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The Western Kentucky University Writing Project

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Anderson, Jeff

10 things Every Writer Needs to Know

Culham, Ruth 

100 Trait-Specific Comments: A Quick Guide for Giving Constructive Feedback on Student Writing 

Straub, Richard

12 Readers Reading

Kellner, H.T.

125 Photos for English Composition Classes

Bentley, Chantelle

1998 Poet's Market

Wagstaff, J.

20 Tricky Problems--Solved!

National Writing Project

30 Ideas for Teaching Writing

Edelstein, Scott

30 Steps to Becoming a Writer and Getting Published

Fisher, Douglas, William G. Bronzo, Nancy Frey, and Gay Ivey

50 Content-Area Strategies for Adolescent Literacy

Tompkins, Gail E., & Cathy Blanchfield

50 Ways to Develop Strategic Writers

Lane, Barry

51 Wacky We-Search Reports

Culham, Ruth

6+1 Traits of Writing

Simmons, Karen, & Cindy Guinn

A Bookbag of the Bagladies' Best: Resources, Ideas, and Hands-On Activities for the K-5 Classroom

Allen, JoBeth & Lois Alexander

A Critical Inquiry Framework for K-12 Teachers

Zwiers, Jeff & Marie Crawford

Academic Conversations: Classroom Talk That Fosters Critical Thinking and Content Understandings

Kennedy, Mary Lynch, & Hadley M. Smith

Academic Writing: Working with Sources Across the Curriculum

Adams, Katherine H. and John L. Adams

The Accomplished Writer: Observing, Judging, Reflecting

Zemelman, Steven, & Harvey Daniels

A Community of Writers

Johnson, Andrew P.

Action Research: What Every Teacher Should Know About

Clark, Shirley

Active Learning Through Formative Assessment

Moffett, James

Active Voice: A Writing Program across the Curriculum

Moffett, James

Active Voice: A Writing Program across the Curriculum (2nd ed.)

Moffett, James

Active Voices II

Moffett, James

Active Voices III: Rationale and Teaching Guide

Carroll, Joyce Armstrong and Edward E. Wilson

Acts of Teaching: How to Teach Writing, 2nd ed.

Golub, Jeff

Activities to Promote Critical Thinking

Wilde, Jack

A Door Opens

Beers, Kylene, Robert Probst, and Linda Rief

Adolescent Literacy

Kajder, Sara

Adolescents and Digital Literacy

National Council of Teachers of English

Adventuring with Books: A Booklist for Pre-K to Grade 6

Sutton, Wendy

Adventuring with Books

Payne, Ruby

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

Graves, Donald H.

A Fresh Look at Writing

Walker, Frank X


Lane, Barry

After The End: Teaching and Learning Creative Revision (2)

Brosnan, Michael

Against the Current

Lipson, Greta Barclay, & Jane A. Romatowski 

A Handbook of 47 Poetic Forms and Figures of Speech 

Von Oech, Roger

A Kick in the Seat of the Pants

Laque, Carol F., & Phyllis A. Sherwood

A Laboratory Approach to Writing

Rief, Linda, & Maureen Barbieri, eds.

All That Matters

Ohrbach, Barbara Milo

All Things Are Possible - Pass the Word

Tchudi, Stephen

Alternatives to Grading Student Writing

Griffin, Patrick

The American Literacy Profile Scales

Emberton, Dana

Anatomy:  The "Write" Way to Learn

Crowley, Sharon & Debra Hawhee

Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students 

Avery, Carol

And with a Light Touch

Fielding, Lynn, Nancy Kerr, and Paul Rosier

Annual Growth for All Students, Catch-up Growth for Those Who are Behind

Lindeman, Erika

An Introduction to Composition

Roskelly, Hephzibah, & Eleanor Kutz

An Unquiet Pedagogy

Taylor, Sarah Picard

A Quick Guide to Teaching Persuasive Writing

Larrick, Nancy

A Parent's Guide to Children's Reading (4th ed.)

Lain, Sheryl

A Poem for Every Student

Celebration of Young Poets

Appalachia Fall 2000

Gibaldi, Joseph (ed.)

Approaches to Teaching Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Horgan, Paul 

Approaches to Writing

Luongo, Katherine

A Project Approach to Language Learning

Project Wild


Ferster, Judith

Arguing Through Literature: A Thematic Anthology and Guide to Academic Writing

McGovern, Ann

Arrow Book of Poetry

Lindeman, Erika

A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers (3rd ed.)

Ostrow, Jill

A Room with a Different View

Hubbard, Ruth S

The Art of Classroom Inquiry

Gardner, John

The Art of Fiction:  Notes on Craft for Young Writers

Kennedy, George

The Art of Persuasion in Greece 

Worsley, Dale, & Bernadette Mayer

Art of Science Writing

Calkins, Lucy McCormick

The Art of Teaching Writing

Calkins, Lucy McCormick

The Art of Teaching Writing (new edition)

Covino, William A.

The Art of Wondering

Booth, David

The Arts Go to School

National Council of Teachers of English

A Sampler from the NCTE Idea Exchange

Ohanian, Susan

Ask Ms. Class

Marzano, Robert J., et al.

Assessing Student Outcomes: Performance Assessment Using the Dimensions of Learning Model

Anderson, Carl

Assessing Writers

Smith, Mary Ann & Sherry Seale Swain

Assessing Writing, Teaching Writers

Alex Publishing Corp.

Assessing Writing: a bi-annual journal published for educators, administrators, researchers, and all writing assessment professionals  (Vol. 1, Num. 1 - 1994)

Bridges, Lois

Assessment:  Continuous Learning

Steineke, Nancy

Assessment Live!  10 Real-Time Ways for Kids to Show What They Know - and Meet the Standards

White, Edward M.

Assigning, Responding, Evaluating: A Writing Teacher’s Guide

Tchudi, Stephen

The Astonishing Curriculum: Integrating Science and Humanities Through Language

Gere, Anne Ruggles, Leila Christenbury, & Kelly Sassi 

A Student Guide to Writing on Demand 

Pelz, Karen L., & Charles F. Meyer

A Student's Guide to Writing Across the Curriculum 

Leonard, Robert D.

A Survival Kit for Teachers of Composition

Murphy, James J., & Richard A. Katula 

A Synoptic History of Classical Rhetoric 

Lott, Joyce

A Teacher's Stories: Reflections on High School Writers

Progoff, Ira

At a Journal Workshop: The basic text and guide for using the Intensive Journal Process

Wilson, David E.

Attempting Change

Gere, Anne R., & Eugene Smith

Attitudes, Languages, and Change

Stewart, Donald C.

The Authentic Voice:  A Prewriting Approach to Student Writing

Gallo, Donald R.

Author's Insight

Hubbard, Ruth S.

Authors of Pictures, Draughtsmen of Words

Beaver, Teri

The Author's Profile

Carrick, T.

Authorship in Composition Studies

Lyons, Robert

Autobiography:  A Reader for Writers (2nd ed.)

Kinneavy, James L.

A Theory of Discourse

Thorn, Craig

A Very Good Place to Start

Macrorie, Ken

A Vulnerable Teacher

Heard, Georgia

Awakening the Heart

Murray, Donald M.

A Writer Teaches Writing

Burch, C. Beth

A Writer's Grammar

Lyon, Elizabeth

A Writer's Guide to Nonfiction

Fletcher, Ralph

A Writer's Notebook

Brittin, Norman

A Writing Apprenticeship

Daniels, Harvey

A Writing Project

Kennedy, X. J.

Backpack Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama

Rico, Gabriele L., & Mary Frances Claggett

Balancing the Hemispheres:  Brain Research and the Teaching of Writing

D'Eloia, Sarah, et al.

Basic Writing

Lehr, Susan

Battling Dragons

Cheng, Andrea

The Bear Makers

Greenbaum, Beth Aviv

Bearing Witness: Teaching about the Holocaust

Ponscott, Marie, & Charles Weingartner

Beat Not the Poor Desk--Writing: What to Teach, How to Teach It and Why

Brett, Jan

Beauty and the Beast: Retold and Illustrated

Lehr, Susan, ed.

Beauty, Brains, and Brawn: The Construction of Gender in Children's Literature

California Writing Project

Because Writing Matters

National Writing Project & Carl Nagin

Because Writing Matters

Moxley, Joseph M.

Becoming an Academic Writer

Fay, Kathleen, and Suzanne Whaley

Becoming One Community: Reading & Writing with English Language Learners

Clay, Marie M.

Becoming Literate

Bizzell, Patricia, & Bruce Herzberg

The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing (4th Ed.)

Johnson, Jean

The Bedford Guide to the Research Process

Meyer, Michael

The Bedford Introduction to Literature (5th ed.)

Strickland, Dorothy S., and Mandel Morrow (eds.)

Beginning Reading and Writing

Atwan, Robert

The Best American Essays

Kaplin, Justin

The Best American Essays

Kaplan, Justin

The Best American Essays - 1990

Ravenel, Shannon

The Best American Short Stories

Jensen, Julie M.

The Best of Livewire: Practical Classroom Activities for Elementary and Middle School Students

Cline, Ruth

The Best of Notes Plus

Zemelman, Steven; Harvey Daniels; Arthur Hyde

Best Practice: New Standards for Teaching and Learning in America's Schools

Sebhatu, Temnete (Ed.)

The Best Teen Writing of 2008

Pfaehler, Virginia Lee (Ed)

The Best Teen Writing of 2009

Zemelman, Steven, Harvey Daniels, & Arthur Hyde

Best Practice: Today's Standards for Teaching and Learning in America's Schools

Beltz, Justin, ed.

The Best Teen Writing of 2007

Smith, Frank

Between Hope and Havoc

Schilb, John

Between the Lines: Relating Composition Theory and Literary Theory

Freeman, David E., & Yvonne S. Freeman

Between Worlds

Kent, Richard

Beyond Room 109

Jago, Carol

Beyond Standards

Pigdon, Keith

The Big Picture

Lamott, Anne

Bird by Bird

Romano, Tom

Blending Genre, Altering Style: Writing Multigenre Papers

Richardson, Will

Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts

Routman, Regie

The Blue Pages

Langan, Paul

Blueford High: The Bully

McClure, Amy A., et al.

Books That Invite Talk, Wonder, and Play

Wurth, Shirley, ed.

Books for You

Beers, Kylene, & Teri S. Lesesne (Eds.)

Books for You: An Annotated Booklist for Senior High

Christenbury, Leila

Books for You: Booklist for Senior High School  1995 ed

Blasingame, James

Books that Don’t Bore ‘Em: Young Adult Books That Speak to This Generation

Lyon, George Ella

Borrowed Children

Abrahams, George, and Sheila Ahlbrand

Boy V. Girl? How Gender Shapes Who We Are, What We Want, and How We Get Along

Gurian, Michael

Boys and Girls Learn Differently!

Grogan, Tamara

Boys and Girls Together: Improving Gender Relationships in K-6 Classrooms

Ede, Lisa

The Braddock Essays

Roskelly, Hephzibah

Breaking (into) the Circle

Alvine, Lynne, & Linda Cullum, eds.

Breaking the Cycle: Gender, Literacy, and Learning

Hansen, Jane, et al., eds.

Breaking Ground:  Teachers Relate Reading and Writing in the Elementary School

Gentry, J. Richard

Breakthrough in Beginning Reading and Writing

Bauman, Amy, & Art Peterson, eds.

Breakthrough: Classroom Discoveries about Teaching Writing

Fletcher, Ralph

Breathing In, Breathing Out

Bissex, Glenda L.

