on evaluated positions


* Holds the rank of cadet captain (C/CPT)

* Commands and controls the company.

* Executes tactical officer/NCO instructions and/or the daily training plan.

* Disseminates information/issues orders.

* Receives orders from and works with the battalion commander

* Exercises command through the chain of command.

* Inspects and follows-up on instructions.

* Accepts responsibility for all unit actions.

* Prepares yellow card IAW evaluator guidance


* Holds the rank of cadet first lieutenant (C/1LT)

* Performs duties directed by CO.

* Acts as CO in his/her absence.

* Coordinates for rations/mess, water, and re-supply operations.

* Supervises distribution of equipment and supplies.

* Establishes movement load plans.

* Prepares yellow card IAW evaluator guidance


* Reports to the Sergeant Major and the Company Commander

* Accounts for personnel; prepares personnel reports.

* Conducts company formations.

* Issues orders/instructions through the NCO chain of command

* Ensures barracks/personal appearance standards are met.

* Conducts drill and ceremonies at the company level.

* Supervises and controls field mess provisions.

* Supervises maintenance and control of equipment through the NCO chain.

* Prepares yellow card IAW evaluator guidance


* Commands and controls the platoon.

* Executes the CO's instructions/orders.

* Conducts troop leading procedures.

* Prepares and issues OPORDs.

* Ensures training is planned, prepared, and rehearsed

* Controls tactical movements.

* Conducts platoon offensive, defensive and patrolling operations.

* Conducts platoon battle drills.

* Prepares yellow card IAW evaluator guidance

* Accepts responsibility for all platoon actions.

* Renders reports; keeps the chain of command informed.


* Controls and accounts for personnel and equipment.

* Keeper of the Guidon

* Ensures barracks/personal appearance meet standards.

* Supervises the issue of equipment, rations, and ammunition to the squads of the platoon.

* Conducts platoon formations.

* Conducts drill and ceremonies at the platoon level.

* Performs duties directed by the Platoon Leader.

* Conducts pre-combat inspections.

* Supervises occupation of assembly areas, defensive positions and patrol bases.

* Assists the Platoon Leader in tactical movements/battle drills

*Assists in the conduct of the platoon attack/defense.

* Conducts re-supply/redistribution activities.

* Supervises construction of individual and crew-served fighting positions.

* Supervises and controls maintenance and turn-in of equipment.

* Prepares yellow card IAW evaluator guidance


* Controls and accounts for personnel and equipment.

* Ensures barracks/personal appearance meet standards.

* Supervises distribution of equipment, rations, and ammunition.

* Controls squad formations and movements.

* Conducts troop leading procedures.

* Prepares and issues OPORDs

* Conducts squad offensive, defensive, and patrolling operations.

* Prepares yellow card IAW evaluator guidance


* Holds the rank of cadet staff sergeant (C/SSG)

* Enforces policies and standards of battalion

* Ensures that the color guard detail cadets are well informed of the event

* Ensures that the detail is trained, prepared, inspected, and rehearsed prior to the event

* Keeps the cadre advisor informed of the status and any issues/problems prior to the event

* Promotes effective time management

MSIV leadership positions are normally retained for the school year.The PMS reserves the right to rotate certain MSIV leadership positions within the cadet battalion at the completion of the fall semester.Rotation is based on first semester performance, academic schedule requirements, cadre evaluations, cadet desire, and performance.Substandard performance in these positions will result in negative repercussions.

MSIII leadership positions are rotated throughout the entire school year.The MSIII instructor will publish a schedule listing MSIII cadet leadership.MSIII cadets assigned a leadership position will coordinate with their company commanders, the TACs, and the MSIII Instructor.

2005/06 MS IV Positions

1.) Battalion Commander ____________________C/LTC Carter

2.) Command SGM ________________________C/CSM Bosley

3.) Battalion XO ___________________________C/MAJ Foster

4.) S-1 __________________________________C/CPT Lewis

5.) S-2 __________________________________C/CPT Barnes

6.) S-3 __________________________________C/MAJ Collard

7.)Asst S-3 _____________________________C/CPT Thomas, D.

8.) Asst S-3 _____________________________C/CPT Doggette

9.)S-4 ________________________________C/CPT Thomas, A.

10.) S-5 ___________________________________C/CPT Feeley

11.)Asst S-5 _____________________________C/CPT Netherton

12.) Senior TAC ____________________________C/MAJ Abbott

13.) 1st PLT TAC _____________________________C/CPT Lynch

14.) Asst TAC ______________________________C/CPT Crowell

15.) 2nd PLT TAC ____________________________C/CPT Givens

16.) Asst TAC _____________________________C/CPT Smithson

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