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Teacher Research and Strategies

The WKU Writing Project

Teacher Research and Strategies

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Activities to Promote Critical Thinking

Golub, Jeff

Adolescent Literacy: Turning Promise into Practice

Beers, Kylene, Robert E. Probst, & Linda Rief

An Introduction to the Teaching of Writing

Jones, Paul W., & Susan J. Judy

Assessment: Continuous Learning

Bridges, Lois

The Art of Classroom Inquiry

Hubbard, Ruth S.

The Author's Profile

Beaver, Teri

Balancing the Hemispheres:  Brain Research and the Teaching of Writing

Rico, Gabriele L., & Mary Frances Claggett

Beat Not the Poor Desk--Writing: What to Teach, How to Teach It and Why

Ponscott, Marie, & Charles Weingartner

Beauty, Brains and Brawn: The Construction of Gender in Children’s Literature

Lehr, Susan Ed.

The Bedford Bibliography

Bizzell, Patricia, & Bruce Herzberg

The Best of Notes Plus

Cline, Ruth

Between the Lines: Relating Composition Theory and Literary Theory

Schilb, John

Boys and Girls Learn Differently!

Gurian, Michael

Boys and Girls Together: Improving Gender Relationships in K-6 Classrooms

Grogan, Tamara

Bridging:  A Teacher's Guide to Metaphorical Thinking

Pugh, Sharon L.

Building a Community

Burke-Hengen, Mary

Building Self-Esteem through the Writing Process

Howgate, Lynn

The California High School Proficiency Examination:  Evaluating the Writing Sample

Berstein, Ruby S., & Bernard R. Tanner

The Case for Constructivist Classrooms

Brooks, Jacqueline G. & Martin G. Brooks

Celebrating 30 Years with 30 Ideas That Work

National Writing Project

Changing Schools from Within: Creating Communities of Inquiry

Wells, Gordon

Classroom Practices in Teaching English, 1975-1976:  On Right Writing

Clapp, Oida H.

Classroom Publishing:  A Practical Guide to Enhancing Student Literacy

King, Laurie, & Dennis Stovall

Coaching Writing:  The Power of Guided Practice

Strong, William

Common Ground:  Dialogue, Understanding, and the Teaching of Composition

Spellmeyer, KurtWells, Gordon

A Community of Writers

Elbow, Peter, & Pat Belanoff

The Complete Guide to Thematic Units: Creating the Integrated Curriculum

Meinbach, Anita M.

Composing Teacher-Research: A Prosaic History

Fleisher, Cathy

Composition in the 21st Century: Crisis & Change

Bloom, Lynn Z., Donald Daiker, Edward M. White

Content Area Writing

Burke, Jim

Cracking Open the Author’s Craft: Teaching the Art of Writing 

Laminack, Lester L.

Craft Lessons: Teaching Writing K-8

Fletcher, Ralph and Joann Portalupi

Crafting Writers K-6

Hale, Elizabeth

Creating Classrooms for Authors and Inquirers

Short, Kathy G.

Creating Curriculum

Short, Kathy G.

Creating Support for Effective Literacy Education

Weaver, Constance, Lorraine 
Gillmeister-Krause, & Grace Vento-Zogby

The Critical Writing Workshop: Designing Writing Assignments to Lead to Critical Thinking

Caposella, Toni-Lee

Curriculum Development: Theory and Practice

Taba, Hilda

Deciding to Lead: The English Teacher as Reformer

Antinarella, Joseph, & Denny Wolfe

Differentiated Instructional Strategies

Gregory, Gayle H. and Carolyn Chapman

Differentiated Instructional Strategies in Practice

Gregory, Gayle H.

Discover Your Own Literacy

Donald H. Graves

Drama as a Way of Knowing

Heller, Paul G.

Eight Approaches to Teaching Composition

Donovan, Timothy R., & Ben W. McClelland

Elements of Alternate Style

Bishop, Wendy

Embracing Contraries:  Explorations in Learning and Teaching

Elbow, Peter

The Energy to Teach

Graves, Donald H.

Engaging Families

Graves, Donald H.

Engaging Readers and Writers with Inquiry: Promoting Deep Understandings in Language Arts and the Content Areas with Guiding Questions 

Wilhelm, Jeffery D.

The English Teacher’s Companion

Burke, Jim

Errors and Expectations:  A Guide for the Teacher of Basic Writing

Shaughnessy, Mina P.