The Bridge to School

Waterland, Liz

The Bridge to School

Five, Foehr, Regin Paxton, & Susan A. SchillerCora Lee

Bridging the Gap


Bridging the Great Divide: Broadening Perspectives on Closing the Achievement Gap

Strickland, Dorothy S., and Donna E. Alverman

Bridging the Literacy Achievement Gap: Grades 4-12

Pugh, Sharon L.

Bridging:  A Teacher's Guide to Metaphorical Thinking

Samway, Katharine D.

Buddy Reading

Walker, Frank X

Buffalo Dance: The Journey of York

Graves, Donald H.

Build a Literate Classroom

Burke-Hengen, Mary

Building Community

Vincent, Donna, & Susan Miller

Building the Foundation the WRITE Way (NCTE Concept Papers)

Howgate, Lynn

Building Self-Esteem through the Writing Process

Freeman, Marcia S.

Building a Writing Community: A Practical Guide

Fletcher, Ralph

Buried Alive: The Elements of Love

Skopec, Eric

Business and Professional Speaking

Lane, Barry

But How Do You Teach Writing?

Boushey, Gail and Joan Moser

The Cafe Book

Berstein, Ruby S., & Bernard R. Tanner

The California High School Proficiency Examination:  Evaluating the Writing Samples

Greer, Colin

A Call to Character

Tedlock, David, & Paul Jarvie

Casebook Rhetoric: A Problem-Solving Approach to Composition

Brooks, Jacqueline G., & Martin G. Brooks

The Case for Constructivist Classrooms

Vacca, Richard T., & Timothy V. Rasinski

Case Studies in Whole Language

Field, John P., & Robert H. Weiss

Cases for Composition with Instructor's Manual

Ohanian, Susan

Caught in the Middle

National Writing Project

Celebrating 30 Years with 30 Ideas That Work

Myers, Miles

Changing our Minds

Wells, Gordon

Changing Schools from Within: Creating Communities of Inquiry

Austin, Terri

Changing the View

Ford, Marjorie

The Changing World of Work

Cox, Maureen

The Child's Point of View:  The Development of Cognition and Language

Walmsley, Bonnie B.

Children Exploring Their World

Lee, Doris M., & Joseph B. Lubin

Children and Language

McConaghy, June

Children Learning Through Literature

Hubbard, Ruth S

Children's Literature in the Elementary School  (5th ed.)

Fine, Esther S.

Children as Peacemakers

Heath, Shirley

Children of Promise

Hamel, Fred L.

Choice and Agency in the Writing Workshop

Chase, Penelle, & Jane Doan

Choosing to Learn

Christensen, Francis

The Christensen Rhetoric Program

Banford, Howard

City Scapes

Corbett, Edward P. J. & Robert J. Conners

Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student (4th ed.)

Jago, Carol

Classics in the Classroom: Designing Accessible Literature Lessons

Spandel, Vicki

Classroom Applications of Writing Assessment

Gordon, Naomi

Classroom Experiences: The Writing Process in Action

Burke, Jim             

Classroom Management

Clapp, Oida H.

Classroom Practices in Teaching English, 1975-1976:  On Right Writing

King, Laurie, & Dennis Stovall

Classroom Publishing:  A Practical Guide to Enhancing Student Literacy

Nathan, Ruth, Frances Temple, Kathleen Juntunen, & Charles Temple

Classroom Strategies That Work: An Elementary Teacher's Guide to Process Writing

Kytle, Ray

Clear Thinking for Composition

Romano, Tom

Clearing the Way: Working with Teenage Writers

Bourque, Paula

Close Writing: Developing Purposeful Writers in Grades 2-6

Williams, Belinda, ed.

Closing the Achievement Gap

Hick, Troy et al

Coaching Teacher-Writers: Practical Steps to Nurture Professional Writing

Strong, William

Coaching Writing:  The Power of Guided Practice

Gregg, Lee W. & Erwin R. Steinberg

Cognitive Processes in Writing

Styles, Morag

Collaboration & Writing

Dyson, Anne H., ed.

Collaboration through Writing and Reading;  Exploring Possibilities

Fontaine, S.

Collaborative Writing in Composition Studies

Shamoon, Linda K., et al

Coming of Age: The Advanced Writing Curriculum

Moffett, James

Coming on Center: Education in Evolution (2nd ed.)

Atwell, Nancie

Coming to Know: Writing to Learn in the Intermediate Grades

Fisher, Douglas and Nancy Frey

Common Core: English Language Arts in a PLC at Work (2)

Spellmeyer, Kurt

Common Ground:  Dialogue, Understanding, and the Teaching of Composition

Schutte, William

Communication in Business and Industry

Elbow, Peter, & Pat Belanoff

A Community of Writers

Zemelman, Steven and Harvey Daniels

A Community of Writers: Teaching Writing in the Junior and Senior High School

Gillis, Candida

The Community as a Classroom:  Integrating School and Community Through Language Arts

Meinbach, Anita M.

The Complete Guide to Thematic Units: Creating the Integrated Curriculum

Klaus, Carl H.

Composing Childhood Experience

Sunstein, Bonnie

Composing a Culture

Emig, Janet

The Composing Processes of 12th Graders

Vinz, Ruth

Composing a Teachering Life

Elliot, Leslie Atkins et al

Composing Science

Fleisher, Cathy

Composing Teacher-Research; A Prosaic History

Coles, William E., Jr.

Composing:  Writing as a Self Creating Process

Coles, William E., Jr.

Composing II:  Writing as a Self Creating Process

Skarmeta, Antonio & Alfonso Ruano

The Composition

Simon, Sidney

Composition for Personal Growth:  Values Clarification through Writing

Lauer, Janice M., et al.

Composition Research

Winterowd, Ross W.

Composition/Rhetoric:  A Synthesis

Bloom, Lynn Z., Donald A. Daiker, & Edward M. White, eds.

Composition in the Twenty-first Century: Crisis and Change

Marriott, Donna

Comprehension Right from the Start: How to Organize and Manage Book Clubs for Young Readers

Self, Judy

Computer-Assisted Instruction in Composition: Create Your Own

Handa, Carolyn, ed.

Computers and Community:  Teaching Computers in the 21st Century

Wresch, William

The Computer in Composition Instruction:  A Writer's Tool

Clark, Irene L.

Concepts in Composition: Theory and Practice in the Teaching of Writing

Kaufman, Douglas

Conferences and Conversations

Brown, Cynthia Stokes

Connecting with the Past: History Workshop in Middle and High School



Howard, C. Jeriel


Love, Glen A.

Contemporary Essays on Style

Winterowd, W. Ross

The Contemporary Writer: A Practical Rhetoric

Lapp, Diane, James Flood, and Nancy Farnan, eds.

Content-Area Reading and Learning

Daniels, Harvey, Steven Zemelman, and Nancy Steineke

Content-Area Writing: Every Teacher's Guide

Ruas, Charles

Conversations with American Writers

Beattie, L. Elisabeth (Ed.)

Conversations with Kentucky Writers

Beattie, L. Elisabeth (Ed.)

Conversations with Kentucky Writers II

Peterson, Art

Converquences:  Transactions in Reading and Writing

Thomas, Jane Resh

Courage at Indian Deep

Klaus, Carl H., with Nancy Jones

Courses for Change in Writing

Kleiman, Glenn M.

Courses for Change in Writing

Courlander, Harold & George Herzog

The Cow-Tail Switch and other West African Stories

Dunn, Sonja, & Lou Pamenter

Crackers and Crumbs: Chants for the Whole Language

Laminack, Lester L.

Cracking Open the Author’s Craft: Teaching the Art of Writing

Murray, Donald M.

The Craft of Revision

Fletcher, Ralph

Craft Lessons

Fletcher, Ralph and Joann Portalupi

Craft Lessons, 2nd Edition

Romano, Tom

Crafting Authentic Voice

Murray, Donald M.

Crafting A Life

Clifford, Tim

Crafting Opinion and Persuasive Papers

Hale, Elizabeth

Crafting Writers K-6


Creating Classrooms for Authors

Short, Kathy G., Jerome C. Harste, & Carolyn Burke

Creating Classrooms for Authors and Inquirers

Wiener, Harvey J.

Creating Composition (6th ed.)

Short, Kathy G.

Creating Curriculum

Forsythe, Steven

Creating MLA Style Research Papers

Rule, Rebecca, & Susan Wheeler

Creating the Story: Guides for Writers

Ellery, Valerie 

Creating Strategic Readers 

Weaver, Constance, Lorraine 
Gillmeister-Krause, & Grace Vento-Zogby

Creating Support for Effective Literacy Education

Merrion, Margaret, & Janet Rubin

Creative Approaches to Elementary Curriculum

Stires, Susan

Creative Approaches to Sentence Combining

Strong, William

Creative Approaches to Sentence Combining

Goleman, Daniel

The Creative Spirit

Padgett, Ron

Creative Writing

Clegg, Cyndia Susan

Critical Reading and Writing Across the Disciplines

Caposella, Toni-Lee

The Critical Writing Workshop:  Designing Writing Assignments to Foster Critical Thinking

Oliver, Eileen I.

Crossing the Mainstream

Irvine, Jacqueline Jordan, & Beverly Jeanne Armento

Culturally Responsive Teaching: Lesson Planning for Elementary and Middle Grades

Gaughan, John

Cultural Revolutions

Ballenger, Bruce

The Curious Researcher: A Guide to Writing Research Papers

Ballenger, Bruce

The Curious Writer

Brody, Pamela, et al.

The Current State of Assessment in Literature

Kueer, Stephen B., Cecilia Silver, 
& Esther L. Delgado-Larocco

Curricular Conversations

Glass, Kathy

Curriculum Design for Writing Instruction

Taba, Hilda

Curriculum Development: Theory and Practice

Boushey, Gail & Joan Moser

The Daily 5: Fostering Literacy Independence in the Elementary Grades

Ministry of Education (New Zealand)

Dancing with the Pen

Claggett, Fran

Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing

Farrell, Edmund J.

Deciding on the Future

Antinarella, Joseph, & Denny Wolfe

Deciding to Lead: The English Teacher as Reformer

Willis, Meredith Sue

Deep Revision

Gallagher, Kelly

Deeper Reading: Comprehending Challenging Texts, 4-12

Hudelson, Sarah J.

Delicate Balances

Munger, Roger

Designing Documents and Understanding Visuals

Johannessen, Larry R., et al.

Designing and Sequencing Prewriting Activities

Moffett, James

Deterring Growth in Language

Zwiers, Jeff

Developing Academic Thinking Skills in Grades 6-12

Nystrand, Martin

Developing Audience Awareness

Hickey, Dona J.

Developing a Written Voice

Matthews, Jackie

The Developmental Writing Program - Teacher Guide - Grades 1-6

Britton, James, et al.

The Development of Writing Abilities (11-18)

Maguire, Mary H.

Dialogue in a Major Key

Calvert, Josephine

The Diary of Josephine Calvert

Cronin, Doreen

Diary of a Worm

Drapeau, Patti

Differentiated Instruction

King-Shaver, Barbara, & Alyce Hunter

Differentiated Instruction in the English Classroom

Chapman, Carolyn, & Rita King

Differential Instructional Strategies for Reading in Content Areas

Gregory, Gayle H., & Carolyn Chapman

Differential Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn't Fit All

Chapman, Carolyn, & Rita King

Differential Instructional Strategies in Practice: Training, Implementation, and Supervision

Tomlinson, Carol Ann

The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners

Gregory, Gail H.

Differentiated Instructional Strategies in Practice

Gregory, Gail H. and Carolyn Chapman

Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn't Fit All

Evans, J. A.

Directories & Misdirections

Kutz, Eleanor, Suzy Q. Groden, & Vivian Zamel

The Discovery of Competence

Graves, Donald H.

Discover Your Own Literacy

Drew, Elizabeth

Discovering Poetry

Ballenger, Bruce

Discovering the Writer Within

Kutz, Eleanor, et al.

