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Lawrence Alice, Ph.D. University of Maine

Lawrence Alice, Ph.D. University of Maine
- Associate Professor


BIOL 122 - Bological Concepts: Evolution, Diversity & Ecology

BIOL 222/223 Plant Biology and Diversity

BIOL 348 Plant Taxonomy


My research interests include the systematics of the economically important plant genera Rubus (Rosaceae), which includes blackberries and raspberries, and Mentha (Lamiaceae), including spearmint and peppermint. These groups have long been considered taxonomically difficult due in part to polyploidy (more than two sets of chromosomes), agamospermy (asexual seed production) in Rubus, and hybridization. I primarily use molecular techniques, in particular DNA sequencing, to address evolutionary biology questions. These data can be used, for example, to infer evolutionary relationships (phylogeny reconstruction), test hypotheses of hybridization, examine biogeographic patterns, and consider modes of speciation especially in polyploid taxa.


Ph.D. - Plant Science, University of Maine 1997
M.A. - Botany, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale 1989
B.A. - Botany, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale 1986

Recent Publications

Alice, L. A., D. Goldman, J. Macklin and G. Moore. 2014 (in press). Rubus. In L. Brouillet and J. Phipps (eds.), The Flora of North America v9 (Rosaceae). Missouri Botanical Garden Press.

Alice, L. A.  2012.  Rubus.  Pp. 1202-1207, in B. G. Baldwin et al. (eds.).  The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California.  University of California Press, Berkeley.

Alice, L. A., T. M. Dodson, and B. L. Sutherland. 2008.  Diversity and relationships of Bhutanese Rubus (Rosaceae).  Pp. 63-69, in P. Bañados and A. Dale (eds.).  Acta Horticulturae 777, Proceedings of the 9th International Rubus and Ribes Symposium, Pucon, Chile, 2005.

Bunsawat, J., N. Elliott, K. Hertweck, E. Sproles, and L. A. Alice.  2004. Phylogenetics of Mentha (Lamiaceae): Evidence from Chloroplast DNA Sequences.  Systematic Botany 29: 959-964.

Alice, L. A., T. Eriksson, B. Eriksen, and C. S. Campbell.  2001. Hybridization and gene flow between distantly related species of Rubus (Rosaceae): Evidence from nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer sequences.  Systematic Botany 26: 769-778.

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