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Biology Awards

2014 Ogden College of Science and Engineering Awardees in Biology

Nicholas Levis of Bowling Green, Outstanding Biology Graduate Student

Jennifer Dumaine of California, Dillard/Hoyt Graduate Scholarship

Shilo Felton of Bowling Green, Outstanding Biology Teaching Assistant

Charles "Chad" Coomer of Louisville, Outstanding Biology Student

Sarah Schrader of Bowling Green, Outstanding Biology Student

Adam Edge of Shepherdsville, Outstanding Biodiversity Center Student

Ryan Vincent of Lewisburg, Outstanding Boitechnology Center Student

Christopher Fields of Bowling Green, Larry N. Gleason Award for Excellence in Research

Ciara Jones of Hermitage, Tenn., Dr. Dan Skean Award for Outstanding Microbiology Student

Mary Kate Greenwood of Edgewood, Dr. Jerry Gibbs Award for Excellence in Pre-Medical Studies

Addie Dodson of Bowling Green, L.Y. Lancaster Award for Excellence in Pre-Medical Studies


2013 RCAP Award Recipients

Emani, Chandrakanth:  Basil Plant As A Phytopharmaceutical Source To Treat Cancer

Johnson, Jarrett:  Patterns Of Range-Wide Genetic Variation In The Cave Salamander (Eurycea Lucifuga)

Philips, Keith:  Phylogeography And Systematics Of Carabid Cave Beetles In Eastern North America

Rice, Nancy:  The Molecular Epidemiology Of Essential Hypertension In Kenya

Sahi, Shivendra & Sharma, Nilesh:  Toxicological Evaluation Of Biologically-Synthesized Gold Nanoparticles

Shen, Cangliang:  Thermal Inactivation Of Shiga Toxin‑Producing Escherichia Coli (Stec) In Veal Products Moisture Enhanced With Essential Oils

Smith, Michael:  Finding Novel Platinum(Ii) Complex Anti-Cancer Drugs With Reduced Ototoxicity

Srivastava, Ajay:  Identification Of Basement Membrane Associated Proteins Using Mass Spectrometry And Drosophila Genetics.

Stokes, Michael:  Influence Of Rodents On Recruitment Of Ecologically And Economically Important Tree Species In Decline In South Africa


2013 KAS Winners

Graduate research competition


First place: Jacob Fose, Evidence for reproductive Interference on native white bass by introduced yellow bass and hybrid striped bass in Barren River Lake, Kentucky.

Second place: Kayla Pittman, Prevalence of Baylisascaris procyonis in Raccoons (Procyon lotor) in Kentucky.

Ecology and Environmental Science

Third place: Nicholas Levis, Effects of glyphosate-based herbicide and UV-B radiation on fitness in the spotted salamander.

Undergraduate paper presentations

Health Sciences

Second place: Addie Dodson, Correlation of Environmental Risk Factors with the Prevalence of Essential Hypertension in Kasigau, Kenya.


Second place: Charles Coomer, Identification of Bacterial Contaminates and Evidence for Temperate Phages in Beerwell Samples from a Bioethanol Production Facility.

Third place: Kelsey Carter, Control of unstressed and acid-stress adapted Listeria monocytogenes on commercial hams by hops beta acids during aerobic storage at 7°C.

Physiology and Biochemistry

Second place: Brandon Farmer, Endothelin-1 induces phosphorylation of ERK 1/2 in bovine corneal endothelial cells.

Undergraduate poster presentations

Ecology and Environmental Science

First place: Ryan Vincent, Landscape genetics of the endangered California tiger salamander in the Central Valley of California.

Health Sciences

Second place: Audrey Brown, Sleep deprivation increases cytokine gene expression and plasma corticosterone levels in a murine model: a possible link between stress and inflammation?


Second place: Alyssa Huff, Inactivation of unstressed or acid-stress adapted Listeria monocytogenes in ham extract by hops beta acids

Third place: Hannah Rodgers, Single Step, Aminoglycoside Mediated Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles with Potent Antimicrobial Activity.