The Discovery of Competence:  Teaching and Learning with Diverse Student

Hemphill, George

Discussions of Poetry: Rhythm and Sound

England, Crystal M.

Divided We Fail: Issues of Equity in American Schools

McWhorter, John 

Doing Our Own Thing: The Degradation of Language and Music and Why We Should, Like, Care 

Tovani, Cris

Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?

Lyon, George Ella

Don't You Remember?

Teague, Mark

The Doom Machine 

Costanzo, William V.

Double Exposure

Short, Deborah J., & Shannon Fitzsimmons

Double the Work

Charters, Jill

Drama Anytime

Dayton, Tian

Drama Games: Techniques for Self-Development

Swartz, Larry

Drama Themes

Heller, Paul G.

Drama as a Way of Knowing

Claggett, Fran

Drawing Your Own Conclusions

Ladson-Billings, Gloria

The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children

Freeman, Yvonne S., David E. Freeman, and Sandra P. Mercuri

Dual Language Essentials for Teachers and Administrators

Flynn, Thomas, & Mary King

Dynamics of the Writing Conference:  Social and Cognitive Interaction

Schaafsman, David

Eating of the Street: Teaching Literacy in a Multicultural Society

Murphy, Herta

Effective Business Communications

Wolf, Morris

Effective Communication in Business

Donovan, Timothy R., & Ben W. McClelland

Eight Approaches to Teaching Composition

Smart, William

Eight Modern Essayists

Bluegrass Writing Project

Elbow Room (1995)

Project Wild



Elementary Math Dictionary

Millstone, David H.

An Elementary Odyssey

Bishop, Wendy

Elements of Alternate Style

Hobbs, C.

The Elements of Autobiography and Life Narratives

Strunk, Jr., William and E.B. White

The Elements of Style (2nd Ed.)

Salvatori, M.

The Elements and Pleasures of Difficulty

Blake, Gary, & Robert Bly

Elements of Technical Writing

Elbow, Peter

Embracing Contrarties:  Explorations in Learning and Teaching

Schwartz, Judith I.

Encouraging Early Literacy:  An Integrated Approach to Reading and Writing in N-3

Zeiger, Arthur

The Encyclopedia of English

Cordeiro, Pat

Endless Possibilities

Foster, Elizabeth Sabrinsky

Energizers and Icebreakers for All Ages and Stages

Graves, Donald H

The Energy to Teach

Strickland, Kathleen, & James Strickland

Engaged in Learning

Graves, Donald H.

Engaging Families

Shockley, Betty

Engaging Families

Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.

Engaging Readers and Writers with Inquiry: Promoting Deep Understandings in

Language Arts and the Content Areas with Guiding Questions

Ohmann, Richard

English in America: A Radical View of the Profession

Wresch, William

The English Classroom in the Computer Age

Honegger, Mark

English Grammar for Writing

Gibbons, Pauline

English Learners Academic Literacy and Thinking: Learning in the Challenge Zone

Burke, Jim

The English Teacher's Companion

Olson, Janet L.

Envisioning Writing

Burt, Forrest D. and Sylvia King

Equivalency Testing: A Major Issue for College English

Shaughnessy, Mina P.

Errors and Expectations:  A Guide for the Teacher of Basic Writing

Smith, Frank

Essays into Literacy

Corbett - Golden - Berquist

Essays on the Rhetoric of the Western World

Mackenzie, Jock

Essay Writing: Teaching the Basics from the Ground Up 

Buckler, William E. & Arnold B. Sklare

Essentials of Rhetoric

Frank, Carolyn

Ethnographic Eyes: A Teacher's Guide to Classroom Observation

Cooper, Charles R., & Lee Odell

Evaluating Writing:  Describing, Measuring, Judging

Larson, Richard L.

The Evaluation of Teaching College English

Mayberry, Catherine

Everyday Arguments: A Guide to Writing and Reading Effective Arguments

Anderson, Jeff

Everyday Editing: Inviting Students to Develop Skill and Craft in Writer's Workshop

Roskelly, Hephzibah, & David A. Jolliffe

Everyday Use: Rhetoric at Work in Reading and Writing 

Elbow, Peter

Everyone Can Write: Essays Toward a Hopeful Theory of and Teaching Writing

Means, Beth, & Lindy Linder

Everything You Need to Learn about Writing in the High School--But . . .

Lunsford, AndreaA and John J. Ruszkiewicz

Everything's an Argument

Christian, Scott

Exchanging Lives: Middle School Writers Online

Barber, Larry

Exemplary Practice Series

Squire, James R.

Exemplary Practice Series

Parsons, Les

Expanding Response Journal

Perrone, Vito

Expanding Student Assessment

Pradl, Gordon M.

Expectation and Cohesion

Murray, Donald M.

Expecting the Unexpected: Teaching Myself--and Others--to Read and Write

Petty, Walter

Experiences in Language

Ylvisker, Miriam

An Experiment in Encouraging Fluency

Graves, Donald H.

Experiment with Fiction

Evertts, Eldonna L.

Explorations in Children's Writing

Smagorinsky, Peter

Explorations;  Introductory Activities for Literature and Composition, 7-12

McKerrow, Ray

Explorations in Rhetoric

Pelz, Karen

Exploratory Writing

Graves, Donald H.

Explore Poetry

Tiedt, Iris M.

Exploring Books with Children

Goshgarian, Gary, ed.

Exploring Language

Bingham, Anne A.

Exploring the Multiage Classroom

Kroll, Barry M., & Roberta J. Vann

Exploring Speaking-Writing Relationships

Cantrell, Alice


Van Horn, Marcy Carbajal

Extra Help for ESL Writers

Bartholomae, David

Fact, Artifacts & Counter Facts

Logan, Deborah Anna

Fallenness in Victorian Women's Writing: Marry, Stitch, Die, or Do Worse

Lehman, Christopher and Kate Roberts

Falling in Love with Close Reading

McNess, Pat

Familiar Faces

Stillman, Peter 

Families Writing

Edinger, Monica, & Stephanie Fins

Far Away and Long Ago

Roskelly, Hephzibah, & Kate Ronald

Farther Along: Transforming Dichotomies in Rhetoric and Composition

Lyon, George Ella

Father Time and the Day Boxes

Karp, Karen, et al.

Feisty Females: Inspiring Girls to Think Mathematically

Perl, Sondra

Felt Sense: Writing with the Body

Burnett, Hallie, & Whit Burnett

Fiction Writer's Handbook

Scott, Susan

Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life, One Conversation at a Time

Herrell, Adrienne, and Michael Jordan

Fifty Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners (2nd Ed.)

Lipke, Barbara

Figures, Facts, and Fables

Noppe-Brandon, G.

Find Your Voice: A Methodology for Enhancing Literacy Through Re-Writing and Re-Acting

Nieto, Sonia

Finding Joy in Teaching Students of Diverse Backgrounds

Perlmutter, Jane, & Louise Burrell

The First Weeks of School

Gentry, Jane & Frederick Smock

Five Kentucky Poets Laureate: An Anthology

Bartis, Peter

Folklife and Fieldwork:  A Layman's Introduction to Field Techniques

Heard, Georgia

For the Good of the Earth and Sun

Slade, Carole and Robert Perrin

Form & Style (Instructor's Copy)

Draper, Virginia

Formative Writing:  Writing to Assist Learning in all Subject Areas

Berthoff, Ann E.

Forming, Thinking, Writing:  The Composing Imagination

Berthoff, Ann E.

Forming, Thinking, Writing:  The Composing Imagination  (2nd ed)

Lauer, Janice M., et al.

Four Worlds of Writing

Clark, Roy P.

Free to Write: A Journalist Teaches Young Writers

Holt, John

Freedom & Beyond

Martin, Harold C., et al.

Freedom and Discipline in English

Gruwell, Erin

The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150  Teens Used Writing  to Change Themselves and  the World Around Them

Kelly, Lou

From Dialogue to Discourse:  An Open Approach

Strickland, James

From Disk to Hard Copy

Dethier, Brock

From Dylan to Donne:  Bridging English and Music

Cleary, Linda M.

From the Other Side of the Desk: Students Speak Out about Writing

McVitty, Walter, et al., eds

From Reader to Writer

Bander, Robert G.

From Sentence to Paragraph

Bare Books

Fully Bound Blank Books(2) and Brochure

Church, Susan M.

The Future of Whole Language: Reconstruction or Self-destruction?

McCracken, Nancy M., & Bruce C. Winker

Gender Issues in the Teaching of English

Ginsberg, Alice E., Joan Poliner Shapiro, and Shirley P. Brown

Gender in Urban Educations: Strategies for Student Achievement

Wilhelm, Jeffrey et al

Get it Done! Writing and Analyzing Informational Texts to Make Things Happen

Dunning, Stephen, & William Stafford

Getting the Knack: 20 Poetry Writing Exercises

Smith, Michael W. and Jeffery Wilhelm

Getting it Right: Fresh Approaches to Teaching, Grammar, Usage, and Correctness

Welch, Nancy

Getting Restless

Jacobs, H. H.

Getting Results with Curriculum Mapping

McVitty, Walter, et al., eds.

Getting It Together: Organizing the Reading-Writing Classroom

Freeman, Joan

Gifted Children Growing Up

Girard, Suzanne, & Kathlene R. Willing

Glavs from Thoughts to Words

Abrams, M. H.

A Glossary of Literary Terms

Girard, Suzanne, & Kathlene R. Willing

Glover A Garden of Poets

Bissex, Glenda L

GNTS at Work:  A Child Learns to Write and Read

Howard, Kenny

Go Get a Pet

Harwayne, Shelly

Going Public: Priorities and Practice at the Manhattan New School

Sears, Peter

Gonna Bake Me a Rainbow Poem

Gilbar, Steven

Good Books:  A Book Lover's Companion

Simon, Linda

Good Writing


Grade 8: Literature to Literacy

Killgallon, Don and Jenny

Grammar for High School: A Sentence-Composing Approach

Fearon, Globe

Grammar Skills for Writers

Weaver, Constance

Grammar for Teachers: Perspectives and Definitions

Noguchi, Rei R.

Grammar and the Teaching of Writing

Winston, Linda


Gilbreath, Alice

The Great Barrier Reef: A Treasure in the Sea

Hawkins, Thom

Group Inquiry Techniques for Teaching Writing

Collins, Kathy

Growing Readers

Silberman, Arlene

Growing Up Writing:  Teaching Our Children to Write, Think, and Learn

Trimmer, Joseph F.

A Guide to the New MLA Documentation Style

Sommers, Nancy

Guide to Writing

Fountas, Irene, & Gay Su Pinnell

Guided Reading

Byrd, Daphne, & Polly Westfall

Guided Reading Coaching Tool

Kennedy, X.J.

Handbook of Literary Terms: Literature, Language, Theory

Green, Bob

Handbook of Magazine Aricle Writing

Honig, Bill

Handbook for Planning an Effective Writing Program

Troyka, Lynn Q.

Handbook for Writers

Kovacs, Edna

A Handbook on Writing Poetry and Lyrical Prose

Muschla, Gary Robert & Judith A. Muschla

Hands-On Math Projects with Real-Life Applications:  Ready-to-Use Lessons and Materials for Grades 6-12

Lingelbach, Jenepher

Hands-on Nature


Handwriting:  Basic Skills and Application Book 3 (rev. ed.)

Spataro, Charles P.

Haven't You Noticed My Charisma? The Columns and Photographs of Charles P. Spataro

Holland, Holly, & Kelly Mazzoli

The Heart of a High School: One Community's Effort to Transform Urban Education

Lundsteen, Sara W.

Help for the Teacher of Written Composition

Fassler, Barbara Walvoord

Helping Students Write Well

Walvoord, Barbara E.

