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Folklore Minor

Why minor in Folklore? There are so many reasons!

The study of folklore is not only fun, it develops important skills useful in any career. Here's what our students have to say:

  • "My current employer said part of why they hired me was because my folklore minor set me apart from other applicants."
  • "I would not have the background to understand the needs and expectations of people of other cultures, backgrounds, and locations without the knowledge I gained in the Folklore department.
  • "Folklore is an essential skill in any career involving direct contact with other people."
  • "My photojournalism gave me technical and artistic skills but my folklore minor gave me analytical skills and tactful approaches to subjects and stories."

BA in anthropology + FLK minor

Skillfully research, document, analyze, and present about cultures near and far, illuminating the cultural lives of present-day American groups and more foreign-seeming cultures.                         

BA in journalism + FLK minor

Be a reporter with advanced abilities to report in-depth on the perspectives of different people involved in all kinds of events and communities.          

BA in computer science + FLK minor

Be a digital kiosk designer for museum displays or design digital storytelling programs for schools. Design oral history publications in multimedia formats.

BA in art + FLK minor

Create art that reflects an elevated understanding that art in all forms is deeply cultural in nature. Teach others how to recognize their own artistry in everyday life.

BA in education + FLK minor

Teach children to recognize and value their own traditional lives and those of people who are different from them. Be a more effective teacher because you understand how to handle cultural difference and minimize culture-based conflicts.                     

BA/BS in anything + FLK minor

Be a better professional in any career because you have training in critical thinking, ethnographic research, cultural difference in multicultural America, listening and presenting, and analyzing the bases for multiple perspectives in common and extraordinary situations. 

How do I declare a minor in Folklore? 

To declare a minor in Folklore, or for more information, contact the Folklore Minor Advisor. Undergraduate students in their junior or senior years may declare a Folklore Minor in order to receive academic recognition for completing a structured program of study consisting of 21 credit hours (seven three-hour courses) from required and restricted-elective lists (see below). Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses applied to the folklore minor. You can also find out more about our JUMP (Joint Undergraduate-Master's Program)

All Folklore Minors must complete the following two courses (6 hours):

FLK 276 Introduction to Folk Studies

FLK 399 Field Methods in Ethnography

Folklore Minors must choose at least five electives (15 hours) with the FLK prefix, at least one course (3 hours) of which must be at the 400-level (excluding 479 and 489).

  • Restricted electives [courses with the FLK prefix] selected in consultation with the program advisor.
  • Restricted electives must include at least one 400-level course (excluding FLK 479 and FLK 489).
  • Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses applied to the folklore minor.





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