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Placement Exams

Students in undergraduate programs are required to take mathematics and writing (English) courses for general education requirements. Course placement is determined by unweighted high school GPA or standardized test scores (ACT, SAT, etc.).

Different majors require different mathematics courses for graduation. Refer to this chart to see which mathematics course is required for each major. Students wishing to register for a higher-level course have the option of submitting additional placement exam scores. To view all placement exams accepted by WKU, visit the Course Placement page.

Below are instructions for how to schedule some of the standardized tests that are used for course placement. WKU offers free course placement options, but students are also welcome to take the other standardized tests listed.



Algebra Math Placement Exam (MPE)



Format: In person at the Math Testing Center in Bowling Green, KY

Cost: Free

Contact for questions: Jill Price at jill.price@wku.edu or (270) 745-2141

Registration instructions:

  1. Click on the "Math Testing Center" button above.
  2. Choose "Make a Testing Appointment."
  3. Create an account using your name, email, and WKU ID.
  4. Choose the test (Algebra MPE) and the date/time you wish to take the test.

Additional details:

  • The Algebra MPE is only for students who will take MATH 115, MATH 116, MATH 123, or MATH 183 for their major. Refer to this chart to see which math course is recommended for each major. Students who will take MATH 109 or MATH 112, or who already have credit for a math course, do not need to take the Algebra MPE.
  • Scores expire after one year, and students are only able to retake the Algebra MPE once between the initial test date and the expiration date. Students who do not enroll in a math course or complete the general education math requirement within the year will need to retake the Algebra MPE.
  • Online students should contact the Math Testing Center for additional information.



ACCUPLACER Next Generation Writing and Reading



Format: In person or online

Cost (first attempt):

  • Free at the Distance Learning Testing Center in Bowling Green, KY or at a WKU regional campus
  • Administration cost (varies) at an ACCUPLACER network location
  • $10 online via Examity

Contact for questions: Distance Learning Testing Center at testing-center@wku.edu or (270) 745-3158

Registration instructions:

  • To schedule an in-person test, call the Distance Learning Testing Center at (270) 745-3158.
  • To schedule an off-site exam location, call the Distance Learning Testing Center at (270) 745-3158 to determine your options.
  • To schedule an online test, click one of the buttons above.
  • For online tests, please wait at least two business days to receive the testing code and instructions from Examity. Double check your spam or junk folder to make sure you receive the email. Contact the Distance Learning Testing Center if you have not received the testing code within two business days.

Additional details:

  • Students may only retake the ACCUPLACER twice, and they must wait at least two weeks between each test. Additional fees other than those listed above may apply. To pay the additional retake fees, visit the payment website prior to scheduling the retake exam using the registration instructions above.



Other Testing Options

Students may also use the standardized tests below for placement. Test scheduling and payment must be arranged with each vendor or company. For a complete list of placement tests and scores that are accepted by WKU, visit the Course Placement page.



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 Last Modified 10/4/22