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Selected Presentations and Publications

Selected Presentations

Hahn, L.W. (2011). “He Said, She Said: Gender Roles Inferred from a Text Corpus” for presentation at the 2011 APS Annual Convention in Washington, DC (May 26-29, 2011)

Kramer, C., Frost, A., Hahn, L. & Derryberry, P. (2011).The Effect of Sexual Context on Moral Decision Making in Men and Women.   Poster presented at the 41st annual Student Research Conference, Bowling Green, KY.  Winner of “Best Undergraduate Poster in Social Sciences”

Kersey, N.J. & Hahn, L.W. (2009). Semantic Effects of the Relationship Between Sexuality and Aggression.  Oral presentation at the 40th annual Student Research Conference, Bowling Green, KY. 

Hahn, L.W. (2009). Comparing Semantic Dimensions with a Text Corpus and Free Associations.  Poster presented for the 31st annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dickens-York, A.K., Kersey, N.J. & Hahn, L.W. (2009). Gender Differences in the Mental Representation of Aggressive and Neutral Words.  Poster presented at the 39th annual Student Research Conference, Bowling Green, KY. 

Hahn, L.W. (2008). Entropy and Set Size in Free Association. 30th Annual Cognitive Science Society.  Washington, D. C.

Hahn, L.W. (2007). Multiple Semantic Associates For A Single Individual With Free Association.  48th Annual Meeting of the Psychonomics Society.  Long Beach, CA.

Hahn, L.W., & Stockton, J.D. (2007). Assessing Semantic Associates for a Single Word in a Single Individual.  In D. S. McNamara & J. G. Trafton (Eds.),  Proceedings of the 29th Annual Cognitive Science Society (p. 1768). Austin, TX:  Cognitive Science Society.

Selected Publications

Hahn, L.W.  (2011). Measuring Local Context as Context-Word Probabilities. Behavior Research Methods. DOI: 10.3758/s13428-011-0148-y

Hahn, L.W. & Sivley, R. M. (2011).  Entropy, Semantic Relatedness and ProximityBehavior Research Methods, 43,  DOI: 10.3758/s13428-011-0087-7.

Hahn, L.W. (2008). Overcoming the Limitations of Single-Response Free AssociationsSpecial Issue of the Electronic Journal of Integrative Biosciences,5,  25-36.

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