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Informational Handouts & Resources

This 4-Year college to career plan will help guide you as you progress toward graduation
Getting started with steppingblocks, your digital career counselor
An A-Z list of strong verbs and phrases to include on your resume or cover letter
Make every minute count at the career fair
Here are some simple strategies to help you land the internship of your dreams
An in-depth explanation on how to approach the concept of job shadowing
A checklist for how to succeed in your next job interview
Tips to negotiating your job offer
Potential questions you can expect to be asked in a job interview
Potential questions you can expect to be asked when applying to graduate school
Tips on how to write an effective cover letter
A general sample cover letter
Tips on how to write a great resume
A general sample resume
A general sample CV
8 major categories of career skills that make a candidate career ready
A guide of the 4 business dress codes



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