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ONE WKU Campaign

The ONE WKU Campaign

The ONE WKU CAMPAIGN was born out of the idea that WKU is truly committed to being a welcoming and inclusive university. WKU strives to ensure all faculty, staff, and students are treated with dignity, respect, and equity. The campaign launched in the summer of 2020 amid the chaos of a global pandemic, coupled with an escalation in racial injustices, antisemitism, xenophobia, and transphobia. The DEI Workgroup and Co-Chief Diversity Officers worked to create initiatives aimed at reducing biases and shifting the culture toward a more inclusive environment.

Mission: Western Kentucky University leverages the combined power of Academic Affairs, Enrollment and Student Affairs as well as all other non-Academic support units on campus to dismantle systemic discrimination, barriers to inclusion, and unequal opportunities. We work to create One WKU – a safe and welcoming campus with top-ranked faculty and staff, inclusive infrastructures and services, ethical and transparent policies, and dedication to a thriving, diverse student body prepared for success as global citizens.

Vision: One WKU demonstrates the power of aligning inclusive leadership with collaborative action among faculty and staff in building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive college campus to the state of Kentucky, the region, and nation.

This is a brand new initiative at WKU. We are so excited to offer the following:

Book & Media Groups

We all consume information differently, so each semester we offer several options including nonfiction, fiction, podcasts, documentaries, and TV sitcoms. The idea is to engage in conversations about institutionalized discrimination and how we, as a collaborative team, can create real change at WKU and in our communities. If you have general questions or would like to volunteer to lead a book or media group, please email Dr. Molly Kerby for clarification. We would also like to encourage groups, organizations, departments, and units to create their own groups! Check back for information about these groups in the fall!

Deliberative Dialogues

What IS Deliberative Dialogue?

“Deliberative dialogue is a form of discussion aimed at finding the best course of action. Deliberative questions take the form "What should we do?" The purpose is not so much to solve a problem or resolve an issue as to explore the most promising avenues for action.” (Scott London).

Deliberative workshops are facilitated group discussions that provide participants with the opportunity to consider an issue in depth, challenge differing opinions, and develop views/arguments to reach an actionable position. These workshops are similar to focus groups, although there tends to be more focus on deliberation. Each session will last approximately two hours.

Check back for information about these dialogues in the fall!

The ONE WKU Institute for Inclusive Teaching

The idea for the Institute came out of a pilot initiative called the ONE WKU Academy. The ONE WKU Academy started in fall 2020 with the goal of offering a series workshops/modules on microagression & biases, intercultural/interracial communication, and allyship to a group of faculty and staff with the end goal of microcredentialing. Diverting slightly from the original pilot, the ONE WKU Institute will focuses on pedagogical practice to ensure inclusivity in the classroom. The Institute will be directed by Marko Dumančić, Director of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning and led by WKU’s DEI Communities of Practice Fellows. The first cohort will beginning in Spring 2022.

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