Helping Students Write Well: A Guide for Teachers in All Disciplines

Hewitt, Geof

Hewitt's Guide to Slam Poetry and Poetry Slam

K.A. Research

High School Entrance Examinations 

Farrel, Pamela B.

The High School Writing Center: Establishing and Maintaining One

Sitomer, A.

Hip-Hop Poetry and Classics for the Classroom

Green County Historical Society

Historic Architecture of Green County, Kentucky

Zarnowski, Myra

History Makers: A Questioning Approach to Reading & Writing Autobiographies

Young Adult Library Services Association

Hit List 2: Frequently Challenged Books for Young Adults

Newkirk, Thomas

Holding on to Good Ideas in a Time of Bad Ones:  Six Literacy Principles Worth Fighting For

Britton, Sherri, et al. eds.

Home and Other Places

Fader, Daniel N., & Morton H. Shaevitz

Hooked on Books

Morrow Junior Books

The HORN BOOK GUIDE to Children's and Young Adult Books

Byars, Betsy

The House of Wings

Baker, Dave, et al.

How Big is the Moon?

Melton, David

How To Capture Live Authors and Bring Them to Your School

Graves, Donald H.

How to Catch a Shark

Garmston, Robert J., & Bruce M. Wellman

How to Make Presentations that Teach and Transform

Wyman, Sarah LaBrec

How to Respond to Your Culturally Diverse Student

Herndon, James

How to Survive in Your Native Land

Mallick, David

How Tall Is This Ghost, John?

Brown, Rollo Walter

How the French Boy Learns to Write

Gabriel, J.

How to Thrive as a Teacher Leader

Seuling, Barbara

How to Write A Children's Book and Get it Published

Falk, Kathryn, & Cindy Savage 

How to Write A Novel for Young Readers and Get It Published 

Pearsall, Thomas E., & Donald H. Cunningham

How to Write for the World of Work

Garrison, Roger

How a Writer Works (with instructor's manual)

Lloyd, Pamela

How Writers Write

Langer, Judith A., et al.

How Writing Shapes Thinking

Anderson, Carl

How's it Going? A Practical Guide to Conferring with Student Writers

Swain, Sherry S.

I Can Write What's on My Mind

Miller, Jim W.

I Have a Place

Macrorie, Ken

The I-Search Paper

Hartig, Hugo

The Idea of Composition

National Council of Teachers of English

Idea Exchange for English Teachers

National Council of Teachers of English

Ideas Plus (Books 1-12)

Hodges, Richard E.

Ideas Plus  Book One

Smith, Rona S.

Ideas Plus  Book 4

Anson, Chris M., ed.

Ideas For Teachers From Teachers: Elementary Language Arts

National Council of Teachers of English

IDEAS for Teachers from Teachers

Newton, Joan

Ideas for Teaching English Grades 7-12

Gill, Kent

Ideas for the Working Classroom

Hill, Ada, & Beth Boone

If Maslow Taught Writing

Henry, Jeanne

If Not Now

Steffy, Stephanie, & Wendy J. Hood

If This Is Social Studies, Why Isn't It Boring?

Frank, Marjorie

If You're Trying to Teach Kids How to Write

Noden, Harry R.

Image Grammar

Fox, Roy F.

Images in Language, Media, and Mind

Brown, Bill, and Malcolm Glass

Important Words: A Book for Poets and Writers

Fisher, Douglas and Nancy Frey

Improving Adolescent Literacy

Lenski, Susan D., & Jerry Johns

Improving Writing K-8: Strategies, Assesments, and Resources

Spolin, Viola

Improvisations for the Theater

Hindley, Joanne

In the Company of Children

Goodman, Ken

In Defense of Good Teaching

Dandridge, Sarah, et al.

Independent Study and Writing

Cruz, M. Colleen

Independent Writing

Koechlin, Carol, & Sandi Zwaan

Info Tasks for Successful Learning: Building Skills in Reading, Writing, and Research

Lieberman, Ann, & Diane R. Wood

Inside the National Writing Project: Connecting Network Learning and Classroom Teaching

Kirby, Dan, & Tom Liner

Inside Out: Developmental Strategies for Teaching Writing (2nd)

Allen, Janet

Inside Words: Tools for Teaching Academic Vocabulary Grades 4-12

Rief, Linda

Inside the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook 

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Inspire: Writing Anthology

Smith, Frank

Insult to Intelligence: The Bureaucratic Invasion of Our Classrooms

Tomlinson, Carol Ann & Jay McTighe

Integrating & Differentiated Instruction: Understanding by Design

Walvoord, Barbara E.

In the Long Run

Atwell, Nancie

In the Middle:Writing, Reading, and Learning with Adolescents

Atwell, Nancie

In the Middle (2nd ed.)

Schwartz, Helen J.

Interactive Writing:  Composing with a Word Processor with Instructor's Manual

Barbour, Alton

Interpersonal Communication: Teaching Strategies and Resources

Els, Susan McBride

Into the Deep

Boynton, Robert

Introduction to the Short Story

Jones, Paul W., & Susan J. Judy

An Introduction to the Teaching of Writing

Baker, Russell, Annie Dillard, Alred Kazin, Toni Morrison, & Lewis Thomas

Inventing the Truth: The Art and Craft of Memoir

LeFevre, Karen Burke

Invention as a Social Act 

Graves, Donald H.

Investigate Nonfiction

Routman, Regie

Invitations: Changing as Teachers and Learners K-12

McClure, Amy A., et al

Inviting Children's Responses to Literature

Lewis, Flossie

The Involuntary Conversion of a 727 or Crash!

Burrows, Alvina Truet

Involving the Child in Language Arts (cassette series)

Tovani, Cris

I Read It But I Don't Get It

Allen, Janet

It's Never Too Late

Bluegrass Writing Project

It's Not a Competition (2003)

Whitin, David J.

It's the Story That Counts

Busching, Beverly, and Betty Ann Slesinger

"It's Our World Too": Socially Responsive Learners in Middle School Language Arts

Reynolds, Marilyn

I Won't Read

Parker, Diane

Jamie:  A Literacy Story

Cullinan, Bernice E.

A Jar of Tiny Stars

Logan, Chloe Hughes

John and Others: A Collection of Word-Photos

Smith, Frank

Joining the Literacy Club

Fulwiler, Toby

The Journal Book

Steiner, Barbara

Journal Keeping with Young People

Holland, Kathleen E.

Journeying: Children Responding to Literature

Fisher, Bobbi

Joyful Learning

Krogness, Mary M.

Just Teach Me Mrs. K

Gunnery, Sylvia

Just Write

Sigmon, C.

Just-Right Writing Mini-Lessons (Grades 2-3)

Hall, Nigel

Keeping in Touch

Kleber, John E. (Editor)

The Kentucky Encyclopedia

Bellamy, Amy Arnold, & Pete Arnold

Kentucky Family 

Montell, William Lynwood, & Michael Lynn Morse

Kentucky Folk Architecture

Kentucky Department of Education

Kentucky Marker Papers: Primary - Grade 12

Raimes, Ann

Keys for Writers: A Brief Handbook

Walmsley, Sean

Kindergarten: Ready or Not?

McMarckin, Mary C., & Barbara S. Siegel

Knowing How:  Researching and Writing Nonfiction 3-8

Johnston, Peter H.

Knowing Literacy (with audio tape)

Keefe, Charlotte Hendrick

Label-Free Learning: Supporting Learners with Disabilities

Bazerman, Charles

Landmark Essays

Elbow, Peter

Landmark Essays on Voice and Writing

Perl, Sondra

Landmark Essays on Writing Process

Thaiss, Christopher

Language across the Curriculum in the Elementary Grades

Norton, Donna E.

Language Arts Activities for Children (2nd ed.)

Fennessey, Sharon

Language Arts Lessons for Active Learning

Fulwiler, Toby, & Art Young

Language Connections: Writing and reading across the Curriculum

Loban, Walter

Language Development: K-12

Britton, James

Language as Learning

Barnes, Douglas

Language, the Learner & the School

Kleiman, Glenn M.

The Language of Numbers

Rank, Hugh

Language and Public Policy

Tchudi, Stephen

Language, Schooling & Society

Harste, Jerome C., Virginia A. Woodward, & Carolyn L. Burke

Language Stories and Literary Lessons

Hayakawa, S. I.

Language in Thought and Action (4th ed.)

Nystrand, Martin

Language as a Way of Knowing

Harwayne, Shelly

Lasting Impressions

Sousa, David A.

The Leadership Brain

Zarnowski, Myra

Learning about Biographies

Hall, Nigel, & Anne Robinson

Learning About Punctuation

Sweeney, Diane

Learning Along the Way: Professional Development by and  for Teachers

Lester, Nancy B., & Cynthia S. Onore

Learning Change: One School District Meet Language Across the Curriculum

Marek, Edmund A., & Ann M. L. Cavallo

The Learning Cycle

Downes, Toni, & Cherryl Fatouros

Learning in an Electronic World

Lowery, Lawrence F., & Hermine H. Marshall

Learning about Instruction: Teacher Initiated Statements and Questions

Claggett, Fran

Learning the Landscape

Lowery, Lawrence F.

Learning about Learning: Classification Abilities

Lowery, Lawrence F.

Learning about Learning: Conservation Abilities

Lowery, Lawrence F.

Learning about Learning: Propositional Abilities

Gamberg, Ruth, et al.

Learning and Loving It:  Theme Studies in the Classroom

Dunn, Patricia

Learning Re-abled

Anson, Chris M., ed.

Learning to Read  in Our Nation's Schools: Instruction and Achievement in 1988 at Grades 4, 8, and 12

Langer, Judith A., et al.

Learning to Read in Our Nation's Schools:  Instruction and Achievement in
1988 at Grades 4, 8, and 12

Hodges, Richard E.

Learning to Spell

Freedman, Aviva, & Peter Medway

Learning and Teaching Genre

Short, Kathy G.

Learning Together Through Inquiry

Freedman, Aviva, et al., eds.

Learning to Write: First Language/Second Language

Educational Testing Service

Learning to Write in Our Nation's Schools: Instruction and Achievement in 1988 at Grades 4, 8, and 12

Smith, M. Spencer, & Ernestarilyn Cochran

Learning to Write Differently

Brand, Norman and John O. White

Legal Writing: The Strategy of Persuasion

Campbell, Kimberly Hill

Less is More

Atwell, Nancie

Lessons That Change Writers (with binder)

Calkins, Lucy McCormick

Lessons from a Child on the Teaching and Learning of Writing

Weaver, Constance

Lessons to Share

Draper, Sharon

Let the Circle Be Unbroken

Liburn, Pat, & Pam Rawson

Let's Talk Math: Encouaging Children to Explore Ideas

Dinitz, Sue

The Letter Book: Ideas for Teaching College English

Blitz, Michael, & C. Mark Hurlbert

Letters for the Living

Kozol, Jonathan

Letters to a Young Teacher

Houghton Mifflin

A Library in Every Book

Nieto, Sonia

The Light in Their Eyes: Creating Multicultural Learning Communities

Tsujimoto, Joseph I.

Lighting Fires

Brown, Cynthia Stokes

Like It Was: Writing Oral History

Tornow, Joan


McCallum, Richard, & Robert Whitlow

Linking Mathematics and Language

Bulla, Clyde Robert

A Lion to Guard Us

Newkirk, Thomas

Listening In

Rhodes, Lynn K.

Literacy Assessment: A Handbook of Instruments

Finn, Patrick J.

Literacy with an Attitude: Educating Working-Class Children in Their Own Self-Interest

Morow, Lesley Mandel

The Literacy Center

Walpole, Sharon, & Michael C. McKenna

The Literacy Coach's Handbook: A Guide to Research-Based Practice

Routman, Regie

Literacy at the Crossroads

Johns, Jerry L.

