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Cheryl Davis, Ph.D. Wake Forest University

Cheryl Davis, Ph.D. Wake Forest University
- University Distinguished Professor Emeritus


BIOL 121 Biological Concepts Laboratory

BIOL 328 Immunology

BIOL 460 Parasitology

BIOL 561 Human Parasitology

BIOL 570 Advanced Immunology


Immunobiology of Parasite-Host Interactions

Tick-borne and parasitic disease surveillance


Ph.D in Biology (1988).  Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC.

M.S. in Zoology (1983).  The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.

B.S. in Zoology (1979).  The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.

Recent Publications

Russell, E., Bosserman, E., Marshall, R., Davis, S., Beaudoin, A., Handali, S., McAuliffe, I., Davis, C., Woodhall, D. 2014.  Prevalence of Strongyloides stercoralis antibodies among a rural Appalachian population-Kentucky, 2013. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2014 Aug 25. pii: 14-0310. [Epub ahead of print]

Miller, J., and Davis, C.  2013.  Increasing frequency of feline cytauxzoonosis cases diagnosed in western Kentucky from 2001 to 2011. Veterinary Parasitology 198(1-2):205-208.

Pile, J.E., J.W. Navalta, C.D. Davis, and N.C. Sharma.  2013.  Interventional effects of plumbagin on experimental ulcerative colitis in mice.  Journal of Natural Products 76:  1001-1006.

Blizzard, E.L., C.D. Davis, S. Henke, D.B. Long, and M.J. Yabsley.  2010.  Distribution, prevalence, and genetic characterization of Baylisascaris procyonis in selected areas of Georgia. Journal of Parasitology 96(6): 1128-1133.

Davis, C.D. and N.A. Rice.  2008.  Another can of bull:  Do energy drinks really provide a source of energy? (Clicker Case Study).  National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science http://www.sciencecases.org/energy_drinks_clicker/prelude.asp.

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