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Library Media Education List of Courses


LME 318 Children's Literature 3 hours

Prerequisite: First three English classes or instructor approval. An introduction to picture books, traditional literature, poetry, fiction, biography, informational books, and the development of literature programs in the elementary and middle school. 

LME 407 Literature for Young Adults 3 hours

Selection and evaluation of materials, reading guidance, and programming for young people, adolescence through adult. 

LME 409G Selected Topics 1-3 hours

Prerequisites: Permission of supervising faculty member. Problematic study of a selected topic under the direction of a faculty member. A formal research paper or annotated bibliography is required. Restricted class.

LME 410G Storytelling 3 hours

Storytelling literature, story selection and sources. Practice in oral communication. 

LME 411G Creative Media Experiences for Children 3 hours

Methods and procedures for developing creativity in children. The design and evaluation of materials and activities in a variety of media formats for school and library settings. Includes program development. 

LME 445 Introduction to Educational Technology 3 hours

Instruction and laboratory experiences in the basic theory and application of educational technology to the design, production, evaluation, and utilization of various communication media formats. (Note: Content includes principles of ID, types of software & criteria for evaluation of software. message design, visual literacy, communication features of different educational technologies, principles of web design, PowerPoint and other presentation software.) 

LME 448 Technology Applications in Education 3 hours

Uses of technology in education for instruction and instructional management. Emphasis on evaluation and utilization of appropriate software and hardware. (Note: Content includes applications software like management programs, data bases, spreadsheets, presentation software like PowerPoint, HTML editors such as Netscape and Front Page; development of Web quests; lesson planning that incorporates application software for teaching and learning; web-based resources for learning.) 

LME 475G Workshop 1-3 hours

Workshop classes of variable content focused on library media practice and integration of educational technology. 

LITE 501 Program Organization 3 hours

Organization of the school library program to support the educational goals of the school and student learning. Includes organization of libraries, informatics, and technology.

LITE 506 Organization of Information 3 hours

Classification, descriptive and subject cataloging for print and other media forms. Compliance with national standards including MARC record format. 

LITE 508 Informatics in Education 3 hours

Information sources and services in school library media centers. Emphasis on the study and practice of creating, storing, finding, manipulating, analyzing, evaluating, and sharing information. Emphasis on use of informatics research methods in education.

LITE 509 Investigations in Educational Technology 1-3 hours

The completion of a formal research study in educational technology or the creation of an educational technology prototype under the supervision of a faculty member. Restricted class.

LITE 512 Issues in Libraries, Informatics and Technology in Education 3 hours

Analysis of issues in Libraries, Informatics, and Technology in Education. Attention to legal issues like intellectual freedom, censorship, and information access.

LITE 518 Advanced Children's Literature and Collections 3 hours

Advanced study of literature to meet the needs of children including outstanding authors, illustrators, and current topical issues. Emphasis on children’s literature collections development and management in libraries.

LITE 527 Advanced Young Adult Literature and Collections 3 hours

Advanced, thematic examination of literary genres and non-print media appropriate for young adults, ages 12-18. Includes management and service components for effective young adult literature programs. Emphasis on young adult literature collections development and management in libraries.

LITE 535 Survey of Educational Technology Practices 3 hours

(Note: Prerequisite for LITE 537) Focus on instructional design and communication models appropriate to effective utilization of multimedia for instruction and training. Application of various multimedia to design, produce, and evaluate instructional/training projects.

LITE 537 Principles of Educational Technology Applications 3 hours

(Prerequisite: Completion of LITE 535.) Uses of technology for instruction and instructional management. Emphasis on instructional techniques, evaluation and utilization of appropriate instructional software, productivity tools, and the Internet for various subjects, grade levels, and needs of diverse learners. 

LITE 545 Educational Technology Production 3 hours

(Prerequisite: Completion of LITE 537) Product design and production techniques for education and training. Utilization of various software and hardware configurations to produce electronic prototypes. 

LITE 550 Emerging Technology in Education 3 hours

(Prerequisite: Completion of LITE 535) Survey of new and significant technology developments and integration strategies in education; research on applications and their effectiveness on P-12 pupil learning; application of new technologies to design, produce and assess P-12 learning. 

LITE 547 Integration of Educational Technology 3 hours

(Prerequisite: Completion of LITE 537) Application of principles of instructional design to the integration of technology into education and training programs.

LITE 590 Practicum for Libraries, Informatics, and Technology in Educaiton 1-3 hours

Field based experience in an appropriate setting under a certified library media specialist or a qualified technology coordinator. Capstone experience for completion of the MS degree. (Note: Permission of the instructor plus prerequisites: Completion of 24 hours of course work including LITE 501, 512, 535, and 537; and research tool).

LITE 737 Educational Technology Leadership 3 hours

Emphasis on educational technology leadership, professional development, and instructional management. Topics include equitable access, technology plans, meeting needs of diverse learners with technology, and technology integration strategies. 



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