Literacy for Diverse Learners: Promoting Reading Growth at all Levels

McAndrew, D.

Literacy Leadership: Six Strategies for Peoplework

Johnson, Terry D., & Daphne R. Louis

Literacy through Literature

Middle Tennessee State University

The Literary Trunk: A Creative Companion to the Writer's Loft

Daniels, Harvey

Literature Circles

Nelms, Ben F., ed.

Literature in the Classroom: Readers, Texts, and Contexts

Rosenblatt, Louise M.

Literature as Exploration

Britton, James

Literature in its Place

Samway, Katharine D., & Gail Whang

Literature Study Circles in a Multicultural Classroom

Blau, Sheridan D.

The Literature Workshop:  Teaching Texts and Their Readers

Aaron, Jane A.

The Little Brown Essential Handbook

Brown, H. Jackson, Jr.

Live and Learn and Pass It On

Schrank, Jeffery

Lively Writing: The Process of Creative Communication

Hubbard, Ruth S

Living the Questions

Kahane, Howard, and Nancy Cavendar

Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric: The Use of Reason in Everyday Life

Ehrenworth, Mary

Looking to Write:  Students Writing Through the Visual Arts (2)

Waber, Bernard

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

Muller, Gilbert H.

Major Modern Essayists

Hoyt, Linda

Make It Real: Strategies for Success with Informational Texts

Owocki, Gretchen

Make Way for Literacy:  Teaching the Way Young Children Learn

Johnson, Paul

Making Books

Pavelka, Patricia

Making the Connection

Hynds, Susan

Making Connections: Language and Learning in the Classroom

Kitaqawa, Mary M.

Making Connections with Writing

Echevarria, Jana, MaryEllen Vogt, and Deborah J. Short

Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The STOP Model

Christenbury, Leila

Making the Journey

North, Stephen M.

The Making of Knowledge in Composition: Portrait of an Emerging Field

Lesesne, Teri S.

Making the Match:  The Right Book for the Right Reader at the Right Time

Angelillo, Janet

Making Revision Matter

D'Angelo, Frank J.

Making Sense, Shaping Meaning

D'Arcy, Pat

Making Sense, Shaping Meaning: Writing in the Context of a Capacity-Based Approach to Learning

Flower, Linda

Making Thinking Visible

Anderson, Gaylyn

Many Voices, One Goal

Buckley, Marilyn H., & Owen Boyle

Mapping the Writing Journey

Cheng, Andrea


Henderson, Kathy

The Market Guide for Young Writers

Grober, Keith

Math Express:  My Math Handbook

Najimy, Norman C.

Measure for Measure:  A Guidebook for Evaluating Students' Expository Writing

Dias, Patrick X.

Measuring Growth in English

Anderson, Jeff

Mechanically Inclined: Building Grammar, Usage, and Style into Writer's Workshop

Barbieri, Maureen

Meeting the Challenges

Bartel, Roland

Metaphors and Symbols: Forays into Language

Daniels, Harvey

Methods That Matter

Brady, Suzanne

Mindful of Others

Daniels, Harvey, and Nancy Steineke

Mini-Lessons for Literature Circles

Kohn, Ira

Mirror of Change

Newkirk, Thomas

Misreading Masculinty: Boys, Literacy, and Popular Culture

Penrod, Diane

Miss Grundy Doesn't Teach Here Anymore

Sommers, Nancy

Model Voices

Clifford, John

Modern American Prose

Hart, R.

Modern Rhetorical Criticism

Gunderson, Lee 

The Monday Morning Guide to Comprehension

Brown, Charles

Monologue to Dialogue

Chancer, Joni, & Gina Rester-Zodrow

Moon Journals

Conaway, Judith

More Magic Tricks You Can Do

Newkirk, Thomas

More Than Stories: The Range of Children's Writing

Bausum, Ann


McCarthy, Tara

Multicultural Fables and Fairy Tales

Allen, Camille

The Multigenre Research Paper

Johnson, Cheryl L., and Jayne A. Moneysmith

Multiple Genres, Multiple Voices: Teaching Argument in Composition and Literature

Stefanakis, Evangeline Harris

Multiple Intelligences and Portfolios: A Window into the Learner's Mind

Armstrong, Thomas

Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

Armstrong, Thomas

The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing (2) 

Perl, Lila

Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure: Secrets of Ancient Egypt

Stafford, Kim

The Muses Among Us: Eloquent Listening and Other Pleasures of the Writer's Craft

Gentry, J. Richard

My Kid Can't Spell

Conroy, Pat

My Reading Life

Trimmer, Joseph F.

Narration as Knowledge

Mellon, John C.

National Assessment and the Teaching of English

Barone, Diane (Ed.)

The National Board Certification Handbook: Support and Stories from Teachers and Candidates

Mack-Kirschner, Adrienne

The National Board Certification Workbook: How to Prepare Your Portfolio

National Writing Project

National Writing Project Bibliography: Writing Teachers' Resources for Professional Literacy

Check, Joseph, Tom Fox, Kathleen O'Shaughnessy, & Carol Tateishi

National Writing Project Professional Writing Retreat Handbook

National Storytelling Association

National Writing Projects

Dyson, Anne H., ed.

The Need for Story

National Commission on Writing in America's Schools and Colleges

The Neglected "R": The Need for a Writing Revolution

Johnson, Bea

Never Too Early to Write: Adventures in the K-1 Workshop

Rainer, Tristine

The New Diary

Black, Laurel, et al., eds.

New Directions in Portfolio Assessment:  Reflective Practice, Critical Theory, and Large-Scale Scoring

Flesch, Rudolf

A New Guide to Writing

Thier, Marlene

The New Science Literacy: Using Language Skills to Help Students Learn Science

Connolly, Paul & Teresa Vilardi

New Methods in College Writing Programs: Theories in Practice

Forman, Janis

New Visions of Collaborative Writing

Carter, Samuel Casey

No Excuses: Lessons for 21 High-Performing, High-Poverty Schools

Harvey, Stephanie

Nonfiction Matters

Robb, Laura

Nonfiction Writing

Davis, Judy, and Sharon Hill

The No-Nonsense Guide to Teaching Writing

Gibbs, LaRecea Tabor

Not A Wasted Breath 

Buckner, Aimee

Notebook Know-How: Strategies for the Writer's Notebook

Wilde, Sandra

Notes from a Kid Watcher:  Selected Writings of Yetta M. Goodman

Christensen, Francis

Notes Toward a New Rhetoric:  6 Essays for Teachers

Beers, Kylene and Robert Probst

NOtice and NOte: Strategies for Close Reading (2)

Goodspeed, Robert

The Novel Sentence (Elementary School)

Goodspeed, Robert

The Novel Sentence (Middle School)

Goodspeed, Robert

The Novel Sentence (High School)

Ellis, Sherry (Ed.)

Now Write!  Fiction Writing Exercises From Today's Best Writers & Teachers

Calkins, Lucy McCormick

The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching Writing

Hillocks, George, Jr.

Observing and Writing

Corgill, Ann Marie

Of Primary Importance: What’s Essential in Teaching Young Writers

Swanson, Richard

On Communication

Allen, Janet

On the Same Page

Wanner, Susan Y.

On with the Story: Adolescents Learning through Narrative

Stegner, Wallace

On Teaching and Writing Fiction

Fraser, Jane, & Donna Skolnick

On Their Way: Celebrating Second Graders as They Read and Write

King, Stephen

On Writing

Sale, Roger

On Writing

Ede, Lisa, ed.

On Writing Research: The Braddock Essays 1975-1998

Zinsser, William 

On Writing Well

Power, Brenda Miller, & Ruth S. Hubbard

OOPS!  What We Learn When Our Teaching Fails

Schniedewind, Nancy, & Ellen Davidson

Open Minds to Equality

Meek, Margaret, et al.

Opening Moves (#17)

Andrasick, Kathleen D.

Opening Texts: Using Writing to Teach Literature

Goodman, Ken

Organizing for Whole Language

Brereton, John C. 

The Origins of Composition Studies in the American College, 1875-1925

Delpit, Lisa

Other People's Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom

Shelton, Richard

The Other Side of the Story

Reynolds, Peter H.

Our Book By Us!

Verburg, Carol J. 

Ourselves Among Others: Cross-Cultural Readings for Writers 

Kentucky Department of Education

Out on a Limb

Houghton Mifflin

The Paperback Collection

Jago, Carol

Papers, Papers, Papers: An English Teacher's Survival Guide

Roloff, Joan G., & Virginia Brosseit


Oglan, Gerald R.

Parent, Learning, and Whole Language Classrooms

Hydrick, Janie

Parent's Guide to Literacy

Girard, Suzanne, & Kathlene R. Willing

Partnerships for Classroom Learning

Hopkins, Lee B.

Pass the Poetry, Please!

Kashatus, William C.

Past, Present, and Personal: Teaching Writing in U.S. History

Larner, Marjorie

Pathways: Charting a Course for Professional Learning

O'Reilly, Mary R.

The Peaceable Classroom

Spear, Karen

Peer Response Groups in Action:  Writing Together in Secondary Schools

Goldsby, Jackie

Peer Tutoring in Basic Writing:  A Tutor's Journal

Berrill, Deborah

Pen Pal Programs

Newkirk, Thomas

The Performance of Self in Student Writing

Willis, Meredith Sue

Personal Fiction Writing

Lamay, Bronwyn Clare

Personal Narrative, Revised

Haroian-Guerin, Gil, ed.

The Personal Narrative: Writing Ourselves as Teachers and Scholars

Calderonello, Alice, Donna Nelson-Beene, & Sue Carter Simmons

Perspectives on Academic Writing

McClelland, Ben W., & Timothy R. Donovan

Perspectives:  On Research and Scholarship in Composition

Hynds, Susan

Perspectives on Talk and Learning

Comprone, Joseph  J.

Perspectives:  Turning Reading into Writing

Indrisano, Rose

Perspectives on Writing

Billings, Henry, & Melissa Billings


Hillocks, George, Jr.

The Philosophy of Composition

Houghton Mifflin Reading

Phonics Library: We Can Do It!

Goodman, Ken

Phonics Phacts

Ernst, Karen

Picture Learning

Rank, Hugh

The Pitch: How to Analyze Ads

Sobel, David

Place-Based Education: Connecting Classrooms & Communities

Hunter, Susan

The Place of Grammar in Writing Instruction

Self, Judy

Plain Talk

Bray, Errol


Sklar, Daniel Judah


Coles, William E., Jr.

The Plural I--and After

Coles, William E., Jr.

The Plural I:  The Teaching of Writing

Frost, Robert

Pocket Book of Robert Frost's Poems

Kirszner and Mandell

The Pocket Handbook for Biology

Kirszner and Mandell

The Pocket Handbook for History

Kirszner and Mandell

The Pocket Handbook for Psychology

Epstein, R.

Pocket Guide to Critical Thinking

Struthers, Betsy, & Sarah Klassen

Poets in the Classroom

Duke, Charles, & Sally A. Jacobson, eds.

Poets' Perspectives: Reading, Writing, and Teaching Poetry

Dunning, Stephen, M. Joe Eaton, & Malcom Glass

Poetry 2: For Poets

Collins, James L., & Elizabeth A. Sommers

Poetry Everywhere

Melhem, D. H

Poetry & The Heroic Voice, Gwendolyn Brocks

Kooser, Ted

The Poetry Home Repair Manual

Fletcher, Ralph

Poetry Matters

Carey, Michael A.

Poetry:  Starting from Scratch

Ambrosini, Michelle, & Teresa M. Morretta

Poetry Workshop for Middle School

Bullock, Richard, & John Timur, eds.

