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Course Selection

The Certificate for Advanced Professionalism requires the completion of three main components including 12 hours of course work from business, communication, and leadership departments.

Self Management Skills (select three (3) hours from any of the following courses):

  • BA 175 University Experience – Business
  • FIN 161 Personal Finance

Advanced Communication and Leadership

Select six (6) hours from any of the following courses:

  • COMM 240 Critical Listening
  • COMM 263 Fundamentals of Communication and Culture
  • COMM 330 Leadership and Communication
  • COMM 345* Advanced Public Speaking
  • COMM 348 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 362 Organizational Communication
  • COMM 460** Organizational Interviewing
  • COMM 463** Intercultural Communication
  • ENG 306 Business Writing
  • ENG 307 Technical Writing
  • LEAD 330** Leadership, Ethics, and Decision-Making
  • LEAD 440** Leading Teams
  • LEAD 450** Leadership in Global Contexts
  • MGT 361 Business Communication Fundamentals
  • MKT 325 Personal Selling

*Each of these courses lists prerequisites that are required in GFCB undergraduate programs.

**Each of these courses lists prerequisites that could require additional coursework by the student. It is important to note that the prerequisite statement also includes "or permission of the instructor." Please check the current course catalogue for course descriptions.

Applied Career Experiences

Select three (3) hours from the following courses:

Gaining work experience in the field is a key component of the Certificate in Advanced Professionalism (CAP). Students must complete an internship, cooperative, or practicum in the college to fulfill this requirement. (Students may also petition the certificate director to use HON 404: Honors Thesis/Project II to satisfy this category. ) Contact the department chair for course registration instructions.

  • ACCT 390* Internship in Accounting
  • CIS 369* Cooperative Education in Information Systems
  • ECON 490* Practicum in Economics
  • FIN 440* Internship in Finance
  • MGT 490* Practicum in Management
  • MKT 490* Practicum in Marketing
  • BA 490 * College of Business Internship

BA 495 Career Development Activities

Required 0-credit hour course:

BA 495 is the course that tracks student participation and completion of required enrichment activities, according to a points-based system. There are four areas of enrichment programming: Required, Developmental Workshops, Job Search and Exploration and Networking Events. Attendance at these events is monitored through the S.E.A.T. program and tracked by the faculty of record for the course. 

Students should enroll in BA 495 during either of the last two semesters prior to graduation. Prerequisites: Senior Standing and Admission into the College of Business.

Interested in CAP? Have Questions?

Contact Dr. Trawick for additional information.

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