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Dr. Xingang Fan
Dr. Xingang Fan
- Professor

Dr. XINGANG FAN joined the Department in August 2009. He is an atmospheric scientist with interests in weather and climate modeling and prediction, as well as in multidisciplinary areas such as the interactions between weather-climate and soil temperature and moisture, land use and vegetation, geothermal heat flow, and karst landscapes. His long-term interests concern the impact of land surfaces on weather and climate, particularly soil temperature and moisture. In the mesoscale modeling area, he has conducted research on satellite data assimilation in an attempt to improve cloud modeling, surface wind modeling and, ultimately, to improve the accuracy of weather prediction. In climate studies, he has conducted studies and published in climate predictability, climate downscaling and applications, regional climate change and afforestation/reforestation, seasonal to annual climate prediction, as well as climate modeling. Raw data analysis and diagnostic studies applying statistical methods are also components of his studies. Dr. Fan has broad interests in weather, climate, and environmental sciences. You can contact him via email at xingang.fan@wku.edu for more information about his research and projects, as well as for opportunities in collaborative research.

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