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Department of Psychology


Criteria for the B.A. in Psychology are

  • a minimum composite ACT of 20 (or equivalent SAT) OR
  • minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 after 30 plus hours.

This concentration will involve focusing your choices in the major on Sport Psychology relevant courses and adding additional courses from other departments for a more comprehensive exposure to the field. No additional major or minor needed. It is of particular interest to those wanting

  • to understand how psychology and sports interact and/or
  • to pursue a career in Sport Psychology, Exercise Psychology, or Performance Coaching.
  • to conduct research in this area.
The Sport Psychology Concentration (B.A.) requires a minimum of 53 non-duplicated semester hours and leads to a bachelor of arts degree.

Websites of Interest:

 Careers of Interest:

  • Sport Psychology Consultant
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Coach
  • Recreational Therapist
  • Sports Official

Required Core Courses (13 hours):

  • PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology (Grade of C or better)
  • PSY 210 Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSY 211 Research Methods in Psychology Laboratory (1 cr.)
  • PSY 313 Statistics in Psychology
  • PSY 481 History of Psychology

Applied Development and Behavior (3 credit hours; select one):

  • PSY 220 Introduction to Lifespan Development Psychology
  • PSY 422 Adolescent Psychology
  • FACS 191 Child Development
  • GERO 100 Introduction to the Aging Experience

Foundations of Behavior (3 credit hours; select one):

  • PSY 331 Psychology of Learning.
  • PSY 436 Applied Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYS 333 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYS 363 Psychology of Sensation & Perception
  • PSYS 450 Psychology of Personality

Group Behavior (3 credit hours; select one):

  • PSY 350 Social Psychology
  • PSY 355 Cross-cultural Psychology
  • PSY 371 The Psychology of Sales Behavior
  • PSY 470 Psychology & Law

Behavioral Change (3 credit hours; select one):

  • PSY 440 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 422 Beginning Skills in Psychological Interviewing
  • PSY 443 Behavior Modification
  • PSY 445 Introduction to Clinical and School Psychology

Required Psychology Concentration Courses (9 credit hours):

  • PSY 340 Sport Psychology
  • PSY 412 Psychology of Motivation and Emotion
  • PSY 290 Supervised Study in Psychology or PSY 390 Filed Experience in Psychology or PSY 490 Research, Readings, or Special Projects in Psychology

***concentration courses may not be counted as category courses.

Required Courses from Other Departments (19 credit hours):

  • BIOL 131 Human Anatomy & Physiology (4 cr.); Colonnade E-NS with lab
  • PE 311 Exercise Physiology
  • PE 313 Motor Development
  • HMD 211 Human Nutrition; Colonnade K-SC
  • HMD 360 Advanced Nutrition or HMD 364 Sports Nutrition or HMD 368 Dietary and Herbal Supplements
  • COMM 315 Sport Communication or LEAD 300 Leadership Theory and Application or SOCL 324 Sociology of Sport

MATH 183, PHIL 215, or other mathematics courses (excluding MATH 109) that satisfy the Colonnade Quantitative Reasoning requirement must also be completed.

Faculty Contact:

Dr. Steven Wininger

Co-Department Head and Professor



Gary A. Ransdell Hall, Office 3012

1906 College Heights Blvd. #11030,
Bowling Green, KY 42101-1030

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