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Philip Lienesch, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma
Philip Lienesch, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma
- Associate Professor

BIOL 122 Biological Concepts: Evolution, Diversity & Ecology

BIOL 131 Human Anatomy & Physiology

BIOL 224 Animal Biology & Diversity

BIOL 225 Animal Biology & Diversity Laboratory Coordinator

BIOL 315 Ecology

BIOL 456 Ichthyology 

BIOL 458 Fisheries Management


My research interests are in the area of aquatic biology.  I have two ongoing projects; one uses macroinvertebrate communities to assess stream health at water quality monitoring stations the other is examining commensalism between madtom catfish and the mussels whose shells the madtoms use as shelter.  Recent fisheries projects have focused on life history characteristics of White Bass and Yellow Bass in Barren River Lake.  I am also interested in how anthropogenic changes to the environment and the introduction of species affect native stream communities.

Graduate Students:

Jacob Fose, 2013.  Interference in White Bass reproduction by two introduced predators in Barren River Lake, KY.

Derek Rupert, 2012.  Comparison of creel survey data to traditional sampling techniques in pit-lake fisheries of Muhlenburg County, KY.

Peter Zervas, 2010.  Age, reproduction, growth, condition and diet of the introduced yellow bass, Morone mississippiensis, in Barren River Lake, Kentucky.

Kerstin Edberg, 2009.  The effects of a reservoir on genetic isolation in two species of darter.

Mario Sullivan, 2008.  Effects of Barren River Lake on upstream fish assemblages of Barren River tributaries.

Micheal Ruhl, 2005.   Flow reversal events increase the abundance of nontroglobitic fish in the subterranean rivers of Mammoth Cave National Park.

Zacchaeus Compson, 2004. Trophic interactions within Mammoth Cave National Park


Ph.D. Zoology, University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK), 1991-1997

M.S. Biology, James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA), 1989-1991

B.S. Biology, Towson State University (Towson, MD), 1985-1989

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