First place: Morgan Murrell, Population genetics of the western toad in the central valley of California.


2013 FUSE Grant Awardees in Biology

Bobby Voyles

Katelyn Dotson

Brandon Charles Farmer

Amy Ni


2013 Biology Department Awards

Outstanding Biology Graduate Student:  Gillian Jones

Dillard/Hoyt Graduate Scholarship:  Nicholas Levis

Outstanding Biology Teaching Assistant:  Amanda Seaton

Outstanding Biology Student:  Jordan Olberding

Outstanding Biodiversity Center Student:  John Clark

Outstanding Biotechnology Center Student:  Charles Coomer

Larry N. Gleason Award for Excellence:  Victoria Gilkison

Dr. Dan Skean Award for Outstanding Microbiology Student:  Charles Coomer

L.Y. Lancaster Award:  Luke Sturgill


2012-13 RCAP Award Recipients

Dr. Noah Ashley "Measuring sleep in small songbirds"  RCAP I: $15,000

Dr. Carl Dick " Flying under the radar: Immunological compatibility reinforces host specificity in bloodfeeding parasites" RCAP II: $7,000

Dr. Nilesh Sharma "Effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticles-exposure on inflammatory responses in mice" RCAP II: $3,300


Office of Sponsored Programs 2012 Research Grant Recognition Awards for Biology

First Time Awardees:  Dr. Jarrett Johnson

One Million Dollar Club: In recognition of the faculty and staff members with $1 million or greater in awards throughout their careers at WKU:  Dr. Shivendra Sahi

Department/Unit with Largest Percentage of Increase in Awards:  Biology

Top Proposer at an Extended Campus:  Dr. Chandrakanth Emani

Junior Investigator Award - honoring the most prolific young investigators this past year:  Dr. Jarrett Johnson


2012 KAS Awards:

Undergraduate Division

Cellular and Molecular (Oral Paper Presentation):  Charles Commer -3rd Place

Ecology and Environmental Science (Poster Presentation):  Melissa Smith – 1st Place

Microbiology (Poster Presentation):  Donna Williams – 1st Place

Graduate Division

Health Sciences (Oral Paper Presentation):  Chandra Pranav - 1st Place

Zoology (Oral Paper Presentation):  Emily McIntire – 3rd Place

Ecology and Environmental Science (Oral Paper Presentation):  Kevin Tewell- 3rd Place

Microbiology (Oral Paper Presentation):  Shawn Smiley – 1st Place

Cellular and Molecular Biology (Oral Paper Presentation):  Julia Freeman – 3rd Place


2012 Biology Departmental Awards:

Outstanding Biology Graduate Student:  Jonathan Howton

Dillard/Hoyt Graduate Scholarship:  Kevin Tewell

Outstanding Biology Teaching Assistant:  Derek Rupert

Outstanding Biology Student:  Brenna Tinsley

Outstanding Biodiversity Center Student:  Victoria (Torey) Gilkison

Outstanding Biotechnology Center Student:  Jordan Olberding

Larry N. Gleason Award for Excellence:  Sarah Schrader

Dr. Dan Skean Award for Outstanding Microbiology Student:  Sarah Schrader

L.Y. Lancaster Award:  Chad Willis


2011 Biology Departmental Awards:

Bio Undergrad:  Chris Colonna

BioTech:  Aric Johnson

Biology TA:  Prasanna Tamarapu parthasarathy

Skean:  Kathryn Brady

Bio Grad Student:  Alice Wright

Dillard/Hoyt :  Jonathan Howton

Gleason:  Thomas Aaron Husley

Lancaster:  Callie Linden


2010 Biology Departmental Awards:

Outstanding Biology Graduate Student (two winners):  Danielle Racke and Daniel Starnes

