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Sustainability Research

Sustainability Research

Sustainability research leads to innovations that support ecological vitality, social well-being and economic prosperity. It may focus on key principles of sustainability (such as finite and renewable resources and environmental justice), address sustainability challenges (such as waste reduction, food production, energy policy, internalization of externalities and climate change), or further our understanding of systems and the interconnectedness of environment, culture, and economy.

Sustainability Related Courses

Are you interested in courses that are focuses on sustainability? If you are, click here to get a list of courses that has what you are looking for.

Faculty Involved in Sustainability Research

John All - Geography & Geology
Leah Ashwill - WKU ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships
Dana Bradley - Center for Gerontology
Nadia Denov De Leon Sautu - WKU ALIVE Center
Julie Ellis - Engineering
Gordon Emslie - Professor 9 Mo - Physics & Astronomy
Ann Ferrell - Folk Studies & Anthropology
Nancy Givens - Center for Environmental Education and Sustainability
Christopher Groves - Geography & Geology
Robert Hatfield - Gordon Ford College of Business
Anne Honaker - Distance Learning
Cynthia Houston - School of Teacher Education
Steve Huskey - Biology
Jeanine Huss - School of Teacher Education
Emmanuel Iyiegbuniwe - Public Health
Molly Beth Kerby - Gender & Women's Studies Program
Albert Meier - Biology
Zubair Mohamed - Management
Isabel Mukonyora - Philosophy & Religion
Matthew Nee - Chemistry
Leslie North - Geography & Geology
Jane Olmsted - Gender & Women's Studies Program
Larry Owens - Social Work
Rhonda Patterson - Liberal Arts & Science
Jason Polk - Geography & Geology
Afzal Rahim - Management
Hemali Rathnayake - Chemistry
Christian Ryan Downing - Campus Services and Facilities
Bruce Schulte - Biology
James Skaggs - English
Roxanne Spencer - Library Public Services
Michael Stokes - Biology
Daniel Stone - WKU, Glasgow
Brian Sullivan - Management
Patricia Todd - Department of Marketing & Sales
Jennifer TougasParking Services
Courte Voorhees [BROKEN LINK] - Interdisciplinary Studies
Geoffrey Wigner - WKU, Glasgow
Michael Williams - Folk Studies & Anthropology

Upper Green River Biological Preserve

Upper Green River Biological Preserve


The Upper Green River Biological Preserve comprises 800 acres of land located on both banks of the Green River in Hart County, Kentucky, about 2 miles upriver of Mammoth Cave National Park.

The mission of the WKU Upper Green River Biological Preserve is to foster knowledge and protection of this diverse region and our natural heritage through research, education, and conservation.

Education is a strong emphasis of activities at the preserve, including community involvement in cleanups, canoeing expeditions, field trips by middle school students, teacher education programs, to active involvement with undergraduate and graduate classes, and student participation in research projects.


Map of the Upper Green River Biological Preserve

Topographical Map



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