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Plans are underway to prepare the 2017-2018 undergraduate catalog. Below you will find the catalog files to be reviewed.

Revisions are due no later than June 12, 2017

Step One: Locate your name and/or department; then, click on the red link(s) to download the file(s). The downloaded files will show track changes reflecting curriculum updates approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, University Senate, and Provost through May 2017. If you review multiple files, all files will be listed under your primary department or area. Please review your information to ensure its accuracy, and insert necessary additions or corrections. You do not need to use MS Word tracking tools to show your changes, and please disregard formatting at this time. When you have finished making your revisions to the file(s), save a copy of your revisions on the shared drive at S:\University-Wide-Shared\Undergraduate 2017-2018 Catalog Revisions. Files saved to the S: drive folder will be removed daily; therefore, you should retain a copy of the file(s) for your records. These copies will be helpful during proofreading. If you prefer, you can email your revisions to under_catalog@wku.edu.  If revisions are not needed, please email under_catalog@wku.edu stating "no revisions are necessary."

Step Two: Review the comprehensive Programs of Study Chart. If updates are needed to your program(s), print the pages and write the revisions. Scan the revised pages and return to under_catalog@wku.edu. If you do not have access to a scanner, you can put the revisions in campus mail to Beth Haselhoff at the Office of the Registrar, or email Beth with clear details on the necessary revisions.


Department/Files                                                             Reviewer
Comprehensive Program of Study Chart All departments or areas offering majors, minors, associate degrees, or certificates

Potter College of Arts and Letters

Potter College of Arts and Letters
1. Introductory Information
2. Russian & East Europe Studies/Canadian Studies

3. University Lecture Series
Larry Snyder/ Andrew McMichael
Department of Art
1. Art
Brent Oglesbee
Department of Communication
1. Communication
Helen Sterk
Department of English
1. English
Rob Hale
Department of Folk Studies & Anthropology
1. Folk Studies & Anthropology
Michael Ann Williams
Department of History
1. History

Robert Dietle
School of Journalism and Broadcasting
1. Journalism and Broadcasting
Loup Langton
Department of Modern Languages
1. Modern Languages
Laura McGee
Department of Music
1. Music
Scott Harris
Department of Philosophy & Religion
1. Philosophy & Religion
Eric Bain-Selbo
Department of Political Science
1. Political Science
Saundra Ardrey
Department of Sociology
1. Sociology
Doug Smith
Department of Theatre & Dance
1. Theatre & Dance
David Young
Popular Culture Studies
1. Major in Popular Culture Studies
Anthony Harkins
Film Studies
1. Minor in Film Studies
Ted Hovet
Gordon Ford College of Business
Gordon Ford College of Business
1. Introductory Information
Michelle Trawick / Pat Jordan
Department of Accounting
1. Accounting
Harold Little
Department of Computer Information Systems
1. Information Systems

Ray Blankenship
Department of Economics
1. Economics
Cathy Carey
Department of Finance
1. Finance
Indudeep Chhachhi
Department of Management
1. Management
Paula Potter
Department of Marketing
1. Marketing
Patricia Todd
College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
College of Education & Behavioral Sciences
1. Introductory Information
Sam Evans
School of Teacher Education
1. Teacher Education
Sylvia Dietrich
Department of Military Science & Leadership
1. Military Science/Leadership
2. ROTC Scholarships

3. Army ROTC
 Tom MacMillen
Department of Psychology
1. Psychology
 Pitt Derryberry/Steve Wininger
Department of Counseling & Student Affairs
1. Counseling & Student Affairs
Jill Duba Sauerheber
Department of Ed. Adm, Leadership, and Research
1. Ed. Adm, Leadership, Research
Marguerita DeSander
Ogden College of Science & Engineering
Ogden College
1. Introductory Information
2. Pre-Professional Programs
3. Aerospace Studies
Cheryl Stevens / Ken Crawford
Department of Agriculture
1. Agriculture 
Linda Brown
Department of Biology
1. Biology
Bruce Schulte
Department of Chemistry
1. Chemistry
Stuart Burris
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
1. Engineering

Stacy Wilson
Department of Geography & Geology
1. Geography & Geology
2. Latin American Studies
David Keeling
Department of Mathematics
1. Mathematics
Bruce Kessler
Department of Physics and Astronomy
1. Physics and Astronomy
Michael Carini
 Department of Psychological Sciences
1. Psychological Sciences
Kelly Madole
College of Health and Human Services
College of Health & Human Services
1. Introductory Information
Danita Kelley/Judy English
Center for Gerontology
1. Gerontology
Dana Burr Bradley
Department of Allied Health
1. Allied Health
Terry Dean
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
1. Communication Sciences & Disorders
Jean Neil Scrunges
Department of Family & Consumer Sciences
1. Family & Consumer Sciences
Travis Wilson
Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, & Sport
1. Kinesiology, Recreation, & Sport
Danita Kelley
School of Nursing
1. Nursing
Mary Bennett
Department of Physical Therapy
1. Physical Therapy
 Harvey Wallmann
Department of Public Health
1. Public Health
Gary English
Department of Social Work
1. Social Work
Dean May/Dana Sullivan
University College
University College
1. Introductory Information
2. Prior Learning Assessment
3. Regional Campus Information
Dennis George / Merrall Price
Department of Diversity and Community Studies
1.  Diversity and Community Studies
Jane Olmsted
School  of Professional Studies
1. School of Professional Studies
Jeff Butterfield
 School of University Studies
1. University Studies
Dawn Hall
Military Student Services
1. Military Student Services
Tonya Archey
Adult Learner Services
1. Adult Learner Services
Brad Kissell


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