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Ethnographic Visual Production Laboratory

students in visual lab 

The Ethnographic Visual Production (EVP) Laboratory is located in the Ivan Wilson Center for Fine Arts (FAC) Room 244, and is a facility for audio, video, and multimedia editing and production, digital audio file transcription, and data analysis.

The lab houses iMac computer workstations, configured for audio, video, and multimedia content creation (Adobe Cloud), in addition to hosting other relevant research softwares for transcription (F5), and data analysis (ELAN, R, R Studio). The lab also hosts an immersive environment system (Oculus Rift), and a large format television with DVD and VHS players for screening films and media.

The lab supports both undergraduate and graduate students learning multimodal audio and visual data collection, Visual Anthropology (ANTH 448, ANTH 448G), and Ethnographic Video Production (ANTH 449, ANTH 449G). The lab offers portable audio and video equipment, including digital audio recorders, DSL cameras, tripods, and peripherals, which are available to Folk Studies and Anthropology graduate and undergraduate students on a short-term basis (course requirement and/or approval as necessary).

There is a library of journals, books, and films all dedicated to the production and creation of multimedia ethnography.

The Ethnographic Visual Production Lab is directed by Dr. Ashley Stinnett. Contact FSA.visual.lab@wku.edu or Dr. Stinnett for more information regarding software and equipment check-out policies and procedures. 

The lab also maintains the Ethnographic Visual Production Laboratory Youtube Channel, which hosts student and faculty media projects. Below please see a selection of videos created by students in our program, with support of the lab and the visual production courses. 


Spring of 2020 provided many challenges and opportunities due to the novel Corona virus, see the curated webpage featuring the COVID-19 Reflections: A Multimodal Oral History Project

At Your Service: Local Culture of Mariah's of Bowling Green

William Childers, Hannah Sells

2016, HD ethnographic film, 9 min 18 sec

jump rope
Backflips and French Braids: Competitive Jump Roping in Bowling Green Kentucky

Taylor Duvall, Ashley Gilliam, Riley Greif

2019, HD ethnographic video, 9 min 41 sec

3 people giving messianic service
Between Tradition: Messianic Belief in Bowling Green, KY

Anne Rappaport, Randall Spradlin, Hunter Austin

2018, HD ethnographic video, 10 min 59 sec


Big Bad Wrassler Screen Shot
Big Bad Wrassler

Delainey Bowers, Joel Chapman, Kate McElroy

2018, HD ethnographic video, 11 min 16 sec

roller derby screen shot
Hugs & Hipchecks: An Ethnography of Vette City Roller Derby

Katie Knight, Rebecca Nimmo

2016, HD ethnographic video, 8 min 20 sec 

grocery store aisle
Not Just A Grocery Store

Nicole Musgrave

2017, HD ethnographic video, 11 min 27 sec

Selected for screening at the Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival


Pakistani Pride Screen Shot
Pakistani Pride: The Pakistani Experience at WKU

Sean Jacobson, Evan Pennington, Chaz Lively

2016, HD ethnographic video, 8 min 18 sec

movie title

Nic Huey, Dalton Puckett

2019, HD ethnographic video, 10 min 27 sec

Reaching for International Foodways Screen Shot
Reaching for International Foods

Timothy Ford, Ryann Gillespie, Hannah Hudson

2019, HD ethnographic video, 7 min 57 sec


Roll a D20 Screen Shot
Roll a D20: A D&D Journey

Kaylie Connors, Parker Smith

2017, HD ethnographic video, 9 mins 54 sec

Talkin' Talk Screen Shot
Talkin' Talk

Gabrielle Durham, Tayler Bryant

2017, HD ethnographic video, 7 min 51 sec 

That One Thing Screen Shot
That One Thing

Chelsea Faught, Ginny Wiloughby

2019, HD Ethnographic Video, 9 min 51 sec

Past Film Festival Flyers

 Film Festival Flyer 2017
 Film Festival Flyer 2018
 Film Festival Flyer 2019


Ethnographic Visual Production Lab Student Staff

Ginny Willoughby (2020 alum) was an Honors student at WKU, double majoring in anthropology and communications. She worked in the lab for the Spring of 2020. Her interests are in historic preservation and media. 

Riley Greif is currently an Honors student at WKU, majoring in broadcasting with a minor in digital advertising. She is working in the lab for the Fall 2019. Her interests are in media production and advertising. 

Ashley Gilliam (2019 alum) was an Honors student at WKU and double majored in anthropology and psychology. She worked in the lab for the fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019. Her interests are at the intersection of neuroscience, anthropology, and linguisitcs.

Randall Spradlin (2019 alum) was an undergraudate anthropology major with a minor in photo journalism. Randall completed a directed study in the lab, beginning the Spring semester of 2019. His interest include photography and videography, learning about other cultures, and using applied anthropology to solve real world problems.

Kaylie Connors (2018 alum) was an undergraduate anthropology major with a minor in broadcasting. Kaylie worked in the lab for the Spring 2018. Her interests include photography, videography, and culture. 

Emily Rodriquez (2018 alum) was a MA student in the Folk Studies program. She was working in the lab from the Fall of 2016 until the Spring semester of 2018. Her interests include folklore and foodways.

Kay Westhues (2017 alum) was a MA student in the Folk Studies program. She worked in the lab from the Fall of 2015 until the Spring semester of 2016. Her interests are in folklore, photography, and waterways, springs and wells. 

Hannah Sells (2017 alum) was an undergraduate student at WKU with a major in broadcasting and a minor in anthropology. She worked in the lab for the Spring of 2017. Her interests include news broadcasting and multimedia.


237 Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center  |  Potter College of Arts and Letters  |  Western Kentucky University  |   1906 College Heights Blvd. #61029  |  Bowling Green, KY 42101-1029  |  Email: fsa@wku.edu | Phone: (270) 745-6549  |  Fax: (270) 745-6889   

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