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Latin American Studies Minor at WKU

Minor in Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies minor requires a minimum of 21 credit hours.

All students must take Latin America: Past & Present, LAS 200 (offered as GEOG 200, SPAN 200, HIST 200, or PS200) as the foundation course before enrolling in advanced classes. LAS 200 is an interdisciplinary, team-taught course offered every fall semester. It offers a broad, interdisciplinary introduction to Latin America, emphasizing its regions, peoples, and cultures.

At least three departments (GEOG, PS, SPAN, ANTH/FLK, and HIST) must be represented among the remaining 18 hours of course work. Students must also complete one year of university Spanish (SPAN 101 and 102) or Portuguese or the equivalent for the minor.

Approved courses for the Latin American Studies minor are: ANTH/FLK 340, ANTH/FLK 342; GEOG 454, 462; PS 362; HIST 364, 365, 464, 465; SPAN 201, 202, 370, 371, 375, 376, 377, 470, 471, 478, and 490. (See list below.) Study abroad courses with a Latin American focus can also be applied to the LAS Minor, and other appropriate courses can be substituted with the approval of the program advisor. For example, SPAN 306 (Experiencing Spanish Abroad) will usually qualify, and SPAN 455 (Special Topics) will often be accepted as long as it is relevant to Latin America.


Courses for the Latin American Studies Minor
ANTH/FLK 340   Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANTH/FLK 342   Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
GEOG 454   Geography of Middle America
GEOG 462   Geography of South America
PS 362   Government and Politics of Latin America
HIST 364   Colonial Latin America
HIST 365   Modern Latin America
HIST 464   Latin America and the United States
HIST 465   Modern Mexico
SPAN 201   Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 202   Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 370   Spanish Conversation
SPAN 371   Spanish Composition and Grammar
SPAN 372   Latin American Civilization and Culture
SPAN 376   Literature and Culture of Latin America
SPAN 470   Advanced Oral Spanish
SPAN 471   Advanced Spanish Composition
SPAN 478   Twentieth-Century Latin America
SPAN 490   Hispanic Cinema


For more information, contact either Dr. David Keeling or Dr. Marc Eagle.

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