Essentials of Rhetoric

Buckler, William E. & Arnold B. Sklare

Evaluating Writing:  Describing, Measuring, Judging

Cooper, Charles R., & Lee Odell

Expecting the Unexpected: Teaching Myself--and Others--to Read and Write

Murray, Donald M.

Exploring the Multiage Classroom

Bingham, Anne A.

Exploring Speaking-Writing Relationships

Kroll, Barry M., & Roberta J. Vann

Feisty Females: inspiring girls to think mathematically

Karp, Karen,

The First Weeks of School

Perlmutter, Jane, & Louise Burrell

From Dialogue to Discourse:  An Open Approach

Kelly, Lou

Getting it Right: Fresh Approaches to Teaching, Grammar, Usage, and Correctness

Smith, Michael W. and Jeffery Wilhelm

Getting It Together: Organizing the Reading-Writing Classroom

McVitty, Walter, et al., eds.

Help for the Teacher of Written Composition

Lundsteen, Sara W.

Helping Students Write Well

Fassler, Barbara Walvoord

How To Capture Live Authors and Bring Them to Your School

Melton, David

How to Catch a Shark

Graves, Donald H.

How to Make Presentations that Teach and Transform

Garmston, Robert J., & Bruce M. Wellman

How Writing Shapes Thinking

Langer, Judith A., et al.

Idea Exchange for English Teachers

National Council of Teachers of English

IDEAS for Teachers from Teachers

National Council of Teachers of English

Ideas For Teachers From Teachers: Elementary Language Arts

Anson, Chris M., ed.

Ideas Plus (Books 1-12)

National Council of Teachers of English

Ideas Plus  Book 4

Smith, Rona S.

In Defense of Good Teaching

Goodman, Ken

Inside the National Writing Project: Connecting Network Learning and Classroom Teaching

Lieberman, Ann, & Diane R. Wood

Interpersonal Communication: Teaching Strategies and Resources

Barbour, Alton

Involving the Child in Language Arts (tapes)

Burrows, Alvina Trent

A Laboratory Approach to Writing

Laque, Carol F., & Phyllis A. Sherwood

Language, the Learner & the School

Barnes, Douglas

Leading and Learning

Brill, Fred Steven

Learning about Instruction: Teacher Initiated Statements and Questions

Lowery, Lawrence F., & Hermine H. Marshall

Learning in an Electronic World

Downes, Toni, & Cherryl Fatouros

Learning Skills Centers: A CCCC Report


Learning to Read in Our Nation's Schools:  Instruction and Achievement in 1988 at Grades 4, 8, and 12

Langer, Judith A., et al.

The Letter Book: Ideas for Teaching College English

Dinitz, Sue

Letters for the Living: Teaching Writing in a Violent Age

Blitz, Michael & C. Mark Hurlbert

Learning Together Through Inquiry

Short, Kathy G.

Link/Age: Composing in the Online Classroom

Tornow, Joan

Living the Questions

Hubbard, Ruth S.

The Longman Teaching Assistant’s Handbook: A Guide for Graduate Instructors of Writing and Literature

Wilhoit, Stephen W.

The Making of Knowledge in Composition: Portrait of an Emerging Field

North, Stephen M.

Making the Journey

Christenbury, Leila

Making the Match:  The Right Book for the Right Reader at the Right Time

Lesesne, Teri S.

Making Sense, Shaping Meaning: Writing in the Context of a Capacity-Based Approach to Learning

D'Arcy, Pat

Meeting the Challenge of Adolescent Literacy: Practical Ideas for Literacy Leaders

Irvin, Meltzer, Mickler, Phillips, & Dean

Meeting the Challenges

Barbieri, Maureen

Methods That Matter

Daniels, Harvey

More Tools for Teaching Content Literacy

Allen, Janet

Multiple Intelligences and Portfolios: A Window into the Learner's Mind

Stefanakis, Evangeline Harris

National Assessment and the Teaching of English

Mellon, John C.

The National Board Certification Handbook: Support and Stories from Teachers and Candidates

Barone, Diane (Ed.)

National Writing Project Bibliography: Writing Teachers' Resources for Professional Literacy

National Writing Project

The Neglected "R": The Need for a Writing Revolution

National Commission on Writing in America's Schools and Colleges

New Visions of Collaborative Writing

Forman, Janis

The No-Nonsense Guide to Teaching Writing

Davis, Judy, and Sharon Hill

Notes Toward a New Rhetoric:  6 Essays for Teachers

Christensen, Francis

On Teaching and Writing Fiction

Stegner, Wallace

On Writing Research: The Braddock Essays 1975-1998

Ede, Lisa

OOPS!  What We Learn When Our Teaching Fails

Power, Brenda Miller, & Ruth S. Hubbard

Organizing for Whole Language

Goodman, Ken

Parent, Learning, and Whole Language Classrooms

Oglan, Gerald R.

