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Counseling and Student Affairs

Learn what our students & graduates think about our programs!Student and Graduate Testimonials

Ryan BarkerRyan Barker, CMHC student. The department of counseling and student affairs can be summed up into three areas: personal growth, professional growth, and fun. Being a student in the Counseling program at WKU has helped me grow personally. The program really makes you take a look at yourself as a student, a future counselor, and as an individual. It then provides you the chance to do whatever you want with what you find, whether that be to accept yourself or to change yourself. My experience here has also helped me grow professionally. The department has provided me with a multitude of opportunities to grow myself in my profession and as a student leader. The courses and professors here really encourage you to learn as much as you can about the profession, and where you might fit into it, as well as making connections with practitioners out in the community. Lastly, my experience as a student within the department of counseling and student affairs has been fun. I feel like I've learned a multitude different things about being a counselor, but I also feel like I was able to learn these things and still have some fun while doing it. I've made many friendships within my cohort and department; and having these friendships make even the not so fun times fun. Overall, being a part of this department has been a tremendous experience, one that I am very glad to have been a part of.

Mary Baksh, CMHC graduate. I can attest that Western Kentucky University (WKU)’s Clinical Counseling program has had a major influence on my life.  As an adult learner, I returned to academic learning, as a way to enhance my career as a Human Resources Manager.  As a Human Resources Manager, I developed skills in career counseling for military personnel as I assisted them in making future career decisions.  As a helping professional, I wanted to extend my skills from military career counseling to community counseling. Due to the openness of WKU’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, in accepting non-traditional students, I can attest that it made a positive difference in my life, my career and Family.  Along the way, I also realized that I had a lot to learn about myself as my counselor training caused me to open up and truly examine the person I was. As my advisor, Dr. Sauerheber was patient and understanding as my two years of graduate study extended to almost four as I balanced school and full time employment.  She always said, “Life Happens!”  I am thankful for her mentorship and advising for the last six years.  I can still pick up the phone, text or email her if I wanted her advice.  Thank you!

Cayce BrewerCayce A. Brewer, MCFC Graduate. “The courage to be imperfect.” –Alfred Adler
Like any other brand new student beginning the program I was very nervous and tried to do everything “by the book.”  Thankfully, due to encouragement from staff and acceptance from peers, my perception was eventually altered. My experience at WKU’s Graduate Counseling program not only shaped me into an authentic, professional Marriage and Family Therapist but, even more importantly, into a humble human. I was welcomed into the program as a person and colleague, not just a student. My experience in the program influenced my final goal to become a professor and return this favor to future professionals in the counseling field.

Racheal Carter, CMHC student. The Department of Counseling and Student Affairs has offered me the opportunity to grow as a professional and an individual. As a professional I have had opportunities to network and develop the skills that I will use as a counselor. I have been able to practice my skills and develop my own style of counseling.  As an individual I have learned a lot about who I am, I have been able to meet and establish supportive and encouraging connections with the people in my cohort and professors, and through these connections I have been able to work toward my goal of becoming a counselor. There have been so many opportunities to see everyone outside of class and have fun at CSI events, department events, and the occasional after class hang out.

Kayla ClarkKayla Clark, LPCA, NCC; CMHC graduate. Pursuing my Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling not only validated my long love for the profession as a career but taught me more about myself that I could have ever imagined. Class was more than just learning about how to be a therapist, it was also learning who I was, why I was who I was and who I wanted to be as a growing person and professional. I am forever grateful for my education and my experience in the Counseling Program.


Gracie PriceGracie Price, Student Affairs graduate. In the past year, I have grown both professionally and personally. I owe much of this growth to the Student Affairs in Higher Education Master's program at WKU. Through this program, multiple doors have been opened to me that have encouraged constant advancement. I have learned so much about the world of higher education, as well as many ways to support and encourage college students along the way. The instructors in this program are extremely invested in their students, and make sure that each of us are moving forward in both our academic and professional careers. It has been such a joy to be a part of this marketable program, and I am looking forward to working in the Student Affairs realm because of it!





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