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Mission: Western Kentucky University leverages the combined power of Academic Affairs, Enrollment and Student Affairs as well as all other non-Academic support units on campus to dismantle systemic discrimination, barriers to inclusion, and unequal opportunities. We work to create One WKU – a safe and welcoming campus with top-ranked faculty and staff, inclusive infrastructures and services, ethical and transparent policies, and dedication to a thriving, diverse student body prepared for success as global citizens.

Vision: One WKU demonstrates the power of aligning inclusive leadership with collaborative action among faculty and staff in building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive college campus to the state of Kentucky, the region, and nation.

This is a brand new initiatve at WKU. We are so excited to offer the following:

Book & Media Groups

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We all consume information differently, so there are several options including nonfiction, fiction, podcasts, documentaries, and TV sitcoms. The idea is to engage in conversations about institutional racism and how we, as a collaborative team, can create real change at WKU and in our communities. After registration, the group leader will contact you to arrange meeting times. If you have general questions about the book & media groups, please email Dr. Molly Kerby for clarification. If you have questions about specific materials, please email the group leader/contact.

Note: Participants will need do purchase/acquire their own materials; prices range from $0 - $15. Most books are available via Kindle, audio, hardback, and paperback.

The goal of these groups is to address the following learning outcomes:

  • Discuss the issues of systematic racism
  • Examine the impact of institutional racism in higher education, our community, and/or WKU
  • Synthesize knowledge/insight to create change at WKU

Participants will commit to three discussion/dialogue sessions based on the reading/listening/watching materials.

  • The first session will examine the overarching global issue(s) of racism in our society in relation to the materials; unpacking the problem, if you will.
  • The second session will analyze how racism is embedded in our systems (our local laws, institutions, organizations, etc.) based on the materials.
  • The last session will be used to identify an area at WKU (gaps in curriculum, policies needed, program additions or modifications, administrative changes in structures, etc.) and complete an “action plan.”


Deliberative Dialogues

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The WKU Diversity, Equity, & Inclusive Workgroup will host “Confederates in OUR Attic,” a Deliberative Dialogue concerning named campus buildings. Should we rename buildings named after slave-owners? Should we end the tradition of naming campus buildings, period? Should we consider these buildings named after slave-owners simply part of our history? Are there other options? Register for one of two Deliberative Dialogues aimed at exploring the issue of named buildings at WKU.

What IS Deliberative Dialogue?

“Deliberative dialogue is a form of discussion aimed at finding the best course of action. Deliberative questions take the form "What should we do?" The purpose is not so much to solve a problem or resolve an issue as to explore the most promising avenues for action.” (Scott London).

Deliberative workshops are facilitated group discussions that provide participants with the opportunity to consider an issue in depth, challenge differing opinions, and develop views/arguments to reach an actionable position. These workshops are similar to focus groups, although there tends to be more focus on deliberation. Each session will last approximately two hours.

How will the dialogue work?

Participants will be given an issue guide to review prior to the workshop as well as a shorter form that frames the questions to be discussed. In groups, moderators will lead breakout sessions in civil conversations around the issue of WKU named buildings. The actionable position of each group will be share with all participants at the conclusion of the workshop.

Session 1: October 9, 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Session 2: November 19, 4:30pm - 6:30pm

(Zoom links and material will be sent prior to the sessions)

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