Phonics Phacts

Goodman, Ken

Pathways: Charting a Course for Professional Learning

Larner, Marjorie

The Peaceable Classroom

O'Reilly, Mary R.

The Place of Grammar in Writing Instruction

Hunter, Susan

Poets' Perspectives: Reading, Writing, and Teaching Poetry

Duke, Charles, & Sally A. Jacobson, eds.

The Power of Context: Studies by Teacher-Researchers

Peitzman, Faye

The Power of Protocols: An Educator's Guide to Better Practice

McDonald, Joseph, Nancy Mohr, Alan Dichter, and Elizabeth McDonald, eds.

Practical Ideas for Teaching Writing as a Process

Olson, Carol B.

Practical Ideas for Teaching Writing as a Process (1997 rev. ed.)

Olson, Carol B.

The Practice of Theory: Teacher Research in Composition

Ray, Ruth E.

Preparing to Teach Writing

Williams, James D.

Preserving Intellectual Freedom

Brown, Jean

A Primer for Writing Teachers:  Theories, Theorists, and Issues

Foster, David 

Principles of Language Learning and Teaching

Brown, Douglas H.

The Process of Argument

Boylan, Michael

Programs that Work: Models and Methods for Writing Across the Curriculum

Fulwiler, Toby

A Project Approach to Language Learning

Luongo, Katherine

Prospect and Retrospect

Britton, James

Razzle Dazzle Writing: Achieving Excellence Through 50 Target Skills

Forney, Melissa

Read, Write, and Spell

Bean, Wendy & Chrystine Bouffler

Reader-Response Theories

Beach, Richard

Readers, Texts, and Teachers

Corcoran, Bill & Emrys Evans

Reading Recovery

Clap, Marie M.

Reading as Rhetorical Invention

Brent, Doug

Ready, Willing, and Able: Teaching English to Gifted, Talented, and Exceptionally Conscientious Adolescents

Bloland, Dagny

Reclaiming the Imagination

Berthoff, Ann E., ed.

Research and Composing:  Points of Departure

Cooper, Charles R., & Lee Odell

Resiliency: What We Have Learned

Benard, Bonnie

The Revision Toolbox: Teaching Techniques That Work

Heard, Georgia

Revisiting The Writing Workshop: Management, Assessment, and Mini-Lessons

Alley, Marybeth & Barbara Orehovec

The Right to Literacy in Secondary Schools

Plaut, Suzanne

Rural Voices: Place-Conscious Education and the Teaching of Writing

Brooke, Robert

A Sampler from the NCTE Idea Exchange

National Council of Teachers of English


Barrickman, Joan

Seeing for Ourselves: Case-Study Research by Teachers of Writing

Bissex, Glenda L., & Richard H. Bullock

Sharing and Responding

Elbow, Peter, & Pat Belanoff

A Short Guide to Writing about Biology

Pechenik, Jan A.

A Short Guide to Writing about History

Marius, Richard & Melvin E. Page

Side By Side: Essays on Teaching to Learn

Atwell, Nancie

Situating Portfolios: Four Perspectives

Yancey, Kathleen Blake & Irwin Weiser   

Situations:  A Casebook of Virtual Realities for the English Teacher

Wagner, Betty J., & Mark Larson

Spelling Inquiry

Chandler, Kelly

The Spiritual Side of Writing

Foehr, Regina Paxton, & Susan A. Schiller

Standard Implications: Alaskans Reflect on Christian a Movement to Change Teaching

Calkins, Annie & Scott ed.

Strategies for Integrating Reading and Writing in Middle and High School Classrooms

Wood, Karen D., & Janis M. Harmon

Study Driven: A Framework for Planning Units of Study in the Writing Workshop 

Ray, Katie Wood

A Survival Kit for Teachers of Composition

Leonard, Robert D.

Taking Stock: The Writing Process Movement in the 90's

Tobin, Lad, & Thomas Newkirk

Tapping the Potential of Parents

Edwards, Patricia A.

The Talk Curriculum

Booth, David

Teacher Research: The Journal of Classroom Inquiry Vol. 1 No. 1 Fall 1993

Case Studies

Teacher as Writer

Dahl, Karin L.

