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Biology Alumni and Student Updates


2015 Student Success

 UG Grads - Graduate School Acceptances

Caleb Hayes - M.S. in Biology - University of North Florida

Alyssa Huff – M.S. in Physiology – University of Louisville

Ka Wang Li - M.S. in Human Nutrition and Foods - West Virginia University

Micaela Montgomery - Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Sciences - University of Oklahoma Medical Center

Seth Tooley – completed MS in Cell and Molecular Biology at UCSF and accepted into PhD Program in Cell and Molecular Biology at University of Michigan


MS Grads – Graduate School Acceptances

Jane Bartonjo – MS program in Chemistry – Kennesaw State University

Olivia Boyd – Ph.D. program at Oregon State University

Jennie Dumaine - Ph.D. Program (Integrated Life Sciences - Tropical & Emerging Global Diseases)

Torey Gilkison- Ph.D. Program (Integrated Life Sciences)

Amy Fehrenbach - Ph.D. Program – University of Memphis

Maggie Wisniewska (Rutgers/NJIT PhD program)


Veterinary School Acceptances (all Auburn)

Jessica Ball

Brooke Barber

Haley Freeman

Sydney Jackson

Jaclyn Lile

Emily Osbourne

Katie Prior

Blake Schoenbachler


Medical Technology School Acceptances

Ghaidaa Mimani (Owensboro)


Medical School Acceptances

Chaz Arnold (KYCOM)

Margaret Ballard (KYCOM)

Charles Coomer (UK)

Andreu Edge (UoL/UK)

Brandon Farmer (UoL/UK/VCU –MD/PHD)

Collins Garst (KYCOM)

Jon Hendrie (UofL/UK)

Karie Jeter (UofL/KYCOM)

Nancy Jolly (KYCOM)

Jordan Jones (UofL)

Bradley Lankford (KYCOM, Marian)

Hannah Pennington (UK, IU, Illinois – MD/PHD)

Mackenzie Perkins (KYCOM)

Jordan Pharris (LMCOM, KYCOM)

Tyler Scaff (UofL/UK)

Laura Sims (UofL/UK)

Autumn Smith (UofL)

Kaitlyn Snyder (UofL/UK)

Alex Stewart (UofL/IU)

Kyle Stewart (UofL)

Kodie Stone (KYCOM)

Breanne Vergonet (UK)

Austin Webb (UofL/UK)


Dental School Acceptances

Christian Bennett (UofL)

Christina Cardwell (UofL)

Breion Douglas (Meharry)

Caylee Duncan (UofL)

Kara Hancock (UofL/UK)

Rachel Huffman (UofL/UK)

Kyle Mann (UofL/UK)

Holly Reaume (UK)

Ellen Vice (UK)

Kaysha Wheeler (UofL)

Sabra Wilson (UK)


Optometry School Acceptances

Matt Colonna (IU)

Jason Fort (UAB)

Kelsey Newcome (SCO)


Physical Therapy School Acceptances

Lauren Bradstibner (WKU)

Matt Frazier (accepted to Bellarmine, WKU, and UK – will go to UK)

Brittany Renfrow (WKU; Belmont University)

Taylor Walden (WKU)

Fikret Sabic (WKU)

Chelsea Watson (WKU)


Physician Assistant Acceptances

Kelsey Kaetzel – Accepted at University of Indiana and University of Kentucky – attending UK


Chiropractic Acceptances

Levi McQueary – Life


Pharmacy School Acceptances

Corbin LeMieux – UofL/UK

Riya Patel – UT

Mark Gilliam


2014 Student Success

Graduate School Acceptances

Meredith Bartley – recently completed M.S. at the University of New Mexico and will be starting a PhD program at the University of Rhode Island
Bethany Coffey – PhD Programs - University of Hawaii at Manoa / Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Charles Coomer – MS Program in Infection & Immunity at University College London (on Fulbright Grant) & PhD Program in Virology at University of Oxford (NIH-Oxford/Cambridge Scholars Program)
Shilo Felton – PhD Program, North Carolina State University
Christopher Fields – MS Program in Biology, Western Kentucky University (Graduate Fellowship Recipient)
Nick Levis – PhD Program – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (5-year PhD fellowship in the Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology)
Mary Newton – M.S. program, UNC Wilmington
Sara Wigginton – M.S. (University of Rhode Island)

Veterinary School Acceptances

Kristen Armstrong – Auburn University Vet School
Aaron Duggin – Auburn University Vet School
Regan Hertelendy – Auburn University Vet School
Kayla Pittman – Lincoln Memorial University Vet School
Eli Ernst – Ohio State University Vet School
Brittany Hagar – Lincoln Memorial University Vet School

Medical Technology School Acceptances

Courtney Broyles – Medical Technology Program, Owensboro
Jacob Hood – Medical Technology Program, Owensboro
Daniel Robinson – Medical Technology Program, Owensboro

Medical School Acceptances

Parker Ballentine – UofL, UT
Sara Buskill – KY-COM
Charles Coomer – UofL, UK
Addie Dodson – UofL
Mary Kate Greenwood – UK
Morgan Gruner – UofL, UK, Wayne State, Oakland, MSU, CMU
Daniel Jackson – UofL
Taylor Johnson – UofL
David Mauser – UofL
Kaleb Moore – KY-COM, UofL
Justin Pile – VOCM-SC, LMCOM
Cody Rich – LMCOM
Sarah Schrader – Cornell, Washington University
Suzanne Scott – UofL
Seth Sloan – UofL, UT
Adam Smith – KYCOM
Beau Swisher – KYCOM
Grant Turley – KYCOM
Dental School Acceptances
Shelby Bell – UofL
Bethany Burton – UK
Jacob Clark – UofL, UK
Hannah DeSpain – UofL
Sarah Goff – UK
Austin Huff - UofL, UK
Morgan Murrell – UofL, UK
JD Shadburne –UK
Shawn Stringer – UK
Taryn Thompson – UofL
Spencer Wright – UofL, UK

Optometry School Acceptances

Eric Fox – Indiana University

Physical Therapy School Acceptances

Adam Hyman – Physical Therapy Program - WKU

Awards and Honors – 2013/2014

Richard Dawson - accepted for a summer internship at the aquarium in Atlanta

Megan Laffoon, Goldwater Scholarship Recipient

Chad Coomer – Recipient of U.S. Student Fulbright grant to the UK to complete his master's degree in infection and immunity at University College London. Also accepted into the National Institutes of Health Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program, which will allow him to pursue a doctorate in virology at the University of Oxford while conducting HIV research at Oxford and the NIH.

Gretchen Walch – Honorable Mention Goldwater Scholarship

Sarah Schrader – Recipient of Pearson Prize for Higher Education; U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Paul Fleischmann - Recipient of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Greater Research Opportunity Fellowship.

Jonathan Hendrie - J. William Fulbright Program Recipient and recipient of a DAAD study grant for this summer.

Jordan Olberding – NSF Graduate Fellowship, Honorable Mention


Note:  If you are a recent graduate of WKU's biology program and have any updates/changes/or additions to the above information, please email us at biology@wku.edu.  Thank you!

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