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Lesley Rice Montgomery
Lesley Rice Montgomery
- Senior Catalog Assistant
Special Activities

Participate in visual promotion of WKU Libraries and the various collections as an ongoing active member of the Display Committee. Research unique subject areas and retrieve and display interesting books, videos, LP records, CDs and other media in the Cravens Library Leisure Reading area and in library display cases to provide monthly advertisement and to inform students, faculty and other library patrons about research materials that are available at WKU Libraries.

Assist with WKU Libraries collections inventory project at the Main Library.

Conceived of, researched and helped assemble a books and toys exhibit with co-curator Associate Professor Sue Lynn McDaniel at the Kentucky Building.  This special holiday showcase, put on public view in the Western Room of the Kentucky Museum from November 13 through December 11, 2015, featured Johnny Gruelle’s Raggedy Ann series and other children’s books written and beautifully illustrated in the 1920s by the famous American author.  The co-curators’ personal Raggedy Ann dolls and Johnny Gruelle’s storybooks commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Raggedy Ann doll’s “birthday,” the patent having been obtained by Mr. Gruelle in September 1915.  (All displayed books currently are held by the Department of Library Special Collections and are available for patrons to enjoy at the Kentucky Library Research Collections’ Harrison-Baird Reading Room.)


Montgomery, Lesley L. R. (2013). Sociocultural Hobby Sites: Acquisition and Decoration of Dollhouses and Miniature Displays as a Fun Educational Tool. Against the Grain “Linking Publishers, Vendors and Librarians,” v.25 (#6 December 2013-January 2014) © Katina Strauch, Technology and Standards, Wandering on the Web, 58-60.
Excerpt — Acquiring and creating miniature displays can be a learning tool, teaching the collector much about our current culture, as well as about the history of past decades. Today’s collectors of vintage dollhouses are true social historians, carefully choosing the décor that evokes the essence of their favorite period.

Montgomery, Jack G. & Montgomery, Lesley L. R. (2011). Subcultures: Ghost Hunting: A Passion for the Paranormal. Against the Grain “Linking Publishers, Vendors and Librarians,” v.23 (#4 October 2011) © Katina Strauch, Technology and Standards, Wandering on the Web, 83.
Excerpt — Thirty-four percent of Americans believe in ghosts. Are you one of them?

Montgomery, Lesley L. R. (2008). Hobby Sites: Purls of Beauty – The Art of Knitting. Against the Grain “Linking Publishers, Vendors and Librarians,” v.20 (#5 November 2008) © Katina Strauch, Technology and Standards, Wandering on the Web, 16.
Excerpt — The traditional fabric art of knitting is experiencing a renaissance, with yarn shops and knitting classes springing up everywhere.


Senior Catalog Assistant at Western Kentucky University Libraries, reporting to the Coordinator of Bibliographic Access and Training within the Department of Library Technical Services

  • Work as a Senior Catalog Assistant at the Bibliographic Access Unit, Department of Library Technical Services, WKU Libraries;
  • Use OCLC Connexion and Ex Libris' library management service to update bibliographic metadata on a full-time basis;
  • Search the integrated library system to catalog DLC and member records and add copies and volumes to the WKU online library catalog;
  • Apply Library of Congress classifications and use local library procedures and policies to perform complex copy cataloging;
  • Appropriately correct bibliographic records, update holdings and item records, and work on special cataloging projects; and
  • Assist with cataloging at the Kentucky Library Research Collections, Department of Library Special Collections, WKU Libraries.
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