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The WKU Writing Project


51 Wacky We-search Reports

Lane, Barry

125 Photos for English Composition Classes

Kellner, H.T.

After The End: Teaching and Learning Creative Revision

Lane, Barry

And with a Light Touch

Avery, Carol

The Authentic Voice:  A Prewriting Approach to Student Writing

Stewart, Donald C.

The Author's Profile

Beaver, Teri

Basic Writing

D'Eloia, Sarah, et al.

Because Writing Matters

NWP and Carl Nagin

Bird by Bird

Lamott, Anne

The Braddock Essays

Ede, Lisa

Breakthrough: Classroom Discoveries about Teaching Writing

Bauman, Amy, & Art Peterson, eds.

Casebook Rhetoric: A Problem-Solving Approach to Composition

Tedlock, David, & Paul Jarvie

Cases for Composition (with Instructor's Manual)

Field, John P., & Robert H. Weiss

Clear Thinking for Composition

Kytle, Ray

Collaborative Writing in Composition Studies

Fontaine, Sheryl I. & Susan M. Hunter

Coming to Know: Writing to Learn in the Intermediate Grades

Atwell, Nancie

Comp Tales: An Introduction to College Composition through It’s Stories

Haswell, Richard H., & Min-Zhan Lu

Composing:  Writing as a Self Creating Process

Coles, William E., Jr.

Composing:  Writing as a Self Creating Process II

Coles, William E., Jr

Composition for Personal Growth:  Values Clarification through Writing

Simon, Sidney

Composition/Rhetoric:  A Synthesis

Winterowd, Ross W.



Content-Area Writing: Every Teacher's Guide

Daniels, Harvey, Steve Zemelman, and Nancy Steineke

Craft Lessons

Fletcher, Ralph

Crafting Authentic Voice

Romano, Tom

Crafting a Life in Essay, Story, Poem

Murray, Donald M.

Crafting Opinion and Persuasive Papers

Clifford, Tim

Creating Composition (6th ed.)

Wiener, Harvey J.

Creative Approaches to Sentence Combining

Stires, Susan

The Curious Researcher: A Guide to Writing Research Papers

Ballenger, Bruce

Developing Audience Awareness

Nystrand, Martin

Discovering the Writer Within

Ballenger, Bruce

The Discovery of Competence

Kutz, Eleanor, Suzy Q Groden, and Vivian Zamel

Double Exposure

Costanzo, William V.

Drawing Your Own Conclusions

Claggett, Fran

Elements of Alternate Style

Bishop, Wendy

Elements of Technical Writing

Blake, Gary & Robert Bly

Expanding Response Journal

Parsons, Les

Exploring Speaking-Writing Relationships

Kroll, Barry M., & Roberta J. Vann

Farther Along: Transforming Dichotomies in Rhetoric and Composition

Roskelly, Hephzibah, & Kate Ronald

Fact, Artifacts & Counter Facts

Bartholomae, David

Fiction Writer’s Handbook

Burnett, Hallie & Whit Burnett

Forming, Thinking, Writing:  The Composing Imagination

Berthoff, Ann E.

Forming, Thinking, Writing: The Composing Imagination (2nd Edtion)

Berthoff, Ann E.

From Sentence to Paragraph

Bander, Robert G.

Gnys at Wrk: A Child Learns to Write & Read

Bissex, Glenda L.

Grammar and the Teaching of Writing

Noguchi, Rei R.

Grammar for Teachers: Perspectives and Definitions

Weaver, Constance

Grammar Skills for Writers

Fearon, Globe

How Writers Write

Lloyd, Pamela

The Idea of Composition

Hartig, Hugo

Image Grammar

Noden, Harry R.

Important Words: A Book for Poets and Writers

Brown, Bill & Malcolm Glass

In the Middle: Writing, Reading, and Learning with Adolescents

Atwell, Nancie

In the Middle (2nd ed.)

Atwell, Nancie

Independent Writing: One Teacher—Thirty-two Topics, and Plans

Cruz, M. Colleen

An Introduction to Composition

Lindeman, Erika

Journal Keeping with Young People

Steiner, Barbara

Landmark Essay on Voice and Writing

Elbow, Peter

Language as a Way of Knowing

Nystrand, Martin

Lessons That Change Writers (with binder)

Atwell, Nancie

Like it Was: Writing Oral History

Brown, Cynthia

Looking to Write

Ehrenworth, Mary

The Making of Knowledge in Composition: Portrait of an Emerging Field

North, Stephen M.

Making Sense, Shaping Meaning: Writing in the Context of a Capacity-Based Approach to Learning

D'Arcy, Pat

Making Connections with Writing

Kitaqawa, Mary M.

Making Thinking Visible

Flower, Linda

Mapping the Writing Journey

Buckley, Marilyn H. & Owen Boyle

Moon Journals

Chancer, Joni & Gina Rester- Zodrow

The Muses Among Us: Eloquent Listening and Other Pleasures of the Writer's Craft

Stafford, Kim

The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing

Armstrong, Thomas

The National Writing Project Professional Writing Retreat Handbook

Check, Joseph, Tom Fox, Kathleen O'Shaughnessy, & Carol Tateishi

The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching Writing

Calkins, Lucy

Observing and Writing

Hillocks, George, Jr.

The Philosophy of Composition

Hillocks, George, Jr.

On Writing

King, Stephen

On Writing Well

Zinsser, William 


Roloff, Joan G., & Virginia Brosseit

P.S. Write Soon!

Bolger, William F.

Perspectives on Academic Writing

Calderonello, Alice et. al.

