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How can I approach the subject of counseling with my brothers or sisters?

Let them know that you care about them and are genuinely concerned about their well-being. Try approaching them in a non-judgmental way and you will increase the chances of them being open to what you have to say.


Is it okay to bring it up in front of other members?

No, have the conversation in private. For some, mental health is an extremely personal matter and can be embarrassing to discuss in front of others.


Are certain times better than others?

Do not attempt to discuss counseling with your brothers or sisters if they are extremely distressed, confused, or intoxicated. Choose a time when they are thinking clearly and are better able to consider your suggestions. Also, try to find a time when neither of you are rushed.


What if they are too worried about what others might think?

Let them know that seeking counseling does not mean someone is "crazy" or "weird." People from all walks of life benefit from counseling and the services are confidential. If they are still concerned, offer to go with them to their first appointment. They may feel more comfortable talking with the counselor if they know you are outside waiting for them.

Resources for Coping with COVID- 19

My Mental Health #WKU Resource Guide



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