Teacher Research for Better Schools

Mohr, Marian M., et al.

The Teacher-Researcher: How to Study Writing in the Classroom

Myers, Miles

Teachers Develop, Teachers Research

Edge, Julian

A Teacher's Introduction to Deconstruction

Crowley, Sharon 

Teachers: A Tribute to the Enlightened, the Exceptional, the Extraordinary

Yow, John

Teachers Are Writers: Echoes from LWP Network News, 1987-1994

Louisville Writing Project

Teachers at the Center: A Memoir of the Early Years of the National Writing Project

Gray, James

Teaching the Best Practice Way: Methods that Matter, K-12

Daniels, Harvey & Marilyn Bizar

Teaching and Advocacy

Taylor, Denny, Debbie Coughlin, & Joanna Marasco

Teaching English to Speakers of English

Arthur, Bradford

Teaching Grammar in Context

Weaver, Constance

Teaching One-to-One: The Writing Conference

Harris, Muriel

Teaching Students to Think Critically

Meyers, Chet

Teaching Students to Write Effective Essays

Pryle, Marilyn

Teaching Technical Writing in the Secondary School

Fearing, Bertie E., & Jo and Allen

Teaching with the Brain in Mind

Jensen, Eric

Teaching Writing

Smith, Rona S.

Teaching Writing: Balancing Process and Product (2nd ed.)

Tobin, Lad, & Thomas Newkirk

Teaching Writing Creatively

Starkey, David

Tensions and Triumphs in the Early Years of Teaching


Theory & Practice in the Teaching of Composition

Meyers, Miles

Through Teachers' Eyes: Portraits of a Writing Teacher at Work

Perl, Sondra, & Nancy Wilson

Time to Reflect: Research by Teachers on Sabbatical

Altabet, Marilyn, et. al.

To Compose: Teaching Writing in High School and College

Newkirk, Thomas

Toward a Theory of Instruction

Bruner, Jermone S.

Towards a Reading-Writing Classroom

Butler, Andrea & Jill Turbill

Training the New Teacher of College Compostion

Bridges, Charles

Training Tutors for Writing Conferences

Reigstad, Thomas, & Donald A. McAndrew

Transformational Grammar

Elgin, Suzette H.

Tried and True: Lessons, Strategies, and Activities for Teaching Secondary English

Antinarella, Joseph, & Ken Salbu

Tryannical Machines:  A Report on Educational Practices Gone Wrong and Our Best Hopes for Setting Them Right

Cheney, Lynne V.

Uncommon Sense: Theoretical Practice in Language Education

Matsuhashi, Ann, et al.

Understanding Whole Language

Weaver, Constance

An Unquiet Pedagogy

Roskelly. Hephzibah & Eleanor Kutz

Virginia English Bulletin.  Volume 45; Number 1 Spring 1995

Kelly, Patricia

Visual Tools For Differentiating Reading & Writing Instruction

Essley, Roger

Vital Signs 3: Evaluating the Poetry Children Write

Collins, James L. & Elizabeth A. Sommers

Vital Signs 3: Restructuring the English Classroom

Collins, James L.

A Vulnerable Teacher

Macrorie, Ken

Weaving in the Women: Transforming the High School English Curriculum

Whaley, Liz & Liz Dodge

What A Writer Needs

Fletcher, Ralph

When You've Made it Your Own...Teaching Poetry to Young People

Denamn, Gregory A.

The Whole Language Evaluation Book

Goodman, Ken, Yetta M. Goodman, & Wendy J. Hood

Whole Language: Theory in Use

Newman, Judith M.

Whole Language: What's The Difference?

Edelsky, Carole

Work in Progress: A Guide to Writing and Revising

Ede, Lisa

Working Together:  A Guide to Teacher Research

Mohr and Maclean

Workshop 5: The Writing Process Revisited

Newkirk, Thomas

Workshop 6 By and For Teachers

Barbieri, Maureen

Workshop by and for Teachers: The Writing Process Revisited

Newkirk, Thomas

Writer's Craft, Teachers Art: Teaching What We Know

Schwartz, Mimi

A Writing Project

Daniels, Harvey

The Writing Teacher As Researcher

Daiker, Donald A., & Max Marenberg

Writing Theory and Critical Theory

Clifford, John

Writing Toward Home

Heard, Georgia

Writing as a Way of Knowing

Bridges, Lois

A Workshop of the Possible

Hubbard, Ruth S.

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