The Politics of Writing Instruction:  Postsecondary

Porter, Carol, & Cleland, Janell

The Portfolio as a Learning Strategy

Graves, Donald H.

Portfolio Portraits

Hewitt, Geof

A Portfolio Primer

Belanoff, Pat, & Marcia Dickson 

Portfolios:  Process and Product

Yancey, Kathleen B.

Portfolios in the Writing Classroom:  An Introduction
Voices on Voice

Garcia, Antero & Cindy O'Donnell-Allen

Pose Wobble Flow: A Culturally Proactive Approach to Literacy Instruction

Peitzman, Faye

The Power of Context: Studies by Teacher-Researchers

Ehrenworth, Mary, and Vicki Vinton

The Power of Grammar: Unconventional Approaches to Conventions of Language

Spolin, Sally D.

The Power of Persuade (2nd ed.)

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P.S. Write Soon!

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Publishing Center

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Ramona Quimby, Age 8

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Reading, Writing, Region

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(Re)Imagining Content-Area Literacy Instruction

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The Research Paper

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Researching Tropical Rainforests

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Resiliency: What We Have Learned

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Metropolitan Toronto School Board

Responding to Media Violence: Starting Points for Classroom Practice

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Response and Analysis: Teaching Literature in Junior High and Senior High School

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Response Journals

Freedman, Sarah W.

Response to Student Writing

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Reviser's Toolbox (with 4 videotapes)

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Revising Business Prose

Parsons, Les

Revising and Editing

Lanhan, Richard A.

Revising Prose

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Revision:  The Rhythm of Meaning

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The Revision Toolbox: Teaching Techniques That Work

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Rhetoric: Theories for Application 

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Rhetorical Traditions and the Teaching of Writing

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The Right to Literacy

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Risking Intensity

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Roget's International Thesaurus

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A Roller Coaster Called Middle School

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Romancing Rhetorics

Yatvin, Joanne

A Room with a Differentiated View: How to Serve ALL Children as Individual Learners

Gere, Anne R., ed.

Roots in the Sawdust: Writing to Learn across the Disciplines

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Rose, Where Did You Get That Red?  Teaching Great Poetry to Children

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Roughdrafts:  The Process of Writing

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Rules for Writers

Brooke, Robert

Rural Voices: Place-Conscious Education and the Teaching of Writing

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Rusties and Riddles & Gee-Haw Whimmy-Diddles

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The Saber-Tooth Curriculum

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San Francisco Poems

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Saturdays and Teacakes

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Say It Now: Activities for College Writing

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Scaffolding Language, Scaffolding Learning: Teaching Second Language Learners in the Mainstream Classroom

Anson, Chris M., ed.

Scenarios for Writing

Retired Teachers of Allen County

School Days of Allen County, Kentucky

Newkirk, Thomas

The School Essay Manifesto

Barrickman, Joan


Campbell, Brian, and Lori Fulton

Science Notebooks: Writing About Inquiry

Monroe, Judson, Carol Meredith, & Kathleen Fisher

The Science of Scientific Writing

Gentry, J. Richard

The Science of Spelling: The Explicit Specifics That Make Great Readers and Writers (and Spellers!)

Saul, Wendy

Science Workshop: Reading, Writing, and Thinking Like a Scientist

Macrorie, Ken

Searching Writing

Carpenter, Humphrey

Secret Gardens: The Golden Age of Children's Literature

Krueger, Ellen, & Mary T. Christel

Seeing and Believing

Bissex, Glenda L., & Richard H. Bullock

Seeing for Ourselves: Case-Study Research by Teachers of Writing

Coles, William E., Jr.

Seeing Through Writing

Rief, Linda

Seeking Diversity

Connors, Robert J. 

Selected Essays of Edward P.J. Corbett

O'Hare, Frank

Sentence Combining: Improving Student Writing without Formal Grammar

Gray, James, & Robert Benson

Sentence and Paragraph Modeling

Eldred, Janet Carey

Sentimental Attachments: Essays, Creative Nonfiction, and Other Experiments in Composition

Larmer, John et al

Setting the Standard for Project Based Learning

Siegel, Gail 

Sequences in Writing, Grades K-13

Egerton, John

Shades of Gray

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Shadow and Substance:  Afro-American Experience in Comtemporary Children's Fiction

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Shake, Rattle, and Learn

Schumahcer, Allison Wedell

Shaking Hands with Shakespeare

Cheng, Andrea

Shanghai Messenger

Spears, Marsha

Shared Read Coaching Tool

Sharp, Peggy

Sharing Your Good Ideas:  A Workshop Facilitator's Handbook

Elbow, Peter, & Pat Belanoff

Sharing and Responding

Johnson, Maureen Brady

Shoes on the Highway: Using Visual and Audio Cues to Inspire Student Playwrights

Mahiri, Jabari

Shooting for Excellence: African American and Youth Culture in New Century Schools

Murray, Donald M.


Barnet, Sylvan

A Short Guide to Writing About Art

Jan A. Pechenik

A Short Guide to Writing About Biology

Beall, Herbert & John Trimbur

A Short Guide to Writing About Chemistry

Marius, Richard & Melvin E. Page

A Short Guide to Writing about History

Cuba, Lee

A Short Guide to Writing about Social Science

Murphy, James J.

A Short History of Writing Instruction: From Ancient Greece to Twentieth-Century America

Caplan, Rebekah, & Catherine Keech

Showing-Writing Workshop:  A Training Program to Help Students Be Specific

Atwell, Nancie

Side By Side: Essays on Teaching to Learn

Ruzzo, Karen, & Mary Anne Sacco

Significant Studies for Second Grade

Troyka, Lynn Quitman

Simon & Schuster Handbook for Writers (4th Edition)

Barzun, Jacques

Simple & Director: A Rhetoric for WritersHinman,



Yancey, Kathleen Blake

Situating Portfolios: Four Perspectives

Wagner, Betty J., & Mark Larson

Situations:  A Casebook of Virtual Realities for the English Teacher

Foster, Graham, Judy Mackay, & Claudette Miller

Skills Instruction in the Language Arts Program

Koch, Kenneth

Sleeping on the Wing

Brooke, Robert

Small Groups in Writing Workshops

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Small Moments: Personal Narrative Writing

Hoyt, Linda


Dyson, Anne H., ed.

Social Worlds of Children Learning to Write

Silver, Harvey F., Richard W. Strong, & Matthew J. Perini 

So Each May Learn: Integrating Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences 

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Someday You Will No All About Me

Bartholomae, David

Sometimes You Just Have to Stand Naked:  A Guide to Interesting Writing

Barbieri, Maureen

Sounds from the Heart

Tovani, Cris

So What Do They Really Know?: Assessment That Informs Teaching and Learning

Fredericksen, James et al

So, What's the Story? Teaching Narrative to Understand Ourselves, Others, and the World

Copeland, Jeffrey S.

Speaking of Poets

Copeland, Jeffrey S.

Speaking of Poets 2

O'Keefe, Virginia

Speaking To Think, Thinking To Speak

Marik, Ray 

Special Education Students Write: Classroom Activities and Assignments

Bean, Wendy, & Chrystine Bouffler

Spell by Writing

Chandler, Kelly

Spelling Inquiry


Spelling for Word Mastery

Foehr, Regina Paxton, & Susan A. Schiller

The Spiritual Side of Writing

Hoyt, Linda

Spotlight on Comprehension: Building a Literacy of Thoughtfulness

Axelrod, Rise B. and Charles R. Cooper

The St. Martin's Guide to Writing: Complete and Short Editions (Instructor's Resource Manual)

Axelrod, Rise B. and Charles R. Cooper

The St. Martin's Guide to Writing: Short Ninth Edition

Calkins, Annie, and Scott Christian, eds.

Standard Implications: Alaskans Reflect on a Movement to Change Teaching


Standards in Practice, Grades 6-8

Carpenter, Humphrey

Steward LaCase The Art of Persuasion

Meyer, Richard

Stories from the Heart

Killgallon, Don and Jenny

Story Grammar for Elementary School

McCrum, Robert, et al.

The Story of English

Reed, Kit

Story First: The Writer as Insider

Galt, Margot Fortunato

The Story in History

Silver Harvey F. et al

The Strategic Teacher

Wood, Karen D., & Janis M. Harmon

Strategies for Integrating Reading and Writing in Middle and High School Classrooms

Collins, James L., & Elizabeth A. Sommers

Strategies for Struggling Writers

Harvey, Stephanie & Anne Goudvis

Strategies that Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement

Wilhem, Jeffery, Tanya N. Baker, & Julie Dube

Strategy Reading

Janeczko, Paul B.


Moffett, James, & Betty Jane Wagner

Student-Centered Language Arts and Reading K-12

Gordon, Edward R.

The Students' Right to Read

Ray, Katie Wood

Study Driven: A Framework for Planning Units of Study in the Writing Workshop 

Lanham, Richard A. 

Style: An Anti-Textbook 

Daniels, Harvey, & Steven Zemelman

Subject Matters

Bishop, Wendy, and Pavel Zemliansky

The Subject Is Research: Processes and Practices

Bishop, Wendy, and Hans Ostrom

The Subject Is Story

Bishop, Wendy

The Subject is Writing

Bishop, Wendy

The Subject is Writing (2nd ed)

Camp, Gerald

A Successful Curriculum for Remedial Writers

Hairston, Maxine

Successful Writing: A Rhetoric for Advanced Composition

Toland, Sandra

Summer Bridge Math:  Build Confidence with Focused Practice (K-1)

Neill, A.S.

Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Child Rearing

Gibbins, Gail

Sunken Treasure

McClure, Amy A., et al

Sunrises and Songs: Reading and Writing Poetry in the Elementary Classroom

Christenson, Teresa A.

Supporting Struggling Writers in the Elementary Classroom

Long, Susi with William Hutchison and Justine Neiderhiser

Supporting Students in a Time of Core Standards: English Language Arts Grades PreK-2

Olson, Gene

Sweet Agony: A Writing Manual of Sports

Kipling, Kim J.

Symbiosis: Writing and an Academic Culture

Mathieu, Paula

Tactics of Hope: The Public Turn in English Composition

Feely, Jenny

Take Home Science

Bourne, Barbara

Taking Inquiry Indoors

Power, Brenda Miller

Taking Note

Tobin, Lad, & Thomas Newkirk

Taking Stock: The Writing Process Movement in the 90's

National Storytelling Association

Tales as Tools

Booth, David

The Talk Curriculum

Horn, Martha and and Mary Ellen Giacobbe

Talking, Drawing, Writing: Lessons for Our Youngest Writers 

Rubin, Dorthy, & William M. Dodd

Talking into Writing: Exercise for Basic Writers

Daggett, Willard R. and Benedict Kruse

Taming the Educational Dinosaur

Hurt, Janet

Taming the Standards

Brooks, Charlotte K., ed.

Tapping Potential: English and Language Arts for the Black Learner

Rogers, Sheri, & Kathy Danielson

Teacher Portfolios

Smith, Eugene H.

Teacher Preparation in Composition

Mohr, Marian M., et al.

Teacher Research for Better Schools

Case Studies

Teacher Research: The Journal of Classroom Inquiry Vol. 1 No. 1 Fall 1993

Myers, Miles

The Teacher-Researcher: How to Study Writing in the Classroom

Harris, Joseph

A Teaching Subject: Composition Since 1966

Dahl, Karin L.

Teacher as Writer

Maclean, Marion and Marian Mohr

Teacher-Researchers at Work

Dawson, Christine M.


Gray, James

Teachers at the Center: A Memoir of the Early Years of the National Writing Project

Edge, Julian

Teachers Develop, Teachers Research

Crowley, Sharon 

A Teacher's Introduction to Deconstruction

Crotchett, Kevin R.

