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Doug McElroy, Ph.D. University of Maine
Doug McElroy, Ph.D. University of Maine
- Professor

BIOL 113         General Biology

BIOL 382         Introductory Biostatistics

BIOL 397         Clinical Research

BIOL 489         Professional Aspects of Biology


Evolutionary Biology and Genetics, Biostatistics.

My current research focuses on applying evolutionary principles and multivariate statistical methods to examine processes of curricular change and assessment in higher education.  I also collaborate with physicians at the Medical Center Bowling Green on several projects examining the impact of risk factors and treatment interventions on cardiovascular outcomes. Past research interests have addressed questions related to wildlife molecular forensics, morphometrics and conservation of desert fishes, genetics and speciation in African cichlid fishes, and the statistical analysis of population genetic data.


Ph.D. 1992 Zoology, University of Maine

M.S. 1988 Zoology, University of Maine

B.S. 1984 Marine Science- Biology, Southampton College

Selected Publications

Budziak, J., D. Super, T. Gross and D. McElroy. 2022. A state university’s assessment of ACUE: feasible model for evaluating the impact of a faculty instruction quality program. Teacher-Scholar 11(1): Article 2.

Singh, A., M. Akbar, D. McElroy, M. McCurdy, F. Young, J. Thomas, C. Nguyen, and K.S. Pfirman. 2021. The electrocardiographic manifestations and derangements of 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal. 21(3): 156-161.

Smith, M.C., R. Pham, S. Mittal, D. McElroy, and A. Singh. 2021. Challenges in managing ST elevation myocardial infarction during COVID-19 pandemic. World Journal of Cardiology 13(4): 76-81.

Singh, A., N. Mountjoy, D. McElroy, S. Mittal, B. Al Hemyari, N. Coffey*, K. Miller*, and K. Gaines. 2020. Patient perspectives with telehealth visits in cardiology: An online patient survey following the rapid switch due to COVID-19. JMIR Cardio. 5(1): e25074.

 Haider, S., A. Tatari, C.E. Galloway, M.T. Amjad, D.M. McElroy, O. Nwanguma, E. Darnell, B. Emery, A. Singh, and J. Dowe. 2020. Multi-variable analysis of echocardiographic variables in patients prior to and after gastric sleeve surgery. JACC 75 (11 Supplement 1): 1651.

McElroy, D. and K. McElroy.  2017.  An evolutionary perspective on increasing student success, and the (partial) fallacy of first-year retention.  Teacher-Scholar 8:65-77.

Kimwele, C.N., B.K. Karisa*, M. Stokes, J.O. Junga, O. Hanotte, R.A. Skilton and D. McElroy.  2012.  DNA species surveillance: monitoring bushmeat poaching and trading in Kenya using partial cytochrome b gene.  African J. Biotechnology 11: 14276-14286.

McElroy, D. and R. Cobb.  2010.  Demonstrating growth of a student engagement culture: a multivariate approach to assessing institutional goals at a public university.  Planning and Changing 41:18-41.

McElroy, D. and R. Cobb.  2010.  Demonstrating growth of a student engagement culture: a multivariate approach to assessing institutional goals at a public university.  Planning and Changing 41:18-41.

Marcus, J.M., T.M. Hughes, D. McElroy, and R.E. Wyatt.  2010.  Engaging first year undergraduates in hands-on research experiences:  the Upper Green River Barcode of Life Project.  Journal of College Science Teaching 39:39-45.

Doerner, K.C., W. Braden, J. Cork, T. Cunningham, A. Rice, B.J. Furman and D.M. McElroy.  2005.  Population genetics of resurgence: white-tailed deer in Kentucky.  J. Wildlife Mgmt. 69: 345-355.

Garner, L.M., C. Anderson, D. McElroy and J. Bilotta.  2003.  Differences in spectral sensitivity of ERG b- and d-waves in three African cichlid fish species.  Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 44: 4169.

Douglas, M.E., M.R. Douglas, J.M. Lynch and D.M. McElroy.  2001.  Use of geometric morphometrics to differentiate Gila (Cyprinidae) within the upper Colorado River basin.  Copeia 2001: 390-401.

Seyoum, S., M.D. Tringali, T.M. Bert, D. McElroy and R. Stokes.  2000.  Analysis of genetic population structure in red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, based on mtDNA control region sequences.  Fishery Bull. 98: 127-138.

McElroy, D.M., J.A. Shoemaker and M.E. Douglas.  1997.  Discriminating Gila robusta and Gila cypha: risk assessment and the Endangered Species Act.  Ecol. Appl. 7: 958-967.

McElroy, D.M. and M.E. Douglas.  1995.  Patterns of morphological variation among endangered populations of Gila robusta and G. cypha (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in the upper Colorado River basin.  Copeia 1995: 636-649.

McElroy, D.M. and I. Kornfield.  1993.  Novel jaw morphology in hybrids between Pseudotropheus zebra and Labeotropheus fuelleborni (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from Lake Malawi, Africa.  Copeia 1993: 933-945.

McElroy, D., P. Moran, E. Bermingham and I. Kornfield.  1992.  REAP: an integrated environment for the manipulation and phylogenetic analysis of restriction data.  J. Hered. 83: 157-158.

McElroy, D.M., I. Kornfield and J. Everett.  1991.  Coloration in African cichlids: diversity and its constraints in Lake Malawi endemics.  Neth. J. Zool. 41: 250-268.

McElroy, D.M. and I. Kornfield.  1990.  Sexual selection, reproductive behavior, and speciation in the mbuna species flock of Lake Malawi (Pisces: Cichlidae).  Envir. Biol. Fishes 28: 273-284.


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