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National Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Many departments at WKU offer scholarships. Please visit the Student Financial Assistance website for more information on departmental scholarships.

During the 2016-17 academic year, WKU students were recognized more than 70 times in national scholarship competitions. During this period, WKU students earned well over $400,000 in outside scholarship funds.

Yes. Many external and internal scholarships are offered throughout the year. Deadlines vary, but it is important to note due dates because many are 6-12 months in advance of the starting date. Getting an early start is important for preparation, especially for nationally competitive scholarships.

The Student Financial Assistance office is the first place to start your search for internal scholarships. Additionally, many departments offer scholarships. Visit the Student Financial Assistance website for a list of WKU scholarships.

The Mahurin Honors College and the Office of Scholar Development (OSD) have many resources available. The OSD website lists numerous external scholarships. Call 270.745.5043 to schedule a meeting with an OSD scholarship advisor. OSD can help you find an opportunity and guide you through the application process.

Searching online for external scholarships can also be helpful. Be careful of some scholarship sites; make sure they are legitimate.

National scholarships are scholarships open for national competition. Many of these scholarships are highly competitive and very prestigious. The OSD website lists numerous national scholarships with information about eligibility.

Each national scholarship has a particular cycle with set deadlines and educational requirements. Opportunities exist for freshman to alums. Generally, it is a good idea to start working at least one year ahead of time, but the earlier the better. Multiple drafts and lots of preparation make applications stronger, so know your deadlines and allow yourself plenty of extra time.

Our website lists numerous national scholarships, grants, fellowships, and post-graduate opportunities with information about eligibility and application requirements. Also, you can call 270.745.5043 to schedule an appointment with a The Student Financial Assistance office and the Office of Study Abroad and Global Learning can assist with finding scholarships that fit your needs. Finally, the Internet can be a great tool. Be sure to check legitimacy and timeliness of individual sites.


Scholarship applications can vary dramatically. However, many applications call for a personal statement, letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and a resume. If you are in the fields of art or photography, you may be asked to submit a few pieces of your best work. It is important to research the scholarship(s) of interest and to cater your application materials to their goals, objectives, or mission.


Scholarship applications vary dramatically and so do the ideal candidates for individual awards. Scholarship foundations are often very explicit in their descriptions of their ideal recipient. It is very important that you learn as much as possible about the scholarship and the organization that funds it.

A good scholarship applicant does not necessarily equal a strong scholarship application. Applying for national scholarships takes hard work, multiple drafts, and dedication. OSD can help you to find scholarship opportunities, plan and prepare a strong application, and polish that application.


Take interesting and challenging classes. Get to know your faculty well. Seek out meaningful research, service, and leadership opportunities. Spend summers doing activities that will develop an interest and depth.


Yes. Applying for more than one scholarship increases your chances of finding funding for graduate school, study abroad, or research. Moreover, you will improve your writing and refine your thinking about your goals with each application. Typically, students who come to us early in their careers have the greatest chance for success with nationally competitive scholarships.


Numerous funding agencies offer scholarships specifically for ethnic minorities, women, and members of the GLBT community. Our website lists several of these scholarships along with information about eligibility. Additionally, you should review of the websites of organizations like the American Association of University Women, the Korean American Scholarship Foundation, the National Indian Education Association, the Point Foundation, and the UNCF.


Yes. Many scholarship recipients also receive federal and state financial aid. However, scholarship funding can alter your financial aid award. The Financial Aid Office will work with you to achieve the most beneficial financial aid package possible. If you have specific questions about how a scholarship will affect your financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office. One thing to remember: it may be necessary for you to claim your scholarships as income when you file your taxes, so keep records of all the awards you receive.


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