A Teacher's Project Guide to the Internet

Ericson, Bonnie O.

Teaching Reading in High School English Classes

Sharp, Dianne

A Teacher's Resource Book

Seuling, Barbara

Teachers Thinking/Knowing

Shanahan, Timothy

Teachers Thinking, Teachers Knowing

Yow, John

Teachers: A Tribute to the Enlightened, the Exceptional, the Extraordinary

Smith, Mary Ann

Teachers' Voices

Alexander, Katherine

Teachers are Writers: Echoes for LWP Network News, 1987-1993

Louisville Writing Project

Teachers Are Writers: Echoes from LWP Network News, 1987-1994

Adams, KatherineH.  and John L. Adams

Teaching Advanced Composition:  Why and How

Gallagher, Kelly

Teaching Adolescent Writers

Taylor, Denny, Debbie Coughlin, & Joanna Marasco

Teaching and Advocacy

Barnet, Timothy

Teaching Argument in the Composition Course

Hillocks, George, Jr.

Teaching Argument Writing, Grades 6-12

White, Edward M.

Teaching and Assessing Writing

Calhoun, Emily F.

Teaching Beginning Reading and Writing

Daniels, Harvey & Marilyn Bizar

Teaching the Best Practice Way: Methods That Matter, K-12 (2)

Moffett, James

Teaching the Universe of Discourse

Jensen, Eric

Teaching with the Brain in Mind

Halpern, Jeanne W., ed.

Teaching Business Writing

Meier, Daniel R.

Teaching Children to Writing: Constructing Meaning and Mastering Mechanics

Sorensen, Marilou

Teaching with Children's Books

Coles, William E., Jr.

Teaching Composing:  A Guide to Teaching Writing as a Self-Creating

Johnson, T. R.

Teaching Composition: Background Readings (3rd Ed.)

Clarke, John H.

Teaching Critical Thinking

Worsley, Dale, ed.

Teaching for Depth: Where Math Meets the Humanities

Fox, Mem

Teaching Drama to Young Children

Sullivan, J.

Teaching the Elements of Powerful Writing: Using Great Fiction and Nonfiction Models

Jesness, Jerry

Teaching English Language Learners K-12

Maxwell, Rhoda J. and Mary Jordan Meiser

Teaching English in Middle and Secondary Schools

Arthur, Bradford

Teaching English to Speakers of English

Tate, Gary, & Edward P. J. Corbett

Teaching Freshman Composition

Weaver, Constance

Teaching Grammar in Context

Cecil, Nancy L.

Teaching to the Heart

Walmsley, Sean

Teaching Kindergarten

Cheney, Lynne V.

Teaching Language Arts Creatively

Wilhelm, Jeffrey D. & Bruce Novak

Teaching Literacy for LOVE and WISDOM

Williams, Doug

Teaching Mathematics through Children's Art

Harris, Muriel

Teaching One-to-One:  The Writing Conference

Fecho, Bob

Teaching Outside the Box But Using Inside Standards

Tsujimoto, Joseph I.

Teaching Poetry Writing to Adolescents

Portalupi, JoAnn, & Ralph Fletcher

Teaching the Qualities of Writting: TQW Overview and CD-ROM

Meyers, Chet

Teaching Students to Think Critically

Pryle, Marilyn

Teaching Students to Write Effective Essays

Fecho, Bob

Teaching for the Students: Habits of Heart, Mind, and Practice in the Engaged Classroom

Postman, Neil, & Charles Weingartner

Teaching as a Subversive Activity

Cunningham, Donald H., & Herman A. Estrin

The Teaching of Technical Writing

Smagorinsky, Peter et al

Teaching Students to Write: Argument

Fearing, Bertie E., & Jo and Allen

Teaching Technical Writing in the Secondary School

McEwan, Elaine K.

Teaching Them ALL to Read: Catching the Kids Who Fall Through the Cracks

Danks, Carol & Leatrice B.Rabinski

Teaching for a Tolerant World

Wormser, Baron & David Cappella

Teaching The Art Of Poetry: The Moves

Moffett, James

Teaching the Universe of Discourse

Smith, Rona S.

Teaching Writing

Fulwiler, Toby

Teaching with Writing

Tompkins, Gail E.

Teaching Writing: Balancing Process and Product

Tobin, Lad, & Thomas Newkirk

Teaching Writing: Balancing Process and Product (2nd ed.)

Tchudi, Stephen N., & Susan J. Tchudi

Teaching Writing in the Content Area: Elementary School

Tchudi, Stephen N., Susan J. Tchudi, & Margie C. Juerta

Teaching Writing in the Content Area:  Middle School/Junior High

Tchudi, Stephen N., Susan J. Tchudi, & Margie C. Juerta

Teaching Writing in the Content Area: Senior High School

Starkey, David

Teaching Writing Creatively

Thompson, Thomas C., ed.

Teaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and Collaborations

Hailey, Jack

Teaching Writing K-8

Blasingame, Jim, & John H. Bushman

Teaching Writing in Middle and Secondary Schools

Tremmel, Robert, & William Broz, eds.

Teaching Writing Teachers of High School English and First-Year Composition

Kean, John M.

The Teaching of Writing in Our School

Rodrigues, Dawn, & Raymond J. Rodrigues

Teaching Writing with a Word Processor, Grade 7-13

Chapman, Gerald

Teaching Young Playwrights

Wild, Monique, Amanda Mayeaux, and Kathryn Edmonds

TeamWork: Setting the Standard for Collaborative Teaching

Kentucky Department of Education

Technology in Education: Key Ideas for Kentucky Educators 

Rehbeck, Donna

Technology in Education:  Key Ideas for Kentucky Educators

Pirie, Bruce

Teenage Boys and High School English

Fairview Press

Teens Write Through It: Essays from Teens Who Have Triumphed Over Trouble

Dunn, Daniella, & Jessica Dunn

A Teen's Guide to Getting Published

Chambers, Aidan

Tell Me

Macrorie, Ken

Telling Writing

Langan, John

Ten Steps to Advanced Reading

Long, Susi, et. al.

Tensions & Triumphs in the Early Years of Teaching

Shannon, Patrick

Text, Lies, and Videotape

Weaver, Constance, Joel Chaston, & Scott Peterson

Theme Exploration

Manning, Maryann

Theme Immersion

Myers, Mike (Ed.) with James Gray

Theory and Practice in the Teaching of Composition

Allen, Janet, & Kyle Gonzalez

There's Room for Me Here: Literacy Workshop in the Middle School

Burns, Marjorie

They All Want to Write:  Written English in the Elementary School

Graff, Birkenstein, & Durst

They Say I Say With Readings

Sipe, Rebecca Bowers

They Still Can't Spell? Understanding and Supporting Challenged Spellers in Middle and High School

Sanders, Jennifer and Damron, Rebecca L.

They're All Writers

Rowan, Thomas

Thinking Like Mathematicians

Wilson, Jeni, & Donna Skolnick

Thinking for Themselves

McQuade, Donald, & Robert Atwan

Thinking and Writing

Meyer, Michael

Thinking and Writing About Literature

Wilcox, Bonita L. 

Thinking and Writing for Publication 

Lattimer, Heather

Thinking Through Genre: Units of Study in Reading and Writing Workshops 4-12

Root, Robert J.

Those Who Do, Can

Vygotsky, Lev

Thought and Language

Cullinan, Bernice E.

Three Voices

Perl, Sondra, & Nancy Wilson

Through Teachers' Eyes: Portraits of a Writing Teacher at Work

Tiedt, Iris M.

Tigers, Lilies, Toadstools, and Thunderbolts: Engaging K-8 Students with Poetry

Bomer, Randy

Time for Meaning:  crafting literate lives in middle & high school (2)

Altabet, Marilyn, et al.

Time to Reflect: Research by Teachers on Sabbatical

Newkirk, Thomas

To Compose: Teaching Writing in High School and College

Hewitt, Geof

Today You Are My Favorite Poet

Allen, Janet

Tools for Teaching Academic Vocabulary

Allen, Janet

Tools for Teaching Content Literacy

Burke, Jim

Tools for Thought: Graphic Organizers for Your Classroom

Bruner, Jermone S.

Toward a Theory of Instruction

Butler, Andrea, & Jan Turbill

Towards a Reading-Writing Classroom

Bridges, Charles

Training the New Teacher of College Composition

Reigstad, Thomas, & Donald A. McAndrew

Training Tutors for Writing Conferences

Sloan, M.

Trait-Based Mini-Lessons for Teaching Writing in Grades 2-4

Elgin, Suzette H.

Transformational Grammar

Mellon, John C.

Transformational Sentence-Combining

Routman, Regie

Transitions:  From Literature to Literacy

Linse, Caroline T.

The Treasured Mailbox

Antinarella, Joseph, & Ken Salbu

Tried and True:  Lessons, Strategies, and Activities for Teaching Secondary English

Duthie, Christine

True Stories

Ledoux, Denis

Turning Memories into Memoirs

Herman, Jerry

The Tutor and the Writing Student

Harris, Muriel

Tutoring Writing: A Sourcebook for Writing Labs

Wotring, Anne M., & Robert Tierney

Two Studies of Writing in High School Science

Hains, Maryellen

A Two-Way Street:  Reading to Write, Writing to Read

Cheney, Lynne V.

Tyrannical Machines:  A Report on Educational Practices Gone Wrong and OurBest Hopes for Setting Them Right

Matsuhashi, Ann, et al.

Uncommon Sense: Theoretical Practice in Language Education

Strickland, Kathleen, & James Strickland

Uncovering the Curriculum

Calkins, Lucy, and Leah Mermelstein

Units of Study for Primary Writing: A Yearlong Curriculum (a nine-book set with CD-ROM)

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Under the Whole Language Umbrella

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Understanding Style: Practical Ways to Improve Your Writing (2nd Ed.)

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Understanding Whole Language

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Understanding Writing: Ways of Observing Learning: Teacher K-8

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Uphill Both Ways: Helping Students Who Struggle in School

Peterson, Shelley, ed.

Untangling Some Knots in K-8 Writing Instruction

Macrorie, Ken


Olness, Rebecca

Using Literature to Enhance Writing Instruction: A Guide for K-5 Teachers

Healy, Mary K.

Using Student Writing Response Groups in the Classroom

Stephens, Liz Campbell & Kerry H. Ballast

Using Technology to Improve Adolescent Writing: Digital Make-Overs for Writing Lessons

Olson, Carol B.

Using the Thinking/Writing Model to Enhance Reading, Thinking, and Writing about Literature

Urbanski, Cynthia

Using the Workshop Approach in the High School English Classroom

Broadhead, Glenn J., & Richard C. Freed

The Variables of Composition:  Process and Product in a Business Setting


Viewpoints: Bridging the Great Divide: Broadening Perspectives on Closing the Achievement Gaps

Kelly, Patricia

Virginia English Bulletin.  Volume 45; Number 1 Spring 1995

Fisher, Douglas & Nancy Frey

Visible Learning for Literacy

Rief, Linda

Vision & Voice (with CD)

Goodman, Marcia

Visions and Revisions

Burmark, Lynell

Visual Literacy: Learn to See, See to Learn

Essley, Roger

Visual Tools: For Differentiating Reading & Writing Instruction

Collins, James L., & Elizabeth A. Sommers

Vital Signs 3: Evaluating the Poetry Children Write

Collins, James L.

Vital Signs 3: Restructuring the English Classroom

Diamond, Linda & Linda Gutlohn

Vocabulary Handbook - For All Educators Working to Improve Reading Achievement

Bryant, Lizbeth A.

Voice as Process

Summerfield, Geoffrey (Ed.)

