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Department of Psychology

PSY 490 - Research, Readings or Special Projects in Psychology

This course is also known as an Independent Study.

Course Description:  Advanced students will conduct research and / or readings or projects concerning issues in psychology under the direction of faculty members. The course may be repeated; up to six hours can be counted toward the major.

Typical Responsibilities of the 490 student: Psy 490 projects involve more student ownership of the research project from start to finish. The student may be involved in planning, implementation and writing/presenting results.

In comparison, Psy 290projects are an introduction to research in psychology. Students typically work in a professor's research lab helping collect data and supporting other aspects of an existing project.

Credit Hours: Course may be taken for 1, 2, or 3 credit hours. Course credit is based on the the nature of the project and approval of the faculty project supervisor.

As a rough guideline, a person earning 1 hour of credit will work about 3-5 hours/week,for 2 hours of credit about 6 to 8 hours/week and for 3 hours of credit about 9 or more hours/week.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: PSY 100, junior standing, and permission of the faculty project supervisor.

Faculty Project Supervisor: It is the student's responsibility, through discussions with individual faculty, to identify a project supervisor. You are welcome to ask any psychology faculty member to assist, supervise, or direct you in developing a readings or independent research project.

Steps to Sign up for Psy 490

  1. Identify potential faculty members with whom you might want to work. Information is available at the Research Page.It is the student's responsibility, through discussions with individual faculty, to identify a project supervisor.
  2.  Meet with the potential faculty member to determine if they have a placement for you  on their research team. They will become your Faculty Supervisor for your project.
  3. Work with your Faculty Supervisor to complete the CEBS Independent Study Approval Request Form.



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