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What is User Experience (UX) Design? 

Kelley Coppinger speaking to students

UX design is the art of crafting dynamic interactive experience across products, devices, and platforms.

UX design is in the intersection of design and technology. This rapidly growing field is in high demand, and WKU is one of the first Universities to offer UX degrees!

While UX is most commonly associated with digital design, such as websites, apps, wearable tech, screens, or any interaction between a person and technology, the principles of UX can be applied to physical spaces as well. 


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In our modern tech-driven world, the significance of user experience (UX) cannot be emphasized enough. It encompasses the integration of human insights into the process of designing, researching, and creating solutions. UX delves into various disciplines including design, human-computer interaction, product design, user-centered design, and usability.

Each course helps students work towards become a professional, creative UX practitioner. Courses blend the creative, technical, and ethical considerations needed to be a professional in the industry. They ensure that graduates are well-rounded, adaptable, and prepared to contribute meaningfully to the UX industry. 

Job titles in UX vary across organizations. Most careers typically fall into one of three categories: 

  1. Understanding users and their needs
  2. Designing interactive prototypes and interfaces
  3. Researching the designs; testing them out on users

While there's over 134 unique job titles related to UX (Nielsen Norman Group), typical job titles include:

  • UI (user interface) artist
  • Information architect
  • Product designer
  • Content designer
  • UX writer
  • UX researcher
  • Customer experience designer
  • And more!

UX professionals are in high-demand, and those who work in UX typically view their jobs as satisfying (Nielsen Norman Group).

  • Digital media 
  • Design design 
  • Emerging/new media 
  • Interaction design 
  • Digital interactive design 
  • Design thinking 
  • Product design


Academic Offerings


Big Red poses with a student in front of an augmented reality (AR) photobooth.
User Experience Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts (79 Credit Hours)

The BFA in Visual Arts (514) is a professional arts degree, with concentrations in Animation, Graphic Design, Studio, and UX (User Experience). 

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Program Code: 514

Rebecca Jury, UX student, studying in the Fine Arts Center
Visual Studies
Bachelor of Arts (49 Credit Hours)

The AB in Visual Studies (509), with concentrations in studio and art education, is a liberal arts degree with a broad program of study in the visual arts. Students can take UX courses to fulfill program requirements.

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Program Code: 509

Nicole Johnson, UX Certificate student, walks on campus in the rain holding an umbrella, smiling.
Certificate in UX Design
18 Credit Hours

The User Experience Certificate is open to all those with an interest in UX Design and is a shorter version than the BFA major. This is a great academic add-on for those seeking a “stackable” credential.

Student wears a VR headset.
Certificate in Game Design
18 Credit Hours

Game Design is an interdisciplinary certificate including departments from PCAL and OCSE. It is open to all students with an interest in computer game design.

Extended Reality (XR) Lab logo
XR Lab

Extended Reality (XR) Research Lab

The XR Lab at Western Kentucky University is a student-based, interdisciplinary research team focusing on the implementation and education of extended reality systems.

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IDEA (Interface Design and Experience Analysis) Lab logo

Interface Design and Experience Analysis (IDEA) Lab

The IDEA Lab is a transdisciplinary, collaborative, student-focused lab that brings together campus, community, and corporate partners. The lab is dedicated to making technology and ideas more accessible.

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Students are also welcome to apply to Imagewest. For off-campus internships and jobs, visit the following job boards: 

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Students conduct usability testing in UX 220: Intro to User Experience Design, Spring 2024
UX 220: Intro to UX Design
3 Credit Hours

The best way to learn about UX is to take the intro course! This course introduces user experience design theory—the practice of placing users and their needs as the focus of designing products, environments, web sites and/or applications. Students learn the five stages of "design thinking" as part of the UX process: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test.

Offered approximately every Fall and Spring

Prerequisites waived upon request, email the faculty teaching the particular section you would like to take.

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