Outstanding Biology Student:  Ashley Mefford

Outstanding Biotechnology Student:  Bonnie McCullagh

Outstanding Biodiversity Student:  Aaron Hulsey

Dillard/Hoyt Graduate Scholarship:  Carly Sinderbrand

Larry N. Gleason Scholarship:  Patrick Stewart

L.Y. Lancaster Award:  Patrick Jenkins

Skean Award:  Jonathan Howton

Outstanding Biology Teaching Assistant:  Mary Douglas Penick


2011 KAS Awards:

Graduate Research Awards

Physiology and Biochemistry:  1st - Yajie Wang, 2nd - Gopinath Rajadinakaran

Zoology:  1st - Jacob Eldridge, 2nd - Derek Rupurt

Ecology and Environmental Science:  2nd - Jennifer Yates

Botany:  1st - Pranav Chandra

Cellular and Molecular:  1st  - Jonathan Howton


Undergraduate Poster Presentation

Cellular and Molecular:  1st - Shawn Shannon

Chemistry:  1st - Nicholas Wright (Chem Major) and Amar Patel (Chem major/Bio minor/PreMed)

Microbiology:  1st - Travis Beeler and Alison Emmert


Undergraduate Paper Presentation

Ecology and Evolution:  2nd - Brenna Tinsley, 3rd - Mary Newton

Health Science:  3rd - Justin Pile

Physiology and Biochemistry:  2nd - Chad Willis

Zoology:  2nd - Bethany Coffey



2010 KAS Awards:

Graduate Research Awards

Agricultural Sciences:  1st - Nathan Howell,  2nd - Gary T. Cundiff

Physiology and Biochem:  1st - Yanjie Wang,  2nd - Amanda Webb

Zoology:   1st - Jacob Eldridge,  3rd - Matthew Wood

Botany:  1st - Yinu Wang


Undergrad Poster Presentation

Agricultural Sciences:  2nd -  Anna Marie Weldon

Botany:  1st - Sydney Combs

Cell and Molec Biology:  3rd - Zach Laux

Ecology and Environmental Sciences:  2nd -  Anna Mantooth

Microbiology:  2nd - Colin Moss, 3rd - Kathryn Brady


Undergrad Paper Presentation

Agricultural Sciences:  3rd - Clarice Esch

Ecology and Environmental Science:  2nd - Victoria Gilkison,  3rd - Brenna Tinsley

Microbiology:  1st -  Kati Ayer,  2nd - Aric Johnson

Physiology and biochemistry:  2nd - Ruth Sudbeck

Zoology:  1st - Brenna Tinsley


2009 KAS Awards

Agricultural Sciences:  2nd Place Jahnavi Kancharla, "Generation of transgenic Medicago

sativa expressing “osmotin-chitinase” gene chimera for conferring resistance towards various biotic and abiotic stresses"

Physiology & Biochemistry:  1st Place Chia-Hui Lin

Ecology & Environmental Science:  1st place Mary Douglas Penick, "Why is the Green River STILL Green? Algal biomass accrual in relation to nutrient availability in the Upper Green River, Kentucky"

2nd place Danielle Racke

3rd Place Margaret Mahan

Microbiology:  1st Place Ali Wright, "Sequencing and Annotation of the HK239 Genome"

Cellular & Molecular Biology:  2nd Place Shravya Maddi


2010 BSURE Awards

Sarah Schrader, Anna Mantooth, Aaron Hulsey, Kelsey Willen and James Sutton

2011 BSURE Awards

Travis Beeler, Bethany Coffey, James Sutton and Sean Shannon


41st Annual WKU Student Research Conference Session Winners

Graduate Papers

Carly Sinderbrand:  Best Graduate Paper in the Natural Sciences, Session 3 – Schulte

Sarah Schrader:  Best Undergraduate Paper in the Natural Sciences, Session 5 – King

Undergraduate Posters

Sean Shannon:  Best Undergraduate Poster in the Natural Sciences, Session 4 - Srivastava

Virginia Martin:  Best Undergraduate Poster in the Natural Sciences, Session 6 – Rice

Kathryn Carpenter:  Best Undergraduate Poster in the Social Sciences, Session 9 – H Johnson

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