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What you will learn.

"I attended the summer institute last year and had a great time. I learned so much from all who were there. I felt that the experience was well worth the time. I was also able to bring back new and fresh ideas to my classroom. The lessons learned and the ideas shared at the institute made me a better teacher."

 “I learned that these workshops provided many ideas for implementing multiple learning styles in the classroom. Although it may be difficult in the beginning, using interesting and different approaches to learning will keep students engaged and provide them with the opportunity for authentic real world learning.”

 “Teaching, learning and education do not have an age limit or an expiration date. Regardless of where you are in life, you can always learn something new. I learned more this week than I ever have in any class I have taken in college.”

 “Anytime you can engage children and get them excited you can reach them and you move them to a higher level.”

 “I learned that I need to be more confident as I teach because I do know about the environment and have learned many things I can share with others. I learned to not be so afraid to go outside the box and do things different from the ordinary.”

 "I can be a leader. I can work through just about anything. I can.”

 "I learned that everyone is unique and through their uniqueness impact this beautiful place we call Earth.”

"I did fine at LBL even though I was out of my comfort zone at first. I am better suited in the front of the canoe! Artistic projects do not come easily to me. I sleep pretty well away from home when I'm exhausted. I'm allergic to poison ivy. I still love playing musical instruments just as much as I did in high school."

"I learned not to sweat the small stuff. Sometimes it all just works out anyway even if it wasn’t the way you planned. I’m well rounded in my experiences.'

"I confirmed that I can be pretty resourceful if I need to be."

 "I really DO like doing ‘outdoorsy’ things! I learned that many things I thought were impossible for ME to make (ex. Banjo) were not so bad…following step by step instructions of course."

" I learned that I have so much more to give my students by being an environmental educator."

 "I work well in groups and enjoy diversity of people and tasks."

"I confirmed my interest as a naturalist interested in preservation and restoration. This is what gripped my interest as a child."

" I’m stronger. I’m also more confident in front of groups. This is helping me become a more effective teacher and presenter."

"I can have fun no matter the currents situation in my life. This is so true for our students and we should most definitely keep this in mind while teaching."

"I have a genuine love of nature and the environment. This week at LBL has been such a wonderful experience and has instilled in me a desire to use the environment as a classroom and share all the wonderful things I learned this week with my students."

"I learned that there is always something new to discover and stretching my boundaries and stepping out of the box is a great thing. We can discover ourselves in the process." 

"I do have a creative side and it is never too late to try new things in your classroom."

"I learned that I could push myself to do more than I ever thought I could. I was very worried about the canoe trip but I had a blast. It was the best part of the week."

"WOW! I learned too much to adequately respond to this question. I learned how to conduct a stream analysis including the identification of macro invertebrates. I learned the incorrect way to dismount a canoe. I learned to makes nature art, journals, poetry and music. I learned that there is a network of other environmental educators in my state and local area. I learned that to fully appreciate and understand the environment requires a journey of self discovery, the identification of personal values and beliefs, and experiences that link those beliefs to the natural world.

"I confirmed my love of the environment. Being there for that week just makes me want to work there year round. I love the activities that we do and I love how well they work in a classroom with students."

"I always come away with a wide variety of activities that I can do with my students."

"That I should believe in myself more. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do some of the things, such as canoeing. I found in myself that inner strength that I had all along and I had a wonderful weeK.".

"I found out that I am much more capable of using Environmental Education in an everyday classroom."

"I learned that I still continue to enjoy learning out in the field and applying what is learned to the real world.".

"I can go away from my family for a week , stay in a dorm with 2 showers, and form bonds with people I never would have gotten to know. It was a long tiresome week but worth every moment."

"I had a great experience spending so much time interacting with other educators. I love to be creative…no matter what the form. I actually LIKE canoeing. I love the feeling of having a community of educators that understand what my work situation is like on a daily basis."

"I have a great appreciation for the outdoors and a desire to take care of it. I learned many wonderful activities to share with others to help get them outdoors, and hopefully develop an appreciation as well.".

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