Voices: An anthology of poems and pictures (Books 1-6)

Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project Advanced Writing Institute 2003

Voices from the New Orleans Writing Marathon

Carlsen, Robert G., & Anne Sherrill

Voices of Readers:  How We Come to Love Books

Fletcher, Ralph

Walking Trees

Kemp, Max

Watching Children Read and Write:  Observational Records for Children with Special Needs

Wilkinson, Crystal

Water Street

Isenhour, Jan,  et al.

Watermelon Whales and Magic Rings

Herndon, James

The Way It Spozed to Be

Whaley, Liz, & Liz Dodge

Weaving in the Women:  Transforming the High School English Curriculum

Emig, Janet

The Wed of Meaning:  Essays on Writing, Teaching, Learning, and Thinking

Bunting, Eve

The Wednesday Surprise

Kuzmeskus, June

We Teach Them All

Jago, Carol

With Rigor for All:  Teaching the Classics to Contemporary Students

Bigelow, Terry P. & Michael J. Vokoun

"What Choice Do I Have?" --Reading, Writing, and Speaking Activities to Empower Students

Holt, John

What Do I Do Monday?

Knowles, Trudy, & Dave E. Brown

What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know

Elbow, Peter

What Is English?

Coles, William E., Jr., & James Vopat

What Makes Writing Good

Fletcher, Ralph

What A Writer Needs (2)

Ray, Katie Wood

What You Know by Heart: How to Develop Curriculum for Your Writing Workshop

Wilde, Sandra

What's a Schwa Sound, Anyway?

Cheng, Andrea

Where The Steps Were

Frost, Helen

When I Whisper, Nobody Listens: Helping Young People Write About Difficult Issues

Beers, Kylene

When Kids Can't Read:  What Teachers Can Do: A Guide for Teachers 6-12

Solley, Bobbie A.

When Poverty's Children Write: Celebrating Strengths, Transforming Lives

Hansen, Jane

When Writers Read

Denamn, Gregory A.

When You've Made it Your Own...Teaching Poetry to Young People

Lyon, George Ella

Where I'm From

Edelsky, Carole

Whole Language: What's The Difference?

Jorgensen, Karen

The Whole Story

Henkin, Roxanne

Who's Invited to Share:  Using Literacy to Teach for Equity and Justice

Goodman, Ken, Yetta M. Goodman, & Wendy J. Hood

The Whole Language Evaluation Book

Newman, Judith M.

Whole Language: Theory in Use

Zarnowski, Myra

The Whole Word Catalogue 2:  A Unique Collection of Ideas and Materials
to Stimulate Creativity in the Classroom

Lane, Barry, & Gretchen Bernabei

Why We Must Run with Scissors (2)

Bullock, Richard, ed.

Why Workshop (2)

Rhodes, Lynn K.

Windows into Literacy

Reid, Louann

Winners of Writing Contests Statement

Barnett, Rebecca

Winning Without Losing: Character-Centered Leadership

Koch, Kenneth

Wishes, Lies. and Dreams:  Teaching Children to Write Poetry

McVeigh-Schultz, Jane, & Mary Lynn Ellis

With a Poet's Eye

Stires, Susan

With Promise

Jago, Carol

With Rigor For All: Meeting Common Core Standards for Reading Literature

Johnson, Nancy J. & Cyndi Giorgis

The Wonder of it All:  When Literature and Literacy Intersect

Ray, Katie Wood

Wondrous Words

Whitaker, Sandra R.

Word Play: Building Vocabulary Across Texts and Disciplines

Allen, Janet

Words, Words, Words: Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12

Ede, Lisa

Work in Progress: A Guide to Writing and Revising

Hubbard, Ruth S.

A Workshop of the Possible

Newkirk, Thomas

Workshop 5: The Writing Process Revisited

Newkirk, Thomas

Workshop by and for Teachers: The Writing Process Revisited

Widmer, Kristen, & Sarah Buxton

Workshops That Work!

Finney, Nikky

The World Is Round

Bradbury, Jennifer 


Kittle, Penny

Write Beside Them: Risk, Voice, and Clarity in High School Writing

Simon, Linda

Write as an Expert: Explicit Teaching of Genres

Perkins, Carol

"Write" Ideas

Murray, Donald M.

Write to Learn

Gallagher, Kelly

Write Like This: Teaching Real-World Writing Through Modeling & Mentor Texts

Wilson, Lorraine

Write Me a Poem

Parry, Jo Ann, & David Hornsby

Write-On:  A Conference Approach to Writing

Merrilees, Cindy, & Pamela Haack

Write on Target

Wilde, Susie


Murray, Donald M.

A Writer Teaches Writing: A Practical Method of Teaching Composition

Biddle, Arthur W.

Writer to Writer

Roskelly, Hephzibah, & Kate Ronald

Writer's Block: The Cognitive Dimension

Frank, Marcella

Writer's Companion

Schwartz, Mimi

Writer's Craft, Teachers Art: Teaching What We Know

Schwartz, Susan

Writers INC: A Guide to Writing, Thinking, and Learning

Sebranek, Patrick, Dave Kemper, and Verne Meyer

Writers INC: A Student Handbook for Writing and Learning

Levin, Michael

Writer's Internet Sourcebook

Fletcher, Ralph

A Writer's Notebook

Daiker, Donald A.

The Writer's Options: Combining to Composing

Luedeke, Lisa

Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook

Baumbach, Johnathan, ed.

Writers as Teachers/Teachers as Writers

Tarrant, Graham (Ed.)

Writers on Writers

Loy, Sandra

The Writer's Voice

Day, Susan 

The Writer's Workbook

Peterson, Art

The Writer's Workout Book

Brannon, Lil

Writers Writing

Frederikdsen, Carl H., & Joseph F. Dominic


Hedge, Tricia


Hacker, Diana

Writing about Literature

Jones, Stephanie

Writing and Teaching to Change the World: Connecting with our Most Vulnerable Students

Lane, Barry

Writing as a Road to Self-Discovery:  How to reach within yourself to find the words and stories that help you understand yourself and your world

Jehn, Tom and Jane Rosenzweig

Writing in the Disciplines: Advise and Models

Wilson, John R. 

Writing the Academic Essay

Kovacs, Edna

Writing Across Cultures

McCleary, William J.

Writing All the Way

Robbins, Sarah, & Mimi Dyer

Writing America: Classroom Literacy and Public Engagement

Berberich, Joan D.

Writing about Amusing Things

Wells, J.

Writing Anchors

Maimon, Elaine P.

Writing in the Arts and Sciences

Greenburg, Karen L. et al.

Writing Assessment: Issues and Strategies

Kinneavy, Cope, Campbell

Writing - Basic Modes of Organization

Sheffer, Susannah

Writing Because We Love You To:  Homeschoolers at Work

Clay, Marie M.

Writing Begins at Home

Olson, Gary A.

Writing Centers

Wyndham, Lee 

Writing for Children & Teenagers 

Vopat, Jim

Writing Circles

Friss, Dick

Writing Class: Teacher and Students Writing Together

Grant, Janet E.

The Writing Coach

Janis, J. Harold

Writing and Communicating in Business (3rd ed.)

Lawrence, Nelda R.

Writing Communications in Business and Industry

Mitchell, Joan P.

Writing with a Computer

Hoot, James

Writing with Computers in the Early Grades

Berberich, Joan D.

Writing about Curious Things

Atwan, Robert, & William Vesterman

Writing Day-By-Day:  101 Complete Short Essays

Goldberg, Natalie

Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within

Feam, Leif

Writing Effectively

Evans, J. A.

Writing in the Elementary Classroom

Griffin, Kelley

Writing Essays About Literature

Routman, Regie

Writing Essentials: Raising Expectations and Results While Simplifying Teaching

Buis, Kellie

Writing Every Day

Long, Littleton, ed.

Writing Exercises from Exercise Exchange

Vultaggio, Barbara

Writing Exercises for High School Students

Frank, Marcella

Writing from Experience

Fearon, Globe

Writing to Explain

Berberich, Joan D.

Writing about Fascinating Things

Burroway, Janet

Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft

National Writing Project

Writing for a Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning through Social Action

Hawley, Robert C., & Isabel L. Hawley

Writing for the Fun of It

Murray, Donald

Writing for Young Readers

Gray Stephanie, & Catherine Keech

Writing from Given Information

Gere, Anne R.

Writing Groups:  History, Theory, and Implications

Applebee, Arthur M. and Judith A. Langer

Writing Instruction that Works: Proven Methods for Middle and High School Classrooms (2)

Zinsser, William 

Writing to Learn

Thaiss, Christopher

Writing to Learn:  Essays and Reflections on Writing across the Curriculum

Countryman, John

Writing to Learn Mathematics

Martin, Nancy

Writing and Learning Across the Curriculum 11-16

Wolfe, Denny, & Robert Reising

Writing for Learning in the Content Areas

Collerson, John, ed.

Writing for Life

Klamkin, Lynn

Writing about Literature

Madigan, Dan, & Victoria T. Koivu-Rybicki

The Writing Lives of Children

Schwartz, Mimi

Writing For Many Roles

Rico, Gabriele L.

Writing the Natural Way: Using Right-Brain Techniques to Release Your  Expressive Powers

Whiteman, Marcia F

Writing:  The Nature, Development, and Teaching of Written

Graham, Steve and Delores Perin

Writing Next

Gere, Anne Ruggles, Leila Christenbury, & Kelly Sassi

Writing On Demand: Best Practices and Strategies for Success 

Winter, Dave

Writing Our Communities

Beach, Richard

Writing about Ourslves and Others

Morgan, Deborah

Writing Out Loud 

Gillis, Candida

Writing Outside the Lines

Berberich, Joan D.

Writing about People . . . and Yourself

Cohn, Jill W.

Writing:  The Personal Voice

Murphy, Sandra, & Mary Ann Smith

Writing Portfolios

Murphy, Sandra

Writing Portfolios: A Bridge from Teaching to Assessment

McClelland, Ben W.

Writing Practice: A Rhetoric of the Writing Process

The National Commission on Writing

Writing: A Powerful Message from State Government

Bates, Jefferson D.

Writing with Precision

Proett, Jackie, & Kent Gill

The Writing Process in Action

Probst, Robert E.

The Writing Process in Action: A Handbook for Teachers

Brandvik, Mary Lou

Writing Process Activities Kit

Janeczko, Paul B.

Writing as a Process of Discovery: Some Structured Them Assignments for Grades 5-12

Miller, Susan

Writing:  Process and Product

Angelillo, Janet

Writing to the Prompt: When Students Don't Have a Choice

Graham, Louise H., & Miriam K. Young

Writing Power

Elbow, Peter

Writing with Power!  Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process

Duval-Flynn, Joan

Writing for Reading: Will Resistant Readers Teach Each Other?

Burkhardt, Ross M.

Writing for Real

Parsons, Les

Writing in the Real Classroom

Tobin, Lad 

Writing Relationships

Burke, Jim

Writing Reminders: Tools, Tips, and Techniques

Winkler, Anthony C., & Jo Ray McCuen

Writing the Research Paper:  A Handbook

Weidenborner, Stephen, & Domenick 

Writing Research Papers:  A Guide to the Process

Anson, Chris M., ed.

Writing and Response: Theory, Practice, and Research

Jennifer Berne

The Writing-Rich High School Classroom: Engaging Students in the Writing Workshop

Lane, Barry

Writing as a Road to Self-Discovery

Hirschhorn, Howard H.

Writing for Science, Industry, and Technology

Mandel, Siegfreid

Writing for Science and Technology

Jones, Paul W.

Writing Scientific Papers and Reports

Fearon, Globe

Writing in Social Studies

Levadi, Barbara

Writing in Social Studies

Bolter, Jay David

Writing Space