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Course Descriptions

Course #

Course Title

RSA 501
(3 hrs)

Research Methods in Recreation and Sport

Research terminology, design, methods, data analysis, and manuscript preparation in recreation and sport.

RSA 513
(3 hrs)

Recreation and Sport Administration

Leadership and management of recreation and sport agencies with emphases on strategic planning, policy, human resources, programming, governance, and organizational behavior and culture.

RSA 515
(3 hrs)

Recreation and Sport Facility Development

Facility development process with emphasis on the unique features of many different types of facilities. Field experience required. Students are responsible for their own transportation to off campus meetings. University transportation provided when possible.

RSA 517
(3 hrs)

Legal Issues in Recreation and Sport

Legal systems, legal concepts, and landmark cases influencing the recreation and sport industry.

RSA 519
(3 hrs)

Fiscal Practices in Recreation and Sport

Financial principles and practices relevant in recreation settings. Topics include economic principles, financial management and organization, income sources, fundraising, pricing, and budgeting.

RSA 521
(3 hrs)

Public Relations in Recreation and Sport

Specialized application of effective communication techniques for building relationships with internal and external constituencies that support marketing from the general practice of public relations.

RSA 523
(3 hrs)

Theoretical Foundations of Recreation and Sport

Philosophy, theory, and ethics of recreation and sport, including current professional trends in the field.

RSA 538
(3 hrs)

Facility and Event Security Management

Emphasis on efficient methods of security management in the recreation and sport (facility and event) industry, with a focus on an inter-agency approach.

RSA 542
(3 hrs)

Investigation of Current Interscholastic Athletics Issues

A capstone experience for the concentration in IAA that will involve an in depth investigation of the various issues addressed throughout this program of study. Does not count toward certification or rank change in Kentucky.

RSA 543
(3 hrs)

Sports Medicine Administration for Interscholastic Athletics

An in-depth study of the many issues administrators and coaches face in supporting and developing an interscholastic sports medicine program within a school or school district. Does not count toward certification or rank change in Kentucky.

RSA 544 
(3 hrs)

Practicum in Interscholastic Sport

Cooperative field experiences in approved interscholastic sport settings where students obtain professional administrative and/or programming experience with agency and university supervision. 



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