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Colonnade Courses - Department of Psychological Sciences

Colonnade General Education Courses

Psychology courses offered by Department of Psychological Sciences faculty begin with the PSYS prefix. Some courses offered by the Department of Psychological Sciences are also offered in the Department of Psychology (PSY). Please consult your degree program to determine which courses will count toward your degree requirements. You may also want to look at a description of the Colonnade Program.

Please see the course rotation schedule to see which semesters courses are offered.

Explorations - Social & Behavioral Studies

PSYS 100 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY. (3 hours) An introductory course dealing with principles of behavior, scientific methods of psychology, measurement, learning, perception, motivation, development, personality, abnormal behavior, social behavior, intelligence, and other topics. Colonnade E-SB / SB

PSYS 160 INTRODUCTION TO BIOPSYCHOLOGY. (3 hours) An introductory class emphasizing the contributions of molecular, cellular, physiological, and evolutionary biology to the scientific understanding of psychological processes. Topics include the brain and nervous system, sensation and perception, hormones and behavior, and the interaction of genes and environment. Colonnade E-NS / NS

PSYS 220 INTRODUCTION TO DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY. (3 hours) A general course in developmental psychology covering the entire life span. Included are a description of growth stages, theories of development, and research methods of development. Colonnade E-SB / SB

Connections - Social & Cultural

PSYS 350 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY. (3 hours) Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. A general introduction to social psychology for majors and non-majors in psychology. The psychology of how people think about and relate to others. Topics include love, altruism, aggression, conformity, behavior in groups, leadership, intergroup conflict, prejudice, and persuasion. Colonnade K-SC

Connections - Systems

PSYS 353 PSYCHOLOGY OF PREJUDICE. (3 hours) Prerequisites: 21 hours of Foundations and Explorations courses, or junior status; PSYS 100 or PSY 100 or SOCL 100. Presents classic and current social-psychological theory and research in the area of prejudice and stereotyping. You will learn some of the social-cognitive principles by which these phenomena occur, and have the opportunity to apply this learning to your own life. Colonnade K-SY

  PSYS 423 PSYCHOLOGY OF ADULT LIFE AND AGING. (3 hours) Prerequisites: PSYS 100 / PSY 100 and junior standing or permission of the instructor. Psychological processes in adulthood and aging. Emphasis on contemporary theories, methodological issues, and interactions of psychological, biological, social, and environmental factors in adulthood and aging. Colonnade K-SY

PSYS 482 PSYCHOLOGY OF SEXUALITY. (3 hours) Prerequisite: PSYS 100 / PSY 100 or PSYS 220 / PSY 220. Explores psychological, social, emotional, spiritual and cultural aspects of sexuality including sexual development across the life span, consensual and coercive sexual behavior, sex and gender, sexual orientation, sexuality and religious traditions, and sexuality education. Colonnade KY-SY


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