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University Senate Meeting Agenda

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University Senate Meeting
Thursday, September 15, 2016 -- 3:45 p.m.
Faculty House


Copy of Agenda

A.  Approve May Minutes
B.  Reports:

1.  Chair – Kate Hudepohl

2.  Vice Chair – Julie Shadoan

3.  Secretary – Heidi Alvarez

4.  Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership for Higher Education – Molly Kerby

5.  AAUP representative - Margaret Crowder

6.  Advisory:

a.  Faculty Regent – Barbara Burch
b.  Provost – David Lee
c.  SGA President – Jay Todd Richey

C.  Committee Reports and Recommendations

1.  Graduate Council: Shannon Vaughn (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

a.  May 2016 Grad Council Agenda

2.  Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: Liz Sturgeon (No Report)

3.  Colonnade General Education Committee: Marko Dumancic (No Report)

4.  Academic Quality: (No Report)

5.  Budget and Finance Committee: (No Report)

6.  Faculty Welfare and Professional Responsibility: Patti Minter (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

a.  Faculty Worklife Survey 2015-16

D.  Old Business
E.  New Business

1.  Policy 1.1012, Consensual Relations Between Faculty and Students

2.  Policy 1.1112 Faculty Credentials

3.  Policy 1.2190 Tuition Waiver Program for Part-time Faculty

4.  Policy 1.2250, 4.2250 Guidelines on J-1 Visiting Scholars

a.  Draft of new policy showing changes from HR policy

5.  Motion to add language about sexual orientation/gender identity to WKU nondiscrimination policy (endorsed by SEC)

a.  Motion regarding Policy 1.3002 from May 2016 University Senate

b.  Policy 0.2040

c.  E-mail correspondence

F.  Information items

1. Link to Board of Regents Meeting Podcast, August 19, 2016 (Special Called Meeting)

2.  President Ransdell Response to Motion and Resolutions

a.  Motion Regarding BOR Policies
b.  Budget and Finance Committee Resolution - Prioritizing Wage Increase
c.  Budget and Finance Committee Resolution - Restricting Building Projects

3.  IM Scoping Invitation

4.  SEC Synthesis of Faculty Comments Solicited/Compiled Spring 2016

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