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African American Studies Minor

The minor in African American Studies compresses the unique and diverse experiences of African Americans into a manageable and definable programs of study that acknowledges the interconnectedness of these experiences with the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora. Viewed from multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary perspectives, courses in the African American studies minor provide the opportunity for students to study, analyze and develop a comprehensive understanding of the African American experience in ways that both link and differentiate past and present circumstances in the African Diaspora. A diaspora approach to the study of the African American experience is concerned with the following two issues: 1) the way in which African cultural, social, religious, and political forms influence African descended persons and communities, and how such forms changed through interaction with non-African cultures; and 2) comparisons and correspondence among communities of African descended people who are geographically separated and/or culturally distinct.

The African American Studies minor, housed in the History Department, consists of a minimum of 21 semester hours:

Required Courses (9 hrs) 
AFAM 190: African American Experience
AFAM 343: Communities of Struggle
AFAM 353: Radical Blackness
Restricted Electives (12 hrs)
Choose from the following categories (note that for all electives, students may not have more than 6 hours with any one course prefix):
History (3 hrs)
HIST 330: History of Africa Before 1500
HIST 359: Blacks in American History Since 1877
HIST 390: Blacks in the American South
Cultural Studies (3 hrs)
ENG 393: African American Literature
COMM 463: Advanced Intercultural Communication
FLK 330: Cultural Connections and Diversity
RELS 309: Global Christianity
Other Electives (6 hrs)
Additional courses may be approved by the advisor.
AFAM/HIST 329: Black Intellectual History
AFAM 490: African American Seminar
CSJ 200: Introduction to Social Justice
CRIM 361: Race, Class, and Crime
ENG 388: Postcolonial Studies
PH 412: Health Disparities and Health Equity
PS 373: Minority Politics
RELS 306: Islam
RELS 331: Islam in America: Hope & Hip Hop
SOCL 260: Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCL 362: Social Institutions: Race, Class, and Gender
ANTH 342: Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
ANTH 410: African-American Music
FLK 342: Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
FLK 377: African-American Folklore
FLK 410: African-American Music


In addition to these courses, faculty in the minor program offer a variety of study abroad/ study away opportunities.

For more information, contact the African American Studies Advisor, Andrew Rosa (andrew.rosa@wku.edu).


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