The Plural I--and After

Cole, William E. Jr.

The Plural I:  The Teaching of Writing

Cole, William E. Jr.

Portfolios: Process and Product

Belanoff, Pat & Marcia Dickson

Presence of Mind: Writing and the Domain Beyond the Cognitive

Brand, Alice G., & Richard L. Graves

Prewriting: Strategies for Exploration and Discovery

Kytle, Ray

Problem-Solving Strategies for Writing

Flower, Linda

The Process of Argument

Boylan, Michael

Process and Thoughts in Composition (3rd ed.)

D'Angelo, Frank J.

Process:  Vision and Re-Vision

Rossi, Lillian

Read to Write: A Writing Process Reader (2nd ed.)

Murray, Donald M.

Read, Write, and Spell

Bean, Wendy & Chrystine Bouffler

Readers, Texts, and Teachers

Corcoran, Bill & Emrys Evans

Released into Language:  Options for Teaching Creative Writing

Bishop, Wendy

Research and Composing:  Points of Departure

Cooper, Charles R., & Lee Odell

Research on Written Composition

Hillocks, George, Jr.

Response Journals

Parsons, Les

Reviser's Toolbox (with 4 videotapes)

Lane, Barry

Revising and Editing

Parsons, Les

Revising Prose

Lanhan, Richard A.

Revision:  The Rhythm of Meaning

Mohr, Marian M.

Rough Drafts: The Process of Writing

Calderonello, Alice & Bruce L. Edwards

Rules for Writers

Hacker, Diane

Scenarios for Writing

Anson, Chris M., ed

The School Essay Manifesto

Newkirk, Thomas

Seeing Through Writing

Cole, William E. Jr.

Sentence and Paragraph Modeling

Gray, James, & Robert Benson

Sentence Combining: Improving Student Writing without Formal Grammar Instruction

O'Hare, Frank

Showing-Writing Workshop:  A Training Program to Help Students Be Specific

Caplan, Rebekah, & Catherine Keech

Significant Studies for Second Grade: Reading and Writing Investigations for Children

Ruzzo, Karen & Mary Anne Sacco

Small Moments: Personal Narrative Writing

Calkins, Lucy & Abby Oxenhorn

Sometimes You Just Have to Stand Naked:  Guide to Interesting Writing

Bartholomae, David A

Spell by Writing

Bean, Wendy & Chrystine Bouffler

The Subject is Writing

Bishop, Wendy

The Subject is Writing (2nd Edtion)

Bishop, Wendy

Talking, Drawing, Writing: Lessons for Our Youngest Writers 

Horn, Martha and Mary Ellen Giacobbe

Talking into Writing: Exercise for Basic Writers

Rubin, Dorthy, & William M. Dodd

Teacher as Writer

Dahl, Karin L.

Teaching Advanced Composition

Adams, Katherine

Teaching Composing:  A Guide to Teaching Writing as a Self-Creating Process

Cole, William E. Jr.

Teaching Grammar in Context

Weaver, Constance

Teaching Students to Write Effective Essays

Pryle, Marilyn

The Teaching of Technical Writing

Cunningham, Donald H., & Herman A. Estrin

Teaching Young Playwrights

Chapman, Gerald

The Variables of Composition: Process and Product in a Business Setting

Broadhead, Glen J. & Richard C. Freed

Theory and Practice in the Teaching of Composition

Myers, Mike (Ed.) with James Gray

What Makes Writing Good

Cole, William E. Jr. & James Vopat

Why We Must Run With Scissors

Lane, Barry & Gretchen Bernabei

Working Out Ideas: Predication and Other Uses of Language

Miles, Josephine

Writer to Writer

Biddle, Arthur W.

A Writer’s Grammar

Burch, C. Beth

A Writer’s Notebook

Fletcher, Ralph

The Writer's Options: Combining to Composing

Daiker, Donald A.

The Writer's Voice

Loy, Sandra

Writers as Teachers/Teachers as Writers

Baumbach, Johnathan, ed.

Writers Writing

Brannon, Lil

Writing About Amusing Things

Berberich, Joan D.

Writing About Curious Things

Berberich, Joan D.

Writing About Fascinating Things

Berberich, Joan D.

Writing about Ourselves and Others

Beach, Richard

Writing About People…and Yourself

Berberich, Joan D.

Writing & Technique

Dobrin, David

A Writing Apprenticeship

Brittin, Norman

Writing Day-By-Day: 101 Complete Short Essays

Atwan, Robert, & William Vesterman

Writing Down the Bones

Goldberg, Natalie

Writing Every Day

Buis, Kellie

Writing for Life

Collerson, John, ed.

Writing from Given Information

Gray Stephanie, & Catherine Keech

Writing Next

Graham, Steve and Delores Perin

Writing:  The Personal Voice

Cohn, Jill W.

Writing:  Process and Product

Miller, Susan

Writing for Real

Burkhardt, Ross M.

Writing: From Topic to Evaluation

Tiedt, Iris M.

Writing Reminders

Burke, Jim

Writing and Response: Theory, Practice and Research

Anson, Chris ed.

Writing Research Papers:  A Guide to the Process

Weidenborner, Stephen, & Domenick 

Writing to Explain

Fearon, Globe

Writing with Power!  Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process

Elbow, Peter

Writing with Precision

Bates, Jefferson D.

Writing the Research Paper:  A Handbook

Winkler, Anthony C., & Jo Ray McCuen

Writing Effectively

Feam, Leif

Writing the Academic Essay

Wilson, John R. 

Writing as a Way of Knowing

Bridges, Lois


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