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Dr. Katrina Burch
Dr. Katrina Burch
- Assistant Professor; M.S. in Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Coordinator

My research interests fall under the broad category of occupational health psychology. Specifically, my research focuses on the work-life interface, workplace discrimination, and individual and work influences on safety. Within the work-life interface, I am particularly interested in the idea of transitioning, both psychologically and physically, between the work and non-work domains with a particular emphasis on spillover and crossover effects. I have examined a variety of topics within this area, including the intersections of work with eldercare responsibilities, managing paid employment while attending school; and seeking to understand the influence of workplace attitudes and experiences on employees’ commuting behaviors. I also investigate discrimination,  harassment, and mistreatment in the workplace (broadly defined), and the implications of these experiences on employee health, well-being, and performance. Within individual and work influences on safety, I am particularly interested in the influence of climate factors and psychosocial attitudes on employee safety behaviors. My research keeps in mind the Total Worker Health (TM) perspective, which recognizes that workplace-centered factors, and factors beyond the workplace, play a pivotal role in the psychosocial health, well-being, and safety of employees.



  • PSYS 210: Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSYS 300: Writing in the Psychological Sciences
  • PSYS 370: Industrial/Organizational Psychology


  • PSYS 570: Job Analysis and Compensation
  • PSYS 572: Organizational Psychology
  • PSYS 579: Internship in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • PSYS 581: Professional and Ethical Issues in Psychological Sciences
  • PSYS 673: Advanced